Tuesday, October 30


It seems occurred and bizarre that the most damaging tropical storms hitting US-mainland are always "woman". After all, hurricanes are named in alternate fashion, male then female and so on. But it is the "females" who gravitate towards death and destruction, much more so than their "male-partners". That is so in outer nature, I guess in human nature it is often the reversed thing. A man, in professional and domestic life still dominates the the stage, despite endless efforts over decades to create balance and equality, may it be salary for equal work done, or sharing the chores at home. It is odd, isn't it, "man" ponders while nature whales, which brings me to SANDY, the storm that hit NYC the hardest in decades.

A couple of years ago I was visiting Manhattan, the lower East-Side, the place that now has no electricity - and even then I noticed how fragile the situation was, the Metro-Subway stopped at Gramercy-Park, my station, but did not continue towards Staten Island, because the rail tracks were flooded. And there was no storm then, just winter weather, nothing unusual.

What do we learn from Sandy, actually ALEXANDRA (SANDRA) or CASSANDRA, the first protects human beings, the second one "entangles" men, because Apollo spelled a curse on her. 
Well, the curse can be lifted - and the protection can be granted, as long as humans in the USA understand that investing resources into their own infrastructure, roads, bridges, waterways, manufacturing jobs, etc... will give a new generation the head start to live a life of plenty and peace. Forget the Middle East, South Korea, Germany and all the other Military Bases around the Globe. it is a waste of money and focus whereby the homeland of the USA suffers. I hope this storm is a wake-up call.

Truthfully, coinciding with this, the upcoming election in the US excites me very little. Whoever gets voted in, it will make no much difference. Capitalism will plow it's corse way down main street until it (or we) will loose our breath.
Until then: How many "Sandy's", "Katrina's" and other hurricanes do we actually need to  finally wake up and make mens with those things that we already have in our homeland and make good on the promise to preserve them.

Friday, October 26

Nothing but the same old story

Not sure if I ever posted this before, with x100dreds of post you loose track even though the distinct remain in memory, almost as visible as written on blank paper.
I picked this tape up on a grand ferry from Ireland to France, just out of the blue, impulsive I guess, because I was tired to listen to the Clash "London calling" debut album. All this might have been in the beginning 1980‘s or so... The album was called "Last station" or "train station", driving pop music from a former kosher celtic traditional musician.
I arrived in Calais with that ferry, and lo and behold, two hitchhiker-girls were being picked up. My destination was Geneva, then cross Switzerland and land at my homestead in the region of Basel. They had other plans, Mediterranean somewhere. I was young and stupid and was lured south towards the coastline while the music of Brady was resounding on my well kept audiosystem in this mouse grey BMW (do not even have four wheels these days). 
As it turned out, I drove miles on end to place a young lesbian couple to be near the seashore, and when I glanced at their sensual foreplay at the beach where they were tumbling around and about naked, they signaled a clear sign of: "Back off".  So I split, slept on the beach somewhere's until a police woke me up at dawn. Had a coffee at midtown where a persistent gypsy tried to tell me about all my by bad fortunes - and on top of it wanted to get payed. I shooed her off and went my way homeward. All along withe the music of Paul Bradly.

Tuesday, October 23

Lebanon versus Syria

Lebanon is like the liver of the Middle-East. It tries to filter and clean what the "body can not tolerate". Talked to a friend in Beirut the other day. Her brief but positive urgency said it all: Do not handle matches if you are not prepared to control a fire. I mean, that is not exactly what she said, but that was the unwritten message between the lines.
From the Phoenician past to the fragile present, Lebanon radiates a magnetic aura.

Sunday, October 14

Syria versus Turkey

That is funny - both countries are denying flights over their territories. That is like saying: Do not play in my sandbox, or else...

Friday, October 12

nobel price to EU?

I am not sure I understand this.
You win a price for your achievements or the effort to promote peace. Nobel, the Norwegian industrialist and weapon maker thought this up.
But why EU? It is not a person, it is not even a country -
Who will have the honor to receive the price, me? Oh, I forgot, I am not an EU member, so count me out.