Tuesday, February 26

Monday, February 25

ok, I get it

when I put out a post about people I despise, I do not get a lot of sympathy, nor any comments. That's interesting.
So let me tell you this, I have all reasons today to abandon my negative stance and begin the next week with smiles and good will. How about that?
You can look forward to a "creative" post again in the next few days.
Be well, Zee.

Saturday, February 23

fat cigars

"Hitler was deciding who was fit to live and who wasn't, was taking away people's freedoms, and was using the instrument of business and government to limit freedom. He was a classic leftist dictator."

"Why do you think I coined the term 'feminazi' to describe the most fervent pro-abortion women in this country? Well, what did the Nazis do? Killed people because they were inconvenient."

"Conservatism is about America and about each individual citizen. It's not about a political party triumphing or a political party pulling political strings in order to get the vote of this or that group -- that's what liberal Democrats do."

"Two of the candidates in this race are saying, 'It's my turn,' and the other one is saying, 'God's anointed me." (all original Rush quotes)

Sometimes I just melt down, watch a movie and go baaahhh and pass out. Sanity survival for the next 24 hours.

In the mean time Rush Limp and Annie Cut (where did I loose that missing "n" in that name???) can both kiss my ass.

Talking about movies, I finally broke down to mere crumbs on a leftover platter and abandoned my local video store and instead went with Netfllix. Me bad, since I foremost like to encourage and support local businesses. But they are so out of tune here that I couldn't tune in anymore.
With Netflix late fees are now a thing of the past, and the two movies I watch each month cost me less than five bucks.

Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh. What a mess. They are both addicts. She follows her sex and power drive whenever she opens her mouth, he follows his pills and addiction thing while shouting obscenities.

Dangerous liaisons.

Thursday, February 21

beautiful night for a moondance...

The total lunar eclipse was quite a spectacle (partial coverage picture taken last night) , that's one thing. Other thing is, it explains why I was so out of it the last two days.
Blame it on the moon - good one.

It's a fantabulous night for a moon-dance
with the stars up above in the skies...

and whenever I touch you, you will tremble inside,
and then you know how much you
love me now,
you can't hide.

Just pick up one more moon-dance, you - and my love....

free lyrics rendering of the Irish Van Morrison dude

Wednesday, February 20

I lost it completely, _Z and Lindsay!

...it has absolutely nothing to do with Duchamp, instead with Ronchamp - Le Corbusier's chapel in Ronchamp to be more exact.
Had a long day yesterday. Silly excuse, but oh so true!
Sorry for the confusion. Me bad.

on my way home

On my way home, I visited the moon;
she always is there, in due time.
but is there anyone who would build a dome
of sublime construction?

giving shelter,
to those who are in need,
to those who yearn for feed?
Trickle that supply to them.
Do we have enough, is there end to pain?

And as the party starts again, just join the ball.
Less becomes more, and little is none.
It is time to know
that life is such.


Monday, February 18

birds tend to land on buildings also

Last time I was in New Zealand (I've only been there once:) I did run into this cafe traveling towards north.
Good sandwiches, delicious. Beats all the vegemite sandwiches from the big Aussi neighbor. Not that I even ever came close to one, by all means... perhaps I'm just biased.
But looking at this adobe style construction, it reminds me of how buildings could be designed totally differently from the standard norm. (_Z take note)
More images tomorrow when I take some pictures of the cubical boring addition we just build. But there are some little surprises we sneaked in, you'll see!
Have a great Monday and a great start of the new week, with humor and affection.

Sunday, February 17

an other "smoking" post

We live our lives like swimming olive-oil spots on the surface of boiling pasta water, waiting for the starch to break down. No matter if you smoke or not, there are steaming and hot times ahead.
Al dente please!

