Monday, January 30

Stupidity Tax to save the World

I have a new concept, it is called the "stupidity tax".  While Obama raves about normal statue of  taxation for people with over one million Dollar income, the G20 people in Davos chitt chat in hotel rooms of how to solve the "Euro crisis", Brussels will be next, same spiel.
Despite Obama's energetic speech when he addressed the Union, the question remains, and that is a question also to the "occupier movement":
  can emphasis on growth and  a "smart" budget  work? It does not belong into my vocabulary, that you can shrink and be lean and grow at the same time, that is an oxymoron.

They better make up their minds, those politicians and bankers, the CEO's of larger companies, the  investors who invest in blind faith.
Hence I propose a "stupidity tax" - only payed to me, for people who just blab in Davos and other places. I will keep 10% as overhead for the administrative costs, the rest will be donated to viable and needed projects around the world for people in need.

The "stupidity tax" is 5% of your annual income.

Once the world becomes a bit more sane, this tax will not be needed anymore and all goes back to normal. In the mean time - donate!

Sunday, January 22


The moon rises in the east,
just like the sun
to whom it may concern
reflections have begun.

I wish you could visit me here again
after you left your wild flowers
gathered on a common pasture,
dried up now, colors still imbued
and life goes faster and faster
we build our own towers
but will they ever sustain?

Now, it is not about moon and flowers
we tend to survive by will and fate
which lies in our heart, a fragile gate

Love is like a broken arrow buried in your flesh
you know it is there, but it is beyond rescue
the whole web of things these days will test you
it is time to escape this mesh

Love is like a Big Mac from MacDonald's
you taste one slice, then you discover number two
will and heart combined
isn't it fascinating?
you will just have to bite through.

I wish you could visit me here again,
after wild flowers have dried
I certainly have tried
but I am still in pain.

Wednesday, January 18

I have no grasp on this

Since I live in Switzerland, I got accustomed to the reality of Swiss radio.
It goes like this: 10% World News, 20% National News, 40% Financial News - the other 30% are dedicated to sports and traffic irregularities, and the weather of course.
The biggest chunk of reporting tries to analyze the financial sector. I listen to it, but as much as I do, I understand less and less. Perhaps I am just stupid, but the so called "financial crisis" in Europe makes no whatever sense to me at all. All I hear, is that countries wish to borrow money from other countries, and preferably with low interest rates. Now Standars & Poors downrated several European States, which leads again to a credit crunch.
Now, you must correct me, show me the way to understand. Why is it so, that all countries need to borrow money from other states (especially the United States) to fill their coffers?
How can this work? You borrow money from each other, then again from each other just to make the government work ... somewhat, until the next crisis.
This is a bit complicated, because I have had not the energy to think this through. So I will act as Simple Simon! Here are my questions.
When states borrow money from states who have no money either, where does the actual money come from, or be held?
How can nations get away with flabbergasting debts and continue on that course, while we citizens are ordered to keep a sane fiscally balanced household otherwise greedy banks will chop our head off with two digit interest rates and penalties.
And Italy whines - if they have to pay more than 4% interest on loans for their state coffers.
I guess my question really is: How come that capitalism got so harsh, that it defeats it's own means and direction?
Unlimited growth,  and expansive profit gains for each quarter can not be the future, it is against all common sense. No government can expect longevity on such premisses and borrow money from something, which there is not, in order to maintain a certain status quo.
They just found some fossil collections of Darvin's in a drawer. Perhaps Darwin was right after all: The world evolutes around the fittest for survival.
But how does that apply to nations? Borrow less? Be more self-sufficient?
I have no specific recipe, just like the demonstrators at Wall Street. But I have a feel that this whole system will come to a halt, just like the cruise ship on the Italian coast.

Sunday, January 15

Stairway to what?

In the German language, sky and heaven have an identical name, there is just one word for it: "Himmel".
God lives in the "Himmel", clouds pass randomly there above, the sun sets there. It is an interesting fusion. The English tongue differs. 
You either go to heaven or hell, but while your at it, you might watch the splendor of the sky. 
Language reflects an interesting issue about the mentality of cultures. I wish I could speak them all!

Saturday, January 14

this one is for Nova, just because I happen to like her

Ok Nova, not all is gloom and doom, there are brave and honest people out there. People who care about each other and the environment. There is a strain of hope. I happen to  experience such a community in my house at first hand. Five families living under one roof.
And then we had Cheese-Fondue together to ring in the New Year, ice and snow abound.
The party was outside - as you can see in the picture.
I am encouraged by a lot of things these days, the movement who started in Wall Street NY and spread all over, but mostly I am thrilled by the potential the youth, the next generation carries and presents to us.
2012 will be great!

Tuesday, January 3

New Year Post

This is (was) the heating means for the great Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland. It is about 1500 feet away from the main building, maybe more. Who knows. Anyway, as youth and children we explored the "heating channel" dug deep underneath the soil. It was aery. We thought we were Tintin, a French cartoon character, with a little white dog, and a flashlight, exploring the cavities of the unknown.
So we went underground from the main building until we arrived at this "Heitzhaus", scary stuff, climbed out of the window, and praised the day.
Those were the days where fear was no option, there was no solution, only adventure. King was the one who dared the most. I was only crowned once, leading this adventure. The stakes weren't high, but the adrenaline flowed in abundance. After all, we moved in a cavity without clear outcome. Kind of a trip. That was then, what is it now?
For the New Year I am mostly pissed off. I will tell you why.
I hate that the BBC reports about North Korea as if they know what is going on, for days on end, without any kind of substantial facts. News about NO news. Pathetic.
I despise the European so called financial crisis, it is all bogus. Darwinistic economics have plagued our globe for centuries. Why do we "wake up" now?
What is the "Wall Street" demonstration all about? Why does it spread globally, even to Davos (Switzerland)? I think they have a point, even though they have no particular remeedy.
Earthquakes are in abundance, in Christ Church New Zealand and even Switzerland. Go figure. Mother nature says no, we stupid humans continue. Fatalities are preprogrammed. It is a shame.
I must say that 2012 will be a decisive year. No, not because the Mayan calendar or any other kind of other sublime message, it is decisive because we, as people of this earth, want it to be so.
Start locally, thereafter think globally. that's my sequence.
Best wishes - Lukas.