Saturday, November 27


Keep the old mysterious inheritance
And add the becoming self-reliance
In inner soul spheres, it rejuvenates
And should awaken strength towards all of what is presently in demand
My outer practical work is life,
And that is what impregnates my path today, that is my present whereabouts and also my task.
Rudolf Steiner (Wochenspruch)  

With all the convoluted and kind of sometimes unpractical suggestions and presentations, I do like Rudolf Steiner's straight forward thinking and approach. A mystic in some ways, perhaps an initiate. The point is, that he scattered around initiatives and concrete suggestions of how to improve your meditative life without the help of an external "guru". His aim was clearly that you become "self-reliant". Of course, most Anthroposophists (lacked the genius) to follow such a path (is this nasty to put it so arrogantly this way?) Nevertheless, a seed was planted by him and it might take yet an other generation for fair results to appear.

My own path is going to change "subito" as well, in three days I will change once again location and job. I am looking very much forward to do this, though I do have to admit that I am a just a little bit nervous - "stage fright" you could say...

As I write this there is snow, it's beautiful and calm. What a blessing. The world finally (in my eyes) puts on a protective coat.  

Sunday, November 14

Fun and Fear

Two of my people I presently take care of and two kids in anticipation of this modern "fairies-wheel" to do radical loops with high speeds. The annual "Herbstmesse" (fall-fair) in Basel has always been a big event. 
The "loops" in my life also contribute to  excitement, at times scary and other moments outright exhilarating. 
When was the last time you re-invented yourself, crossed an unknown border, went on a journey without a fixed destination, stood on top of a cliff in your dreams and spontaneously decided: Yes indeed, I am able to fly!    

Friday, November 12

bare bone scorpio

November, the view from my desk, the temporary auberge or refuge until the final push.
Did you know that scorpions are the only animals who are able to commit suicide (besides the human species)?
There is a beauty in this. Scorpio is the sole sign in the Zodiac (astrologically speaking) who brings pure clarity of thinking and reason. We aught to respect this. It is not just a wavering mood like Taurus, the opposite sign (in the zodiac) who is filled with endless emotional deliberations (that's me).
But I do content. Switzerland in its narrow ways has opened up broad avenues. First of all, I met old helpful friends - then of course also: I got a decent job!
Scorpio is the quality who demands that you sober up and start to use your embedded qualities and talents, your rational thinking as well.
I am extremely content that all this "scorpio power" worked towards my advantage. In that respect, homage to Scorpio!
There are many funny things to tell about how things actually work out in the old country, but I will post those occurrences at a later point.