Just heard on the radio this lovely Sunday morning, that the British government is seriously considering to enact a new law for smokers. Of course all the Pubs and all other public spaces are already smoke free. But now comes this:
Every smoker will be obliged to get a SMOKERS LICENSE!
How do you get one? Well, you will have to go to a doctor first and get a statement that your health will not be seriously affected by smoking for the next year or so. Now that is total rubbish, if not even an oxymoron!
But it gets better yet. After you have been to the doctor and got his or her statement, saying that you will not get lung-cancer or any other smoking related disease for the next 12 months, (hahaha - they don't even know where cancer comes from yet) you need to go and purchase a license for about $20. Every time you buy cigarettes you will be required to show your license of health! No license, no cigarettes!!!

On the other hand, the US, and rapidly catching up in other countries, OBESITY is now the #1 cause of self-inflicted death (heart failure on the top of the list), surpassing the doom and gloom of the 27% of society who still wish to smoke.
So, 58% are overweight (26% thereof obese, that means wider than high) 10% are anorexic, add the 27% smokers to it and you will get the image that 95% of the population are on a murderous track of self-destruction. That leaves us with only 5% of "healthy" citizens. This is how statistics work, and this is the grounds whereupon our lawmakers make their decisions!

I made my own conclusions from these (very conservative) figures, namely that a salesperson should be required by law to have a tape measure and a scale at hand whenever a person wants to "supersize" anything, from a hamburger to a car, to a house.
That would be a healthy "measure"!

Saturday, February 16

all she does is eat, sleep and piss - I wish I had that kind of life

All right, I have a cat (one of the two, this one is retired now). In human comparison she now hits her mid 80's. What a gal.
Nevertheless, even though gracious, she annoys the heck out of me when I dance over to the studio in the wee hours of the morning before going to work with a hot cup of coffee in hand and then she goes MIAUUUHHH. My nerves can't handle this audible signal that early in the day:
"give me more food, give me more sleep - screw your priorities, provider. To me you are instantly obliged and I just want to eat and sleep, don't you get it?"

I just smile and give her more food. That's all there is to that. I wish I had incarnated as a cat as well!
So there I was, considering a post that dealt with all the recent school shootings of last week. But it was truthfully too depressing to consider for now. Therefore this time the cat comes first.
Have a grand weekend you all!

Thursday, February 14

Valentine? - be happy

Treat yourself and/or your lover of choice to something nice today.
Eat out, take a walk together, watch a funny movie ... anything together really.

If you can't do any of the above, you can also play this Valentine game!


P.S. All the contact info for the Haiku winners is in now. Thank you winners! Now I must ponder and then send you the prize. It will take a bit of time, but eventually ...

As always, be well, stay brave and enjoy life filled with light and laughter.
Yours, Zee.

Tuesday, February 12

give me more drugs (...or the needle and the damage done)

"Stimulus Package" - sounds like a pink, kinky deal at first - but all it shows for, is a planed blessing from the government.
This is how it works:
First the government took your money; then they spend it all and borrowed astronomical sums on top of it.
Now (the government) gives you a bit back ($600 in change or so in May). You, the consumer, will spend it on this and that in order to "stimulate" the economy while the big fat fishes grow even bigger and the government will tax that spending again from the little skinny fishes. They are fucking geniuses these politicians.
Spend a little, receive more. What a scam. It sounds like an overdose blowjob on 42nd Street. Unreal dude!
Wait, there is something else wrong with that picture. What do you actually "stimulate" with such an act? Who might be the fearful looser of such a stimulation? Could it be you or I?
Sure, something will happen if you hand out cash to about 150 million people. It is for the masses like winning a scratch ticket in the lottery. So what. The ones who really profit are the big companies, when all the sheep (ups, little skinny fishes) go to the stores to consume yet an other gadget that is totally unnecessary for their existence and which they couldn't really afford in the first place.
It seems just a bit absurd to me, that the US government, who is deep in dept, shares cash on (newly printed paper... what's that worth?) to it's citizens which doesn't even exist in the first place, awaiting a turn in tide by such actions.
The USDollar is way down compared to the Euro, and the Canadian Dollar runs higher as well.
Since we already have a war (or two or three) we can't possibly invent an other one to stimulate the economy. Bummer. I guess therefore we get this injection.
Will it work? Perhaps in the short run - but like with all drugs, the trip will fade away and leave an even more somber citizen behind, craving for an other "shot."
The root of the problem is not that we don't spend enough, we already spend more than we really need. The issue is put totally upside down. To have REAL growth we should start to conserve and save ... only that works in the long run. Everything else is like crack-cocaine, a short high followed by a long down.
I have a lingering suspicion that politicians like to have common folks to stay addicts - forever!

