Tuesday, July 22

Pirates and fisherman

...some kind of explanation or story about this event will follow later.


my goodness gracious, I just don't have the energy right now to give you the scope of all the details
Let me just say: The pirates took over this small island again. An annual event,,,

Wednesday, July 16

The game

The Olymic's, the Olympiad, the summer games.
How many of you have visited the gracious place of Olympia on the Peloponnese in Greece? Nevermind.
Now that thing is in Beijing.
What a bling.
This is actually a French invention, the modern Olympics that is. Some kind of liberal enthusiast with plenty of Pernod in his belly thought this out. I believe this was still in the 19th century. Anyhow, this dude was dreaming about people of all nations competing peacefully, "competing peacefully".... forget the wars, forget political struggles, forget animosity.
Dream on. History teaches us nothing.
Hitler did a good run on this one, he didn't even know that he had the pie (or pie) in the pot. The decision to hold the Summer Olympics in Berlin was done before he came to power. Being the bastard he was, he was going for the gravy.
Some forty years later comes the chance for redemption, in Munich. The stigma was supposed to be eradicated, and the German Nation neutralized and accepted fully to the global community.
It failed again.
Some Palestinian Muslim assholes shot and kidnapped Jewish athletes. In German fashion, they didn't get away with it. But the end result was: All were dead.
So that was the 70's. Let's go over to the 80's.
Russia, ohhps, the then Soviet Union at that time invades Afghanistan in 1979 (or thereabouts) ((I am not a living walking Encyclopedia, so there...)) - anyhow, it leads to the boycott of the US and some other nations of the Summer Olympics in Moscow 1980.
Ironic, considering the fact that the US embraces Afghanistan as a vital combat zone for its own troops nowadays.
It is funny to watch morale and borders change for the convenience of a few investors. All we can do is stare.
Now what about Beijing?
Is it going to have the same "democratizing" effect as it was in Seoul in South Korea back in the 90's? I strongly doubt it. But who am I to tell...

Sunday, July 13

a letter to my brother

I am stuck on this island until the end of July ... willfully!
Got a cold yesterday and have some kind of "temperature" - haven't had that for ages (years). It's a funny feeling when you are all miserable and feel sorry for yourself. Don't worry, it is just minor. I was just not used to this stuff anymore.
Next weekend will be the Pirate Gathering on Greens Island, just across from where I am. Perhaps that will "erect" me, or in worst case scenario just create a simple erection, or none of the above. But it will be fun. There will be lots of music!! I am part of the organizing/welcoming committee, so despite my ancient age, I feel somewhat included ((bla, blah, blahh).
Painted the hull of my boat with some wicked toxic anti-fungal paint yesterday, so I am all good to go (maybe that's why I'm sick - all those copper nitrates seeping into my skin). I know there is such a thing as disposable gloves, but when you are on a mission, not even the head-master of hell can stop you, gloves or no gloves...
On the more delicate side, I scavenged a pretty fine Washburn nylon string acoustic guitar the other day, with a decent pick-up made in Finland (not China for a change). Fine craftsmanship and good sound for $140 and a twelve pack of beer. (It included a guitar stand and an awesome soft-case)

Life is good, as long as you keep tickling the toes of the muse!
Be well brother,

Friday, July 4

White, Black and Red

So yes, I am in that sleazy bar up around 120th West side in Manhattan, the only bar around within walking distance from my "host family".
That was four years ago or so.
The manager/owner was Jordanian. Nice guy, interesting stories to tell. He used to be a tutor for a while in a school in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was still under the living.
Anyway, the bar had only three customers in the late afternoon. Him, me and and an other dude...
The situation changed aaround nine PM. The owner/manager called me to the kitchen and told me to stay put. The fun begun.
More and more ladies, with dubious motives, came in and changed their regular clothes into some kind of costumes in the kitchen, the bar filled up with people, a party in progress.
After a while I meant to leave, I had enough, the air was heavy and thick, so I tried to make my way to the exit through the crowd. "Hey white nigger, how are we doing today? You caught a glimpse of my woman, do you want to fuck her?" I just smiled and went back to the kitchen and asked the owner if there was an other exit, there is always an other exit. But right now and then there wasn't. So the owner, the Jordanian guy, plowed me through a bunch of black niggers to save the white nigger.

What I am trying to say here, I love niggers, no matter black or white, yellow or red.
So since this is on record now, I can go on and talk about Obama and why he should opt out of the race towards presidency. A lengthy intro to make a point, I know...

It is just so. I make my calculations with careful considerations. The economy is in shambles, the credit companies act like wolfs, the housing market is at loss, the Dollar is worth shit, oil prices will hit $200 a barrel before fall this year, heating will become a luxury next winter, food prices rise, so will unemployment.

No, it is not Armageddon. I wish to call it adjustment.
So why in all earth does a white nigger like me has to vote for a black nigger right now, in 2008/09? Why doesn't he vote republican instead, so the miss-lubed machinery of nowadays grinds it's own wheels to a halt, and let them Republican idiots take full blame for our present miserable situation, the economical and the ecological downfall.

The bottom line is, if McCaine wins the election - all he will inherit is hell, and I think this would be a fair finale to conclude the Republican dream. But for Obama, it would be death - and that would be no good. I want him to succeed in four years from now, not inherit the present hell-hole. That is, speaking as a wise white nigger, embracing the black one.

All the power to Obama, but as you see - it's a tricky, if not an unsolvable situation!

Thursday, July 3

Red, Blue and White

This is a spread of the paper USA-Today on July 1st. I don't think "most of Americans" conjure to more oil drilling, that is just not so. I believe they find condolences inhaling several company plans to reduce dependency on oil.

Putting little petty holes into here or there, siphoning up an other drop, means nothing.
It is such an banal struggle, the world can not function on scavengers. And so the US has officially become a Third World country as of today. But this is not the time to bail out - yet.
Take the survey on the left if you have the energy, or else enjoy red, blue and white ... and dream on.

Oh jeah, the pictures are from my garden, but what might be more interesting is, that after Bush got this years annual cash (162 billion US$) approved by congress, the expenses paid by the US-American people for the adventures in the Middle East now add up to $813 billions and rising since the war begun.
Is it going to stop anytime soon? I think not.