Saturday, October 29

what's in a name

Force International Security Assistancesoldiers - that is what they call the mercenaries now (on BBC), those people who are hired to kill others if needed. A couple of them got killed today in Kabul. Tough luck. 
Never had a great liking of them - I will shed no tears.
A real soldier kills and dies for his country, those mercenaries die for money and greed. 
Blackwater (it has been renamed to something else right now) deserves absolutely no sympathy or empathy. All they create is humans who wish to kill for hire. Why the US army even considers these folks is beyond my comprehension.
For good money these people can be hired, to do their dirty deeds wherever...
What if Donald Trump comes along and says: First we will take Manhattan, then we'll take Berlin. 

Saturday, October 22

Does it really matter? the United Nations, the way in which Muammar Gaddafi met his end does matter. The UN Human Rights Commissioner, Navi Pillay, has said she wants a full investigation. (source BBC)
The UN plains had been there as well, bombing places, people got hurt and killed. What is there to investigate? There is no such thing as an ethical assassination. If successful, the outcome is always death. End of "investigation"...
Does it really matter if he got killed by a rifle or a pistol, by a nervous rebel or soldier? I believe Gaddafi preferred it this way anyhow - instead of being dragged in front of some court of justice. 
History goes on without him now, no more Beduin tents in Central Park of New York City. I kind of miss that gesture. But since he was an asshole and not a servant to his people, he now faces his maker and the 17 virgins that come with the package of death. Maybe the "maker" will scrap the deal with the virgins, who knows. Somehow I do not think he deserves them - but this is from the mouth of a non Muslim, so it probably does not count. After all, I am an infidel.
Let me glance at the "investigation part" for one more moment. It is kind of absurd. I talked to a man in Libya two days ago and he admitted that all he had was fear in his heart until Gaddafi was out of the picture. (talked to him on Skype) --- So now his fears can cease. No more investigations please!

Thursday, October 20


It was a dirty day in little Switzerland,
unreal for a country that hates dust.
The trains were still on time, they always are
but the tick tock of my inner clock failed to synchronize

I wonder if trains have consciousness, do they know what they deliver from A to B or Z?
do they know that boring Basmati rice is traveling in my bag and only spices,
preferably from south-western Thailand will save the day?
The trick of moving on is not speed but pace

The life I live in is unstoppable
and I see images flying by through windows
where greasy spots blur the imagery, left by an innocent child
who was searching for a clear view and the truth

But I can close my eyes, ignore everything around me
and listen to the pounding of my heart, are you still there?
The train rattles along and whispers sweet nothingness as answer
an other disappointment,  a ride without purpose

Then came the moth who shunned the light and sat on my knee
I looked at that thing and had to think about you, I don't know why
I was imagining how it would be, if we could share a stretch
maybe not from A to Z, perhaps from B to L - does it matter? Yes it does - at least for me.

Tuesday, October 18

Human Trade

One human Jewish Foot-soldier is worth or equals 1,000 Palestinian captives.
That in itself tells a story.
No comments.
One Swiss cow is definitely worth 1,000 Jersey cows raised in the US.
Human trade or beastly trade, what the heck is the difference.
How many Palestinians would it take to free one Polarbear from a doomed iceberg - five, or perhaps after all ten?
It might take only one Jew to stop global warming and also stop the decay of the North Pole.
We call this fair trade.
And we all pay the price!

Sunday, October 16

Is it possible to hide?

 Ich fang diesen Post mal auf Deutsch an, warum auch nicht - das ist ja auch eine Sprache, eigentlich eine subtile Sprache, vielseitig und farbig, philosophisch geeignet, und dann auch noch alles mögliche andere.
Ok, für all die Anglosaxen: 

I might as well start this post today writing my first sentence in German, why not, it is a language after all with fair choices and possibilities. Actually, German combines French intellectualism with British soul and Prussian precision, unfortunately without Far Eastern flair. But you just can not have it all. Instead push for diversify and just learn locally whatever needs to be addressed at the moment, wherever you can be of help or assistance.
All right, back to the German tongue.

Etwas verstehe ich aber noch nicht. Es hat damit zu tun mit der gegenwärtigen, sogenannten Finanzkrise in Europa, und auch mit all diesen Weltbanken überhaupt welche jetzt plötzlich "gerettet" werden müssen damit der normale Bürger sein Gemeinwohl nicht verliert. Das ist doch absurd. meine Seele, meine Genügsamkeit, mein tägliches Gemüse welches ich verspeise - ist doch nicht abhängig von dem Wohlsein der Banken?

Do you not find it interesting, that even in the capital of Mac-Donald-Land, namely New York - Manhattan (it sure is not Washington, sorry) the common people protest on the streets and voice their opinion about uncontrollable globalization of resources, those who only serve business interests , not the fair trade kind, but the kind of the demon of financial institutions, who suck all the living blood available, like a vampires out of the scared  and trembling human being, the common man, while they are (the vampires that is) are ravaging and thirsty, lust, greed and deceit is their craving for ever more. The little bit of sustenance people have like you and me, we - who are forced constantly to share without consent to the ones who have hoarded for generations, drop our droplets of personal blood - this is unacceptable and disgusting. Hence I sympathize and can understand all this protest around, not only in NYC, all the rest of the world as well.

Ich verstehe etwas nicht ganz. Wie kann es sein, dass Regierungen in Europa sagen wir müssen unbedingt sparen, Stellen kürzen, Programme streichen, Menschen wegschieben und trotzdem die Konjunktur, den wirtschaftlichen Wachstum ankurbeln, mehr Profit machen, jedes Quartal mindestens 4%.
Das ist doch einfach absolut unmöglich, geradezu absurd...  Wie kann man sich besinnen, die finanziellen Ausgaben  im Staat zu drosseln und gleichzeitig wachsende Erwartungen im Wirtschaftswesen zu haben, dass das kapitalistische Gedankengut oder System immer wieder weiter wachsen tut als ob es keine natürlichen Grenzen des Wachstums und Profits geben würde. Ich bin ja offiziell kein Buddhist, doch ich habe Sympathien - "take care of the resources you already have - and you will enjoy the multiplication of plenty".  Not such a bad idea ...

basically what I mentioned above is: There is no unlimited expansion of anything living. I suppose humans have to accept this and find their place and domain within a world which should not participate in cancerous growths of any kind or some sort of Darwinistic scheme of the survival of the fittest.  Come on, we can do better.