Monday, June 25

Vinalhaven snail race


Sunday, June 24


After some weeks, this project comes to a conclusion. There will be new tasks to follow, that is for sure. May it be in construction of buildings or building of different matter. All we have to do is create and keep on shaping this world. Doomed are those who procrastinate.

"Works of art are indeed always products of having been in danger, of having gone to the very end in an experience, to where man can go no further."
(from Letters R.M. Rilke)

Monday, June 18


Coming home at 4:30 in the morning, sleeping three hours, then getting up and facing a new mission seems to be a frequent occurrence for young people these days.
In the old times, when I grew up, we simply got a spanking from our parents trying to put us back in line. Those days are gone. Not that the spanking had any revolutionary effect, but it slowed us down, at least momentarily.
The present generation of parenthood, whilst upbringing their kids, subscribe and rely mostly on that "dog-treat-training" method: "Honey, if you don't bark and you'll promise to be a good kid, I'll buy you a new CD player" ... or what have you not. I believe that method is doomed as much as the old fashion ways were. Actually it is worse. It creates spoiled brats waiting for life opportunities to be served on a silver platter.
So what is there to do?
I have a friend who lives in Vienna, Austria. He sends my daughter weekly parcels of junk from China via the internet. Should I be grateful? No, I should spank him the old fashion way! His only achievement for now is to put my daughter in a state of delusion, believing that material happiness is delivered by mail, for free of course. What a moron.
In the "very old" days they used to recite: "No matter is without spirit, and no spirit is without matter." That should be the doctrine taught to these youngsters - instead we flood them with fake artifacts made and assembled in a far-eastern manufacturing slave compound ... just in order to keep their temper tantrums down. Sick. The "West" is spoiled rotten ...
And all it takes to turn this around would be to teach our kids fundamental values again. Values of grace and awe, not shock and awe - and perhaps some modesty.

Wednesday, June 13

what is tradition?

The "Harbor Gawker" is tradition, that's what it is. Fine deep fried food, not good for your arteries - still tasty though. We make a point to arrive by boat. This time it was Caleb's vessel. A lot of scooping out water on the way. But I have to give this man credit, he build this boat by himself, with his bare hands. And actually it looks pretty.

So anyhow, what is tradition? Well the "Harbor Gawker" is. Every Tuesday we meet there (am I repeating myself?). The journey today was longwinded and a bit sketchy (considering circumstances). But the MikMak woman and his Aussie friend paddled along gracefully in tandem while we were using the electric trolling motor. But that is "neither here nor there" as Mister Dweller would say ...
In the larger pic you will recognize the art teacher of this island, a very fine woman indeed. After all, she helped me to get a teaching job withot a blinking of her eye.
So yes, we made it back safely but we lost a bottle of wine down by the wharf. What a bummer! Maybe that's good.
Not all good things derive from alcohol.
Learn that one ...

Tuesday, June 12

take your shoes off

Wild and weary, the nudes still capture audiences, you bet...
No, there is no poem or other trivia today.
Politics can kiss my ass for the next 24 hours.
So there.

Monday, June 11

Sunday, June 10

fish talk

I honestly have no clue anymore what goes on in world politics, perhaps I never new.
All I know presently, is that Bush is on yet an other "separation mission". Even Merkel, the impeccable chancellor of East German decent was not able to unite the greedy G8 folks. Oh Kay ... so they consented to give a few billions to fight aids in Africa while thousands die in Darfour, worse than it was during the black-plague in the Middle Ages. Big deal, who cares. Let them die like black flies - it's only Africa you know, the one continent of constant retardation. At least that is how some people think. Aid for Aids ... the cure of it all?
Back to Bush.
Visiting Kosovo, the Vatican and Albania and so on, did further his mission of "separation". The man is truly insane. Instead of trying to unify, he propagates further divisions.
In the last few days Turkey (who so badly would love to be a member of the EU) bombed the northern Kurdish part of Iraq. Hardly any notice in the news of that. Bush, where were you with your statements of condemnation? Ohhps, perhaps we don't fight the same war, hahh, and instead postpone global warming to a G8 summit in 2009. Priorities are corpulently dragged to edges of no return ... or so it seems. What a shame.
Still months to endure the present Bush Kingdom, but it will end.
And then what?
Give me a break - Hilariously and Ah Banana are made from the same corrupt stock that brought us where we are in the first place.
The answer?
Fuck globally - work locally!

Ok, I am ready to grill my locally caught cod fish now.

Wednesday, June 6

Sunday, June 3


Dusk is the portal...
dawn the delight.

Greetings from Merlin