Friday, February 25

bathroom news

My own biography unfolds as the world is twisting, roaming and groaning, stretching towards freedom, taking unfathomable hits by nature and in general tries to survive through all this turmoil.
Twisted metal and piles of rubble dominate Christchurch in NZ, people get shot with life ammunition in Tripoli. Where is it all gonna go?
A folly fox, called Romeo by the people, got trapped on the 72nd floor in a new construction building in London. There he had lived with splendid views of the city for about two weeks before his discovery - odd news. 
My own personal news are so pitiful compared to what is reported all around the globe, my aftershave placed above the bathroom sink, and jet another job change, leaving the present location behind after three months of adjustments. Kind of strenuous.
Petty bathroom news, a single persons mundane journey towards betterment or something...

Monday, February 21


Sorry, no frivolous news today. No kinky pictures either. All is covered in a misty fog. My work-situation is changing once again. That shouldn't concern you at all, the details unimportant.
I still live for music and harmony though, that equilibrium you know. That sounds simple, but it is still a quest of never ending twist and turns.
As Australia rocks through the bits and peaces of natural devastations, the Middle East is going through other kind of changes. I can't fathom what it all means and where it all will end.
Perhaps I am totally naive that I request a halt of imperialistic ambitions, a stop of people controlling and punishing others because they are weaker or because they belong to a religion of this and that...
Perhaps I was never to say this: Give humans a chance and let the zombies and apes stay second this time around.
The problem is, as the mist evaporates, the fog is still arising.
Humans are the most pathetic forms of living tissue, completely unable to take care of themselves. It is hence they believe in God and in other phenomenal issues. That avenue might coheres a window of some kind of relief. A blessing to some, perhaps detrimental to others.
I am not an atheist, nor a gnostic. Those labels are irrelevant anyway because they are pure inventions of human intellect. They mean nothing.
I still believe (believe!) in some form of super-sensible being or reality that has a handle on things ... maybe. That might sound funny to you after all what I have said before; but belief is a risky avenue...
Didn't you know?
What is yours?