Sunday, December 31

Have a grand New Year

May your wishes come true and maladies of the old year vanish!

May you win in the lottery, if your stupid enough to take that avenue
May you bring joy to the people around you and not get annoyed by the pestering of your partner
May you be well in health and shun the drugs that nag on your health daily
May you invent the new solution we can live by, and throw away your old garbage
May you just succeed to be a human OK? ... and leave the monkey in the rain forest

May we all have a good and prosperous 2007!

Saturday, December 30

what's a rope got to do, got to do with it? ... it's just a second hand emotion!

So, I predicted Saddam's death by hanging on Wednesday and that it will happen within 72 hours.
I am sorry that I was so "dead on".
But when Saddam looked in disbelief at the over-sized loop of rope that was fitted by masked volunteers around his neck, the man who helped to put it there by invading Iraq and toppling the dictator was soundly asleep at his ranch in Texas.
The feud between the House of Bush and the House of Saddam of Tikrit might be over now. Well, maybe not quite. Saddam's legacy will live on long after being buried somewhere in an unmarked grave. The violence that has erupted, even before his hanging, makes a traditional civil war look like a sandbox game. The country is in shambles and our lunatic president waits for an other few weeks to announce the "new Iraq strategy" - what a tragedy!

Thursday, December 28

the "green zone"

Update: Saddam was "given" from the US authorities today to the regime that pretends to rule in Baghdad. Within the next 72 hours he will be a dead man by hanging. An other detrimentally bad move by the occupational forces.

one of the entrances to the "Green Zone"
So here you go, arrive with a taxi from an adventurous and scary ride from Saddam (Baghdad) International Airport and you see the portals of the "green city", a compound of 5000 mostly US citizens. You sigh with relief and say to yourself "I made it"!
You stumble out of the cab and find yourself tottering towards the next hamburger joint, with onions please you mumble.
"Here you go Sir! By the way did you know that Saddam is going to be hanged on a rope in a unspecified location within the next 26 days"? ... the vendor said.
You keep munching on your burger and say: "Yes, I've heard so".But suddenly the bite of the bun grows stale. Hanging? Weren't we to export and import Democracy?

a palace that got struck by a missile instead of the dirt hole where Saddam was hiding
You see, this seems worse than Vietnam. Once the military retracted from the fields there, a handful people still were left in the US embassy of Saigon, but they got airlifted out by choppers once the climate got increasingly hot and desolate. Hey, but now you might need more than a few helicopters to evacuate the "green zone". Probably first of all a change of course in political direction would be in place. But that is very unlikely to happen, even with the House and Senate being run by the Democrats. I have lost any faith and hope in politicians. Bahhh!
But what grosses me out the most is that the US was the only country in the world applauding Saddams death sentence by hanging, everybody else was like: What the heck are you talking about, you guys are going crazy!

Monday, December 25

Friday, December 22

what will be constructed in 2007?

New buildings?
New bridges?
New relations?
New Peace?
New Oils?

The major maladies and sickness of human nature can't be cured by the deduction of trans-fats in restaurants, stringent smoking regulations in public places and so on ...
The root lies deeper and can't be changed or healed by outer infringements to petty little issues like this.
Probably more people got sick and died by the aftermath and the consecutive wars after 9/11 than any smoking ban or "transfat" ban (now implemented in NYC) is able to accomplish in four decades from now. There is something fundamentally wrong in a society if it excuses themselves to concentrate on issues of trans-fat and cigarettes, while simultaneously using gunfire and bombs to hunt down cheap oil.
My point being: Eat what you want, smoke what you want! If you die as a result of your own negligence, so be it! But please, don't let the government get involved to give you new "moral standards" (or healthy standards) while they are busy killing people with a wry gleam on their face.
Not very Christmassy I know.
Tomorrow I will turn on the "positive glands" (... if I'm able)

Wednesday, December 20

What kind of bones are we going to carry over into the New Year?
One scull was previously only munching grass, the other one was a carnivore. Can you notice the difference? You might have to enlarge the pic to see it. I found them in the meadows of my back yard, not perfect but they both are still beautiful. I love bones!
Oh, where was I ? Yes ... what kind of bones, that's right. No, that wasn't it. It was about meadow eaters and meat eaters - wasn't it? So what is society and civilization going to do next year - are they going to eat each other up in violent moves or graze in peace side by side? ... a terrible question, I know!

( oh yes, I am going to do that "Happy Christmas Post" in due time, don't worry)

aha, I should have known...

