Friday, February 8


Some soft spoken Hippie group, Crosby Stills and Nash coined that phrase: "And I feel, like I have been there before - and you know, it makes me wonder, what's going on... " . 

Yeah, that's right - it makes me wonder what's going on.
Here it is snowing like crazy, endless snowflakes tumbling from the sky. 
Makes me also wonder.

We have all been here before...
Where have you been?
Hiding like a fox underneath
some roots for the winter slumber?
There is nothing what I have seen

that would kill the breach for good
this story is not about a fairy tale
that of course is understood.
The human heart pounds away
every second, every day
and I almost said - we look away
to neglect the beauty and warmth.
What a shame, there are so many
opportunities - to come to fame,
and a voyage in harmony on this train,
is a beginning if any.


Lee said...

..I, for one, am so very glad your heart still pounds away. I miss you, my brother, my friend, and hope to catch up with you, even if only in space....♥

Zee said...

Dear Lee,
It took me two years to figure out what I am actually doing in Switzerland. Originally I only knew one thing, the USA was not welcoming Renaissance - people anymore, maybe not even regular folks; hence I left. Don't take it personal.
So after a few trials to work for a boss here and there, I decided to go back to school. Last November I was detrimental fatigued, depressed and consequently pissed, that I finally listened to my inner voice, or god, or what have you not and made this decision. So since last week I am studying Art-therapy and if all goes well I will have a valid degree for Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy and some other EU countries, maybe even the US, who knows.
I decided to do this, because I was (am) an absolute nobody, I do not exist, because all the papers I have are worth shit, solely a giveaway to a benevolent society, nothing more. So this will take three years - wow, kind of scary. And how I will finance this whole thing, I have not the faintest clue. But I am committed.

Wish you, your bambinis and your lovely wife all the best.

PS. send me your current email address to - thanks