Sunday, February 10

this is tricky buissenes - you all win a price! But only three will be recipients, bummer ...

The Haiku contest was splendid, here are the winners, so I needed to choose three for the price to be received. What a miserable ordeal, depressing to let others down. But here we have to go, after putting in all the Haiku's into a basket and pulling out three of them, here are the winners:

Jim, Cym, Laila
are the winners. Please contact me through e-mail and give me your info so I can send you the price.

picture out of studio window this afternoon

All others, be content that your contributions were sublime!

forget not my aim
to walk where wolves fear to tread
with peace in my heart.


forget not my aim
dare you ponder on the gain
of not caring less


pain is in my soul
and as i turn the pages
i still see your smile


forget not my aim
i tried to throw through you once
stay out of my way


death is not a shame
only a flicker of flame
in life's endless game


forget not my aim
the heart is distant and rare
the dart is subtle


Tomorrow is hope
Sunrise brings us our warm rays
An endless life cycle


i will only say
once the jello's cleaned up
we will end the fight


a flower greets us
naked, wanton, and smiling
with sensual grace


A flower greets us
Such haughty apparition
As though Hope pervades


a flower greets us
there, on the sweet other side
each petal singing.

Miss Annie

And a big thanks to Lee and Annie, the newcomers to this blog. If I were to be on a panel of judges, I probably would vote for your contribution.

Monday, February 4

XLll - how about simply stating #42 instead

Super-bowl? What a gag. Is that a leftover from the Roman Empire, with Roman numerals attached to it and all? Why are there no woman in this sport? Is this the only sport left where woman can't compete?
Whatever, that game bores me to death. A bunch of excused college kids come together, equipped with dick and head and shoulder harness, run and collide into each other, collapse on a pile of human sweat, get up and start all over again.
Maybe I am screwed, because I never follow the teams. If I would, I might spur up more excitement for this "super-bowl" event.
But who cares which team wins. Most of the players don't even reside in the state they are supposedly representing. Some of them are probably illegal aliens, cashing in on 70 million annual contracts. Better than picking apples I suppose.
Superbowl for the common person is like the lottery, a poor mans excitement and taxation to the "higher authority" - a waste of resources really, dullification! And if football is a sport, it is just labeled that way to be on the safe side. (OSHA requirements)
Next time someone annoys me, I just run him or her over, and scream "touch down".
Isn't that what we teach our children to believe in, knocking people over - watching football?

Saturday, February 2

Stay brave?

I don't know what that means, "stay brave"! But an overwhelming crowd voted for that virtue to escape or endure the coming recession.
Fabulous in it's nebulous ways!
'Drive less' and 'plant your own garden' ended up as a distant third in this poll.
Second up was a surprise: 'Eat more fruit', 'help others in need' - and therefore 'make love more often'. Or without any conclusions, you can toss up the results in your own very order.
Hardly anyone decided to become a monk or a nun, or felt fear or relief. Survivalists were sparse.
In any case, the "stay brave wave" still startles me. I need some clarification!
Perhaps I will do a poll again sometime, why not one on who wins the the 'American Idol'?
But alas, I can not claim to watch TV at all. So there must be something else to poll - no?

( picture stolen)
Alright then, I closed my poll now because I'm sick and tired to see it every time I log in.