"I'm inclined to believe that we do need to increase our troops - the Army, the Marines," Mr Bush said in an interview with The Washington Post today.
(more to come later, because this total bullshit has to be commented on...)

Sunday, December 17

glued again (... and now it's concluded!)

I don't know if I like to be "tagged" in general, I don't thinks so. But this one was somewhat intriguing. It came to me by Calamity

* Rules for this tag game are:
-Grab the closest book to you
-Open Page 123
-Scroll down to the 5th sentence
-Post the next 3 sentences on your blog
-Name the book and author
-Tag 3 people

I am challenging Gary - _Z and - Sunrise to do the same!
Oh shit, I don't think Before Sunrise has a blog anymore, so let's pick Mirvat as the third contestant, but that's not going to work either, because, because ...So the REAL third person will be Cynnie!
Calamities ordeal ended up in Kamasutra and sounded like this and I just have to repost it because it is too funny or to beautiful, depending on your present mood:

Lift you thighs and straddle, so that clitoris is exposed to great stimulation while making love. While the partner (the silkworm) is devoting himself to spinning the “silk”, you (the cocoon) lay and give yourself into sexual fantasies that can help you culminate. You can, for instance, imagine that your vagina is a blossom and your spread legs are the leaves.


(picture this?!)

Mine is a bit less exciting and it goes like this:

106. There are (yet) others, held in the suspense for the command of Allah, whether He will punish them, or turn in mercy upon them, and Allah is all knowing and wise.
107. And there are those who put up a mosque by way of mischief and infidelity - to disunite the Believers - and in preparation for one who warred against Allah and His Messenger aforetime. They will indeed swear that their intention is nothing but good; but Allah declares that they are certainly liars.

Chapter: SURAH 9
Oral deliverer: MOHAMMED (messenger of the messenger of Allah)
Translation: A. YUSUF ALI
(I will post the other "tags" here for your amusement)

Cynnie came up with this:
This is true up to the energies capable of pulverizing matter into bits as small as a billionth of a billionth of a meter, the current technological limit.
For this reason, physicists call the theory of the three nongravitational forces and the three families of matter particles the standard theory, or (more often) the standard model of particle physics.
According to the standard model, just as the proton is the smallest constituent of the electromagnetic field, the strong and the weak force fields have smallest constituents as well.


Gary is reading this:

I noted the number and street name. Now, I wonder why I did this. What do I expect to gain?



...and Mirvat grabbed this book:

She liked to go shopping at night, she claimed that the groceries were tired and so made no resistance to being bought. She opened the door and Gould said hi, without taking his eyes off the television. Shatzy looked at him, don't expect much, but it would be an improvement if you at least turn it on.
AUTHOR: Alessandro Baricco.

Saturday, December 16


_z. said...
I like how you always (or many times) post a picture, and then a text... keeps us guessing.
with a title like "glue"... there's no telling what text we are going to have.
11:42 PM

Haider Droubi said...
i agree with _z
and want to say happy holidays ..wish y and yr family the best. 12:25 AM

Before Sunrise said...
There are some things that can't be fixed, not even with glue, no matter how hard we try, and then, there are others that are perfect just the way they are, even if broken.
Probably nothing to do with what you are going to write, but it is what came to my mind. :-)
12:40 PM

Mirvat said...
well happy holidays L., hope the new year brings you the best new job :)
6:40 PM

_z. said...
dude... this collage is so DADA.
12:20 AM

We'll all stick together - want we?


Wednesday, December 13


santa's voyage, Bush and VIAGRA

Usually Santa starts his journey in the Far East, it's a time zone thing. Awaiting him there are a bunch of delicious helpers (oh, that is so sexist I know ...) to get him going around the globe.
I wish Bush would follow Santa's example and get a bit more excited about his global affairs. But his procrastination about the already to start of lame "Iraq study group" makes him look like "Knecht Ruprecht", the servant of Santa, who's task is to dive down in chimneys in order to deliver goodies to kids. I wish that Bush would follow Santa's course instead of Ruprecht's, get a fabulous blow-job (like every good president should), relax a bit and pull out the troops in Iraq. But no, instead Bush is whimpering along, postponing a "new course strategy address" to the American people until 2007. What a lame man he is. Doesn't he already know - what he supposedly didn't know before? How many conferences, talks with advisors, consultations with foreign state officials does it take to convince this guy that he has lost the power to erect anything at all.
Let's face the facts and send that dumb ass cheap Viagra as a Christmas present. If only 20 million people would do so, it would send a strong message to the White House, a new kind of demonstration without getting beaten up by police on the streets. If that doesn't help, get him stuck in the chimney, turn on the fire, roast him and smoke whatever is left of his little brain.

