Wednesday, May 11

sunburst, musings on the go: I converted to Islam

sunburst, musings on the go: I converted to Islam

I converted to Islam

I converted to Islam, because when I die I will have 11 virgins serving my needs each day. One for each day of the week and four in reserve, just in case...
Well, who knows if they have weekdays in heaven.
Fabulous. I also keep my Christian belief so I can travel to either Paradise or Hell. Could be adventurous journeys.
There is also something to be said about remaining a Gnostic, believing that there might be something like a spirit world, but so far it has not proven to be so, therefore it remains a questionable issue.
But that is not enough. I have to become a Zen person also, because I like the tranquility of their ways. And just in case, I will enroll as a Hindu, who knows what that will do.
You get my drift, the more the merrier. When one belief option fails when you die, a different and more viable one will replace it, just like changing airplane carriers and riding on the one with the most appealing fare and services.
In other words, humanity with all our present progress, is still as stupid as they were in the Middle Ages when they burned witches of progress and celebrated the act as a cleansing towards the service to an unheard and unseen God. Now we have better technology, but a stake still remains a stake. Just now the disguise of it is perhaps a bit more diffused.

I do not exactly know what the purpose of this post is, it came to me after a midd-day-nap. But what I do know is, that if all religions would find a common denominator, a lot of troubles in this world could be eased.

The common denominator would be: There is spirit in the heavens, so is there on earth.

... and forget the 11 virgins, that is a stupid myth, created long after the Koran was written

Wednesday, May 4

earth n sky

I believe I put out the link on Facebook. But here it is again on the blog, the final version of Earth and Sky, my brother on the cello this time, we scrapped my scratchy violin.
For those who still do not know the story, I was truly taken aback when half an hour before the funeral services I got to know that I had to play a girls favorite song "Cowgirls don´t cry" from Brooks & Dunn. The girl was 18, and died in her sleep. Three weeks later, after the autopsy, it actually turned out that she has had a heart failure. Her ashes are now buried below a beautiful exotic flowering tree. I believe it is some kind of plum tree.

Sorry for the not very well organized slides. Had no patience to do anything fancy. But YouTube requires visuals for upload. The audio is fine though, that is for me the most important part.

OK, no political nagging today.

Monday, May 2

Ha, the devil is dead, hmmn?

This might be the biggest or largest conspiracy of all times. 
I watched BBC and CNN live coverage this morning, with all their smart background info, comments from retired generals, footage of celebrating people in New York, interviews of people who were barely ten years old when 9 11 happened, jubilating.
There is no footage of his body, his body now dropped into the ocean (according to islamic tradition so they say - don´t know where that comes from, certainly I did not read that in the Koran).
It is kind of odd. 
Here is my conspiracy theory (and you all know that in general I hate those things). 
Bin Laden was dead for quite some years. But somehow, perhaps to put closure to a chapter "they" had to do this action.  Raid a villa close to Islamabad, adjoined to a military compound. 
If it had been the true Bin Laden, it would have been of utmost importance to capture him alive, if not only just to show the whole world that it is actually so!
Now they dropped "him" into the waters, according to Islamic law. That is bullshit.