Friday, April 24

He pulled out

After decades on Wall-Street he moved to the countryside and started a small scale farm.
The other day I helped him with odds and ends on the structure of his house yet to be finished in its entirety. The dwelling has an almost perfectly round footprint (twelve facets I believe) and its interior finished tastefully by the former businessman, now turned farmer.
Hopefully I will be allowed to take some more pictures soon, the dwelling is quite stunning really.

As for now, you will have to content with mother-pig and her piglets. They bring good luck! ... at least it is so in the German speaking world.
"Du hast Schwein gehabt" translates to: You had unexpected luck! (literally, you have had "pig").
Have a great and luck-enriched weekend!

(as always - you can enlarge the pigs, uhps ... the pic's by left clicking on them)


Anonymous said...

I wish you much pig! Have a great weekend.

ANNA-LYS said...

Man blir pigg av att läsa detta! :-D
Tänk om alla kunde lämna penninglivet bakom sig!

Ha en go helg, Lukas!

ANNA-LYS said...

btw ... like Your new layout!

Gary said...

Lovely porkies! Although I'm not sure it's good luck for them to be eaten by us... At least these guys are enjoying themselves in the meantime.

susan said...

Your friend sounds like a very wise and probably much happier man. The pigs, not being caged in a traditional enclosed, below ground sty, also look pretty happy.

Seraphine said...

ich bin ein beliner, du bist ein schwein.translation: i am a jelly-filled donut, you are a pig.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Zee
Indeed such wonderfully clean and so it would seem contended mother and offspring; an appealing sight not spoilt in this occasion to have these intelligent animals confined to the usual unnatural dirty conditions.
Best wishes