Thursday, May 31

War Zones

First there was a war on drugs, then that crime fight thing - later a war against poverty, followed by a war against terrorism, then a war for a Democratic Middle East - now a war against Global Warming, after the Kyoto Protocol expires (heard that today). Have I left out any "war-declarations"?
All these "wars" have something in common - they have no strategic value, there are no soldiers capable of fighting these wars, nor is there an intelligent directive to go about these issues (or enemies) in a military fashion.
So in essence, all these wars are lost battles before they even started.
Who are these stupid man an woman (besides the puppet Bush) who support and are willing to declare wars with no virtue of hope or at least success and victory?
I guess humans only learn through pain and depredation. Intelligence today is totally overrated, unless you have to fill out an insurance claim or fill in your tax forms.

So what's wrong about aiming ...

... ah, later. Will finish this post after work

Tuesday, May 29

From Pimp to Redneck - a vehicle makes a man

Last time I was driving home, the transmission of my car gave up, an Oldsdmobile Cutlass Supreme. Was a nice rig, leather seats, whisper quiet, super good stereo ... and so forth. A true pimp car.
Only problem - 256,000 miles on the engine. So it was not worth the money and effort to fix her.
Now I purchased the unthinkable, a Ford XL (extra large) pick up truck ... for a song! Some carpenter wanted to get rid of it quick. Sometimes you can get the best deals on an island because nobody feels inclined to drag their stuff to the mainland on a ferry if not absolutely necessary.
The body is made of galvanized steel and therefore there is hardly any rust. The bumpers are still made of metal and don't conform to the crush-zone-plastic-shit that is ordinarily found on every car nowadays.
So there you go. All I now need is a gun-rack and put some gear in there, then my reincarnation as a redneck is complete.
... from all things there is -I bought a FORD. Unthinkable, but yet true!
By the way, I actually got a new gaget that is "whisper-quiet". In the background of this picture you will see the bay which belongs to the Old Harbor. Today I tested an electric boat-motor there, successfully - zero noise, zero emissions and 55 pounds of thrust to keep you moving at about 8 knots or so. What a delight.
Life is good!

Friday, May 25

Sex, drugs and war

It would have been time to post a nude picture here by now,
one with those fine curves included that bow
but this blog is unwilling to grove that way
and I will have to move and sway
to the borders I do not to see
into that direction right now
your gracious paths
to shores of disengagement
and all that troubles me shall vain,
laugh, be joyful - then come to rest,
as you always wanted - at last.


Tuesday, May 22


My friend Jeff puts out traps for carnivores - they are called lobsters here. You'll see his traps stacked in the background of this picture. It was a foggy morn indeed! The fisherman makes about $6 a pound theses days (don