Sunday, July 25

the BP thingy

OK, so here are the lyrics:

Look at me now, I am BP
I will promise you plenty of energy
the world shall burn - all it's fuels
sail away with me on this ship of fools.

Look at me now, I am BP
and I have a brilliant strategy
suck out all the oil from below the sea
yeah, I'll give you plenty of energy

All is well when you gaze out to the sea
all looks swell from your condo's balkony

Seagulls are covered in black molasses
the oil spill grows bigger while we drag our asses
fisherman miss out on their daily catch,
help me Sir, do you have a latch?
I wanna stop this spill, and go for the kill
though to succeed to stop this mess - I guess I never will!
The ocean is polluted and a general saluted
while I give you this - and here is the key
I deliver you plentiful of energy
and don't forget my name, it's simply: BP!

Politicians scratch their heads
repeat what all ghost-writer said
and without even blinking
they speak loud what they are thinking,
I am BP and I give you energy

All is well when you gaze out to the sea
all looks swell from your condo's balkony

So the Gulf is infected and the shores not protected
put more platforms up, fill the missing gap
'cause I am BP - and I'll give you energy

I am here to stay, take your liberties away
forget them now - I have no more to say.

Beware, above text is a draft. The copper relief of the image is over 20 years old, hanging on the entrance wall of a restaurant - it's called "Nordic Light". I get free meals there whenever I appear. Kind of cool.

Saturday, July 24

Earth and Sky - final

The easiest way to download this song as an mp3 file, if you want to keep it, is to click on the top right logo (imt) of this player which gets you to the host site; type "zayart" into the search window (top right) - and voila, there is the song, ready for download to your hard-drive as an mp3.

Ok, so this is the final version for now. This is what the father of the girl will get. It is still a bit rough, but so be it. At least there is more structure now, some guitar noodling on my part while my brother plays the rhythm, and then I added violin. All recorded instruments were a "one take situation", all improvised on the spot. The violin was shuttled over via internet and added to the multitrack.

So the other day I went to a concert, Camille Saint-Saens Violin Concerto No.3; and then the barely fifteen year old violin player was absolutely spectacular, sound wise, and also in her ease to communicate with the orchestra; fabulous!
Oh, I should mention her name, just in case you are in the vicinity of her giving a performance. Her name is Sirena Huang.You will be in for a treat if you catch her preforming.
But I can tell you this much, despite her fame, she is totally sane and natural and hates and loves exactly what every normal teenager would hate and love. I mean I might simplify here, but that is the sense I got from her webpage and from the miniscule interaction I had after her concert. Whatever, she is great, don't miss out on her if she happens to play in your town.

PS. There is a low resolution (video) version of my song on uTube, audio Ok, video bad.

Sunday, July 4

Hot dogs again

It's that time of year again when I ponder what the United States of America is all about. Is it a new empire that put closure to an old one? Is it a continent that was populated by extremist religious groups not tolerated anymore in Europe? Is it a Democracy? Well, the "founding fathers" clearly said: No to that, leaving the states in an ambivalent free for all experiment. So what is it then, the land of the free, with awesome sculptures carved into the rocks of Mount Rushmore?
Did the Indian's blood fertilize the lands properly? Did the two party system evolve to anything else but a Duocracy?
Does the Hamburger taste better in the USA than in Hamburg - Germany? Besides, maybe the US burger is better since most obese, fat, ugly people live on this continent and most other continents are spared of such ... for now. (Sorry obese people, I just had to say it that way). And why do we American  opportunistic peoples only invest into the infrastructure of "Now" - and not the future? Why do we wait to call for international help to clean up the worst oil spill ever ... until six weeks down the road? Why don't we use our plenty abundance of resources wisely which would suffice for all of us? What's wrong with this "Independence"? Have we become cowards not able to live up to our dreams and expectations, do we have an issue jumping over our own shadow?
All right, today I am not using charcoal, but real wood - ash wood that is, to get my fire going. And then, we will have all kinds of meats and vegetables roasting on that fire, celebrating the 4th of July!
As Lincoln would have said: Let the fireworks begin!