Sunday, October 30

No ranting no praise

The key to your heart is always in someone else's hands, even if you wish to think otherwise.
Of course you can aspire to become a hermit , walk your own path of solitude. But is that the answer to all of this?

Saturday, October 29

Friday, October 28

Bush's aids under fire

Aha, finaly the "grey house" feels the heat. I hope Dick Cheney and Karl Rove will be next. And Bush looks bleeker than ever. This is not a "second term blues", this is a turning point.
The top aide to the US vice-president has resigned after being charged with perjury over an investigation into the unmasking of a covert CIA agent. Lewis Libby, chief-of-staff to Dick Cheney, was charged with obstruction of justice and making false statements to the federal grand jury.
Bush aide Karl Rove was not charged but the investigation has not been closed.
The identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame - whose husband criticised the Iraq war - was leaked to a US reporter in 2003. Revealing the identity of a covert agent is a federal offence.

Thursday, October 27

... image stolen from Ocicat's blog

Wednesday, October 26

it is snowing but...

Just wanted to place this picture here because Famke was a great and inspirational person to be around with. Now she is there where colors weave freely and in ever moving harmonies. I hope her journey to the spiritual world will be an excellent one. The paintings dimension are eight by three or four feet.

Saturday, October 22

Mother Earth

Yes I know, it's an old picture, probably close to 8 years... Anyhow, now that the cold weather is on the horizon I might actually pick up my paint brush again (after I finished my stone) and see if I can get a "new stroke" or a new theme.
This particular picture is about the cycle of life and death. You will see the red and radiant being in the center, floating little blue people above - and sclerosis in the brown area towards the bottom.
I don't know what else to say today except maybe to mention that there is an other storm harassing the Americas, I believe it's called "Wilma". 30,000 people were evacuated in Cuba alone, all the tourists from the holiday spots in the western part of the Mexico bay left, Florida is evacuating...
Mother Earth is upset, but nobody takes notice.

Friday, October 21

got enough?

Have you got enough of vegetation pictures yet? Well - I do! Let's see if we can see "his" face
ahh.. there it is.

my road

Thursday, October 20

In a dark time

In a dark time, the eye begins to see,
I meet my shadow in the deepening shade;
I hear my echo in the echoing wood -
A lord of nature weeping to a tree.
I live between the heron and the wren,
Beasts of the hill and serpents of the den.

What's madness but nobility of the soul
At odd with circumstance? The day's on fire!
I know the purity of pure despair,
My shadow pinned against a sweating wall.
That place among the rocks - is it a cave,
Or winding path? The edge is what I have ...


Almost done

Julia is almost done with her stone, and then she is off - first to visit friends in NYC, then to scout out places in New Mexico and perhaps Arizona.

Wednesday, October 19

Saddam and the moon

I would have done the same thing, defy and repute the occupational forces in Iraq by giving a likewise statement: "Who are you - are you a judge, did we appoint you? After all I am still the president of my country" (Saddam). Even though he was a murderer and a tyrant, I can not help to squeeze out some sympathy for him. Perhaps it is due to the atrocities the US committed in the Middle East. Since I have not much sympathy for the religion of Islam because it is purely a "moon power/religion", a state of mirroring and not sun-power (look at the Turkish flag), but I am still climbing fences to oppose military and other actions done and planed by the "righteous" or "religious right" of the US. I tell you folks, this experiment (Iraq) will be the straw that broke the camels back for America - the empire as we know it will cease to exist in a few years from now. Thanks god! Who's god?
Well, I took the "moon-picture" this morning. It was amazing to see the almost full moon (three days to go?) visible in the morning sky.

postscript Friday, 21:
Sadoun Nasouaf al-Janabi, thought to be one of the defence lawyers (for Saddam) in court when the trial opened on Wednesday, had been shot in the head and chest.
Cool start of a trial, hmm.

Tuesday, October 18

fairy tale stuff

I don't remember exactly how the fairy tale went of "Rapunzel". Something about a pretty girl craving this awesome lettuce from the neighbors garden, but the neighbor happened to be a witch. So when she stole some of the salad the witch caught the pretty maiden and locked her up in a building where her room was located in a tall tower. She grew her hair long, and the prince who then rescued her climbed up her strands. But maybe I'm getting mixed up with all those Grimm Fairy tales...
Anyhows, the "rapunzel" letuce that can make you jealous is sprouting in my own garden. Seeded that about two weeks ago and I seeded an other batch yesterday. Hope it will still be warm enough to germinate...That stuff is really awesome and the first batch might be ready in February. Ah, I'm not a witch ...

Monday, October 17

Ready for winter

So yes, the cleanup in the garden is almost completed. There are still some flowers blooming and "Sunrise" has fun with a stick that used to be part of a pole bean stack...