Monday, December 11

when the party's over ... turn on the light

can't wait until the day oil runs low!

I will be eating local apples in winter instead of oranges from Brazil. Do you understand how much fossil fuel is consumed to transport an orange 5000 miles? I don't. But I figure it takes more calories than a single orange will freely offer for such transportation costs.

Also, fighter plains would lack fuel and rust their 700 million dollar bodies away in a hangar, or on a boat docked somewhere. No more flying killing machines.

Governments would shrink rapidly to a more comfortable size because centralized control and power over people would seize to be of importance. Oil drives the present "globalized Wirtschaftswunder" and is the propellant to ever increasing greed to insure more profit in the next quarter.

Without oil, the abundance we presently still are accustomed to, some Arab countries would be forced to heat their houses with camel dung again and reopen trade-routes through the desert, bartering dates and olives - and not AK-47's. No more "arabphobia" then, everybody would be busy to make ends meet on a local level.

Israel would have to reconsider its purpose of existence and come to terms with border issues and water rights.

Palestinians would have to stop killing each other for some ludicrous convictions that one party is better than the other.

Lebanon would find peace in the plenty of it's resources and commit to "self-interest" rather than "abroad-interest"

Russia would give a shit about Chechnya and go back to "her motherland"

China would understand that cheap products can't swamp the world anymore and would have to plant more rice again.

India would have to figure out the magic of birth control since their population is going to be larger than China in 2012.

Australia, I don't know - they were always self sufficient since the beginning of their not so glorious past.

Africa on the other hand is a complete mystery to me. I don't know if things could even become worse as they are today if the oil runs out. Maybe our compassion ... nah, I don't want to go there tonight.

And then we have Europe and Japan. Both insular in their own ways. What will they do when the oil runs out?
Maybe they will invest in technology that will bridge the gap.

I know the United States of America is not even close of thinking and investing in such an endeavor.

So when the party is over, and the recourses and resources dwindle - light up a candle and think about what is happening in a positive way.
Maybe by working more locally and abandoning global routes as the sole profit making platform, we might even start to understand people we are close to, better again - and thereby survive and overcome the oblivious posture of self-destructive behavior we hang on so happily these days. The end of oil could be a blessing ... turn on the light!

Saturday, December 9

Is Lebanon alive?

Check out this well articulated latest post from Fouad.
Fouad is a doctor (medical) living in the United States. That's one thing. He is also a prolific painter and a graphic artist. His homeland is Lebanon. What I really like about him is his passion and love for his homestead and his ability to degrease partisanship away from his comments when it gets down to politics. I wish I was that equilibrated.

Thursday, December 7

so you are tired of politics?

I can read the the message loud and clear - your participation on this board is on an all time low. I hear you - politics stink!
Ok, so let's go back to art, sex, drugs and rock'n roll ... or a sublime combination of all of the above.

To start this of, why don't I share a picture with you I took last summer.

So, the fine news are that a good friend in Austria send me a digital camera with a superb lens, a lens manufactured by the Leitz company in Germany, the best lens manufacturer there is. So from now on the battle between shadow and light will come easier.

Shadows and light,
shadow and light - what is it - can I really capture it now, capture who will win that battle between darkness and illumination?

preamble to previous post

All day long I suffered through the Public Radio (NPR) repots, I am beaten now!
The bullshit finds new level of finesse: "We do not recommend a stay-the-course solution," said James Baker, the former secretary of state and Bush family adviser who co-chaired the (Iraq) commission with Lee Hamilton. "In our opinion, that approach is no longer viable."

DAHHH!!!! Some of us said this over three years ago. Does it need a "panel" of past cronies to come up with this conclusion - NOW????

It's too late, the food stinks of the burnt pot it was cooked in! No reversal possible. There is no panel, committee or other group of individuals who can turn back the clock in time and remove the bad taste.

Just swallow it patriots, the United States is fucked, no reversal possible. And all this blabber about pulling out combat, yes "combat troops" out of Iraq by 2008 is the biggest bullshit I heard during this saga.
Thousands of troops will remain to maintain the status quo of the empire, that you can be assured of! No committee will whisk that item off the table.