Sunday, October 16

the song must go on

Larry came by the other day and we talked about music, and adding the electric violin again to the sound of his band. I am intrigued...

Friday, October 14

So what...

The rain and moisture starts to become an annoyance, so what ...
It is probably good for the earth.
Helped my neighbor Harry with some concrete countertops - pretty cool thing actually!
So here is a picture of him and a fire to burn the debris of the season.

Lawson is gone

Ok, so Lawson is gone, took his stone along and that stone will be part of an exhibition in Dennmark. It was wonderful to have him here and I am sure our paths will cross again.
There are several websites out there with his sculptures, but this link is probably the most relevent one for now.

Wednesday, October 12

need a hand?

Listen within yourself - and then do the deed you need to accomplish.

Avoid the flesh of animals that die on their own.
Do not polish a seat with oil.
Never speak when facing the sun.


...stone pictures are being posted tomorrow. All good things have to find some ending.
P.S. This is "today" and it is rainy, moist and cold and nobody is working at their stone. So we might have to wait a little bit with "final pictures".

Tuesday, October 11


It is hard to believe what devastation the earthquake between the Pakistani/Indian border has created. 20,000 (and rising) dead, millions displaced and without homes. Kashmir has been hit so hard that all the quarrels between India and Pakistan about that region, and the subsequent fatalities over the last decades looks like a few pebbles in a pot of a cement mixer...
Mother nature surely didn't give us an easy year. Maybe there is some kind of lesson to be learned.
First the Sumani in the Pacific, then New Orleans, now this.... What will be next?
As Rudolf Steiner would have said: Entering into our new age span (the age of being conscious of our surroundings and our selves) will not happen easily unless people wake up to and be part of a solution that concerns us all. Otherwise one disaster after the next will knock peoples around in their life of pretended "securities" until changes of violent impacts will force them to alter their attitude towards this earth and world existance.
Maybe nature is giving us a "pre-lesson". Maybe that is helpfull?!
While Bush is flying for the 8th time to Louisiana to show his grinning face on TV, nothing is happening to correct the course of our consumer based society. Face it, the so called "free marked" model of capitalism failed greatly, and we as the tax payers support this rotting idea by paying our asses off to supply funds to politicians who are supposed to represent us as people in the first place. Insanity dwells in muteness. But what do they do, these politicians for the environment, those "representatives" of ours, about public transportation, the school system, etc...???? NOTHING!
They are all lame duck whiners who get horrendous monthly paychecks and rub their big fat ass on plush chairs in fancy restaurants during lunch. Both the democrats and also the republicans in the US are guilty; they have become the same, an identical mob. All self interest, lobbying for this or that (mostly Halliburton and other oil based "reconstruction" companies these days), nothing more, nothing realy constructive. Cleaning away the rubble in a war-zone or in New Orleans is one thing, constructing new energy resources and being part of an ongoing process to make the world a sane and healthy palce is an other...
Same thing in Germany. What a coalition. The Christian (Ah.... christian????) Democrats together with the Social Democrats. What a bunch of loosers. All these politictians are from the same stock. And the Green Party there dropped to their lowest level ever. (At least they have a Green Party in Germany... , the US is like "daaaahhhh" - more than two parties - what's that???).
OK, enough ranting for today - but I will be comfortable for the future that mother nature will "act her voice" even though it is painful. Perhaps people will start to wake up.


We had a productive Monday. As many people were home due to Columbus day (celebrating genocide as Vidar would put it) - we kept on going strong carving our stones.
The weather started to be moist and chilly lately, so Lawson took it into his own hands to build a fire pit with copper reflectors. It worked well.

Sunday, October 9

my stone

Before I get to the "progress" of my stone, I wish to send you a picture from Bash-Bish falls. It was raining a lot the last two days, so the water got up to quite a stir.
a little bit of progress on my stone...

I actually should also give you links to Lawsons work, quite remarkable stuff and it is all over Europe and parts of the US. Is he a super famous artist - no- but he managed to dedicate his life entirely to artistic activities and is successful. OK, so maybe I will not get the links and you Google them yourself by using Lawson Oyekan. I am lazy!

last night party

While the boys were in slumber, or studying the latest bad news on the computer...

... the girls had fun with clay.

Saturday, October 8

stones in progress

Lawson's stone on the left - superhard quartz from Monument Mountain. On the right my stone from my backyard, marbled lime. Below is Julia's work, a dark marble (full of white dust for now) from Vermont. Progress pictures later...

Friday, October 7

the crew

These two great people, Lawson and Julia, got me inspired enough with their enthusiasm to build my own sculpture stand and get my own stone. Tomorrow I will start carving ... so then there will be three stone-carving sculptors for a while.

Monday, October 3

what to say?

five minutes of fame - the guy was right!
But what will count more is five years of productivity, that might lead to 50 years of prosperity.
Not that I am greedy or something...