The lip-service to fire Rumsfeld, replacing him with Gates - and the bipartisan advisory panel chaired by Baker and the other guy ... are just helpless outer signs of political incompetence. Too little too late!

There is no way you can take the burnt smell and taste out of food, unless you dump it on your compost and clean the pot.
Same goes with politicians.

Monday, December 4

Monday tidings

"It's another defeat for the devil, who tries to dominate the world," Mr Chavez told cheering supporters, mocking US President George Bush after it was clear that he had won an other six year term.

* So yes, I do support Chavez's landslide win. Is he perfect, nah - not in a long shot. He is just an other politician who adores power and fame. But at least this dude has charisma and is smearing some sand dust into the machinery of stupidity of the "New World Order" Bush is subscribing to in his relentless delusions of daily affairs.

* Speaking about "empire", after Rumsfeld left, the former well versed demagogue of the Pentagon, he is now being replaced by a new elected guy who is facing an impossible job, namely sorting out the involvement of the US in the Middle East. It is an impossible task and doomed to fail because the damage already done is insurmountable . There is absolutely no possibility of "winning", a concept Bush still sticks to feveriously in his deluged mind set.

OK, so here is an answer I send to Michael Moore in response to his open letter on his website (good reading) about troop disengagement in Iraq. We'll see what he has to say, IF he responds at all. I'll keep you updated:

Dear M. Moore,

I red your passionate letter on your website Michael, about that we should get out of Iraq tonight, not tomorrow - tonight!
Actually I completely agree with you ... there is nothing to be fought "for" in Iraq, it would be the best move.
Nevertheless, I believe there were two items that triggered this war. No - oil is only indirectly part of it :)!
It was the moment when Saddam declared that he would start to convert his revenues into Euros (yeah, from oil I guess) instead of maintaining the hegemony of the US dollar connected to this kind of business, that broke the "camels back". That is reason number one.
Reason number two is that Saudi Arabia (our allies?) managed to shun us out from maintaining substantial military bases on their land.
It is reason #1 that we started the war - it is reason #2 that we can't just "walk out".
There is no way on earth that the US will disassemble its largest embassy (5000 people) in the "Green Zone" and also give up the prospect of having military bases in Iraq. It's just not going to happen.
Even if the Democrats were able to instigate a troop withdrawal (which they seem to be incapable of) I would estimate that roughly 10,000 troops would remain on a permanent mission there, securing military-bases I was speaking about.
Michael, this is not looking good. Sorry my language, but I think the "empire is fucked". This present situation can only lead to that the US is either bleeding to death, slowly but surely - or that there is going to be some kind of a revolution (from within) and the US will retract, give up it's world ambitions and start to mend things that have been in disarray for decades within its own borders.
Long story ..... short conclusion: The US will not leave Iraq (or Afghanistan for that matter) willingly, only out of necessity!

Yours, Lukas


P.S. With the new endorsement of Gates replacing Rumsfeld and the submitted "iraq report" by some congressional committee, nothing will change ...

Sunday, December 3

Sunday crash

Now it happened again, 60 miles per hour wind gusts and that lame tree decides to brake of a limb right into my garden the size of a sizable tree. What a mess!
So after my stamping shouts and fits, after I eased my mind, I went out to buy a brand new chain-saw. I debated back and forth if I should go with the Germans (Stihl) or the Swedes (Husqvarna). Well, the Sthil place was closed on Saturdays so that made my decision easier ... I went with the Swedes. So far I am happy, and I additionally was told from my friends that getting parts for the Husqvarna is easier. So there. But now I spend an other $360 I don't really have since the College I used to teach shut down the arts due to low enrollment and so my winter and spring semester of teaching was cut in its entirety. Mucho dollars gone! I am looking for a job, any job. Maybe stacking shelves in WallMart, who knows - I always was eager to experience the "inside story".
I am personally not a great fan of "pet pictures" or "baby pics" on blogs or webpages, they bore me to death. What do I care about your pets and or your screaming delightful offsprings! Anyhow, I'll make an exception today to the rule of thumb and post a picture of my cat. She is Persian you know, and she is an old lady. Perhaps therefore she should take the honor and have an appearance on this blog before she dies.

Friday, December 1

a grey Friday

... this Friday might be a decisive day in Lebanon's present history.

Since I don't understand all the delicate veins and chaotic political issues at hand, the only thing I can do is radiate positive thoughts to ALL people of Lebanon instead of taking sides openly. May their future be blessed with clarity and love for their country!

Hezbollah has urged its supporters to start a massive protest today in Beirut until its demands are met, which burns down to topple Siniora's presidency.
Mr Siniora's government "has proven it is incompetent and has failed to fulfil its promises and achieve anything significant," Mr Nasrallah has said. "We appeal to all Lebanese, from every region and political movement, to take part in a peaceful and civilised demonstration on Friday to rid us of an incapable government," he said.

With a certain portion of cynicism I watch Nasrallah make his moves.
Was the 33 days of war this summer with Israel to be the outcome of this? The "Syrian coalition" walked out of the Lebanese parliament not long ago, basically giving up power. Now they wish not only to regain strength, but achieve a position as a majority in order to be able to veto any legislation that would come from the "Anti Syrian" government in power.
To say it gently, it's a bloody mess. For the Lebanese people to solely blame Israel in this situation would be a fatal error in my eyes. It would catapult the issue beyond reach of personal investment of reconciliation towards the country they love.
How to solve this? I have no clue. Lebanon: Be strong, whatever the outcome!

Wednesday, November 29

Easy Rider

A nice truck, a nice road in the middle of my town, lot's of wood for the winter - what else?
Well, look at the truck door, must be from the town maintenance crew or something.

So let's have a closer look.

Gotcha - "State Of Confusion"!

Sunday, November 26

three steps after "G" comes the J-spot

Johann S. Bach - Goldberg Variations
J.J.Cale - Travelling Light ... is the only way to fly
Joe Jackson - Look Sharp!
Jack Johnson - the early recordings
Joni Mitchel - Miles of Isles
Jimmy Hendrix - Experience
Janis Joplin - Summertime, best rendering ever
Jethro Tull - Aqualung
Jarrett Keith - Köln Concert
Jan Eggum - Heksedans

There are many "spots" in our lives, and not only in music. Those we tickle will bring us either towards ecstasy or depression.
Which one will you touch in this coming week - perhaps joy?
Have a good Monday and may you find the spot you asked for ...

Easy Rider - yeah right, calm down and cool my ass.
Cheers, Zee.

fly - go, go and fly

The last geese gathered and started their journey south. With shrieking sounds they said good bye to the ones left stationary on the ground. May their travels be safe.
Sometimes I wish we as humans would be able to elevate ourselves like geese and see things from above, a perspective a bit more unifying than those petty morasses of daily jungle life we so eagerly swallow as our standard nutrition.

Friday, November 24

the magic of touch

This little copper peace was named "touch" years ago when I mostly made works in copper. "Touch" seems to evoke a sentiment. Don't we as humans need to be touched, embraced? The present killings in the Middle East seem to work against such a principle.
Even the magic of a half decent massage would release some of the tensions here and there. Here and there being wherever you want it to be, geographically or bodily.

Thursday, November 23

light and color

What do you want me to say, there is nothing to say. The pink-purple and the other colors were real and spoke this evening instead.
Happy turkey gobbling feast! no, this picture is not "photoshopped" or altered in any way, the colors were truthfully bizarre in their appearance today. The shutter speed of my cheap peace of shit digital camera was slow, hence the fuzzy image. But hey, it adds to the atmosphere I guess.

Wednesday, November 22


the killing game

Now that assassinations from people who please to blow themselves up has gained an all time popularity, I start to wonder who these people actually are who sacrifice their lives for causes that in my view are unattainable with such actions.
Personally I'd rather would fight with a sword in my hand for my convictions if I was pressed to do so instead of blowing up my body in a market place, exploding in a waiting line of day-time workers, blow up innocent children and woman at a bus stop. It's easy to preach for me from the security of a keyboard, but heck - nevertheless all suicide bombers deserve their destiny, namely being first tickled to insanity by 17 virgins before they are thrown to eternal hell.

who is the assassin - a person from Assyria?

Yeah so what now, Who is to blame?
You believe it is the Christian right - right?
But brave Muslims are on top of the the "killing game", obviously for now. Do I care?
Oh, in case you don't recognize the person on the image to the left, be aware of that Lebanon is now observing the first of three days of mourning in memory of Pierre Gemayel, the Maronite Christian politician assassinated in Beirut on Tuesday. Perhaps the plot of a Buddhist freak or a lonesome lunatic who has escaped the asylum; wouldn't surprise me - hahahah!
I shed tears for Lebanon because it is presently the only country in that region of the world that I care for. Why? Because it has potential for a bright future, and it is also a beautiful place once you clean up the thousands of cluster bombs Israel dropped there!
So anyhow, what's up with that "killing game" then?
Yes, blowing yourself up or using assassinations is a fairly drastic means of self-development I would say. I also wonder if such a method is purely an Arabic pastime or just an other religious ceremony by devotees stuck in Mohammed's oriental delicately weaved carpet?
You tell me.

Tuesday, November 21


Today the world is too crazy and it gets more and more difficult to keep track of all that is going on. I feel remorse for that assassination that happened in Lebanon, makes that country even more fragile than it already is.
My thoughts are not "positive" and gravitate more towards dusk rather than dawn -
There might be a chilling beauty to be found in the dark, but there is wonder and rejuvenation in the promise of light to come.

Monday, November 20

marble dust

Marble dust on the face and nose of my student (pic on the right). The sculpture takes form as you can see. So far she is the most vigilant person I coached (hope she doesn't read that ... ahh, she doesn't have my blog address - so why worry ... even if she does find out, that would be OK too). Her theme is inspired by the works of Rodin.
Anyhow, that particular stone is quite tricky, crumbly like tart cookies and hard as a rock. A delicate combination. The way she handles that challenge is superb. All the power to her! With a little bit of suggestions here and there, this piece will be brilliant. What's in for me? I get inspired to dive into my own stuff again ...

Saturday, November 18

final touch

Today was the last session when my students came to work on their alabaster stones. Next block for this high school I'm working for will be modeling portraits in clay, starting in January.

The other news of "art/teaching endevours" is that the college I had been involved with for the last ten years is scrapping or limiting their art programs to a bare minimum, because of budget constraints - that leaves me basically out of their picture. But through this change new horizons arise.
I will from now on open my studio much more than ever, offer weekend courses, accept free spirited individuals who would like to study with their own pace or schedule in mind, offer summer courses ... you name it!
For this I don't need a desk person, a treasurer, three copy machines with two clerks, an enrollment coordinator, a development person plus secretary, a registrar, an administrator and a summer program manager. And I certainly don't need a president to pull this off. Did I forget all the book-keepers needed to keep track of the people above, and then the ones who keep track of the book - keepers?
Perhaps Colleges need all this ... and more. But I don't!
So my aim is to give people from all walks of life an opportunity to experience and learn about sculpture for the fraction of cost compared to regular institutions.
How does that sound?

Friday, November 17

are you vegetarian, vegan or plainly undecided?

Now that we had the grand American "smoke-out" today, we have to put our focus on an other of them traditions: The Thanksgiving turkey! Will you survive the feast or bow down and become a vegan (no shoes made of leather please, 'tis made of animals, no snickers either - they are made of oil ... deceased dinosaurs) ... please come in cotton socks to enjoy the bounty, or for god sakes just walk barefoot.

How will you celebrate Thangsgiving?

P.S. my son claims to get up at 5 in the morning and shoot a wild turkey tomorrow. I personally savor wild turkey. Let's wish him luck!

Thursday, November 16

crumble and decay

A kiln in the middle of the woods falling to peaces, a bridge that will become oblivious if not maintained. Just images I know. How are we holding up as humans I wonder? I received an email from a friend of mine yesterday, he lives in Europe. He made a good point. To put it blunt and short: Europe is not a nation! The present loss of identity due to economic preferences of companies supported by bone-head politicians become the stumbling stone of decay for European countries. So you may say: What do I care?
Well perhaps you should. I hate to preach in an "Eurocentric tone" but today I will. If Europe brakes, the rest of civilization will crumble just like the lime kiln in the posted picture. After all, for the last 1000 years or so all impulses of furtherment - good and bad - originated from there; not from Africa, not from India, not from the Middle East, not from the Americas. Did I leave out the Southern Hemisphere?

So lets skew our thoughts for a moment to the present decaying empire, the USA - stuck in the Middle East, overcome by Japan economically (Toyota has now become the number one car maker in the world and made 3 billion profit while Ford lost about the same amount during the last fiscal year) so thereby and by many more examples I could list the US will be soon hopelessly shoved into a corner of it's own survival. Not good. What the heck does that have anything to do with Europe you might ask? Well it does because the present empire was build on European roots. So when the baby has no more milk to nibble from the mothers breast, the sibling dies. If Europe goes, the US will follow.

And as far as I am concerned this is already the case, it is already happening.
And again, as my friend pointed out, Europe is not a country - but rather an agglomeration of unique nations that have now been destroyed by the greed of commerce and the call for globalization.
What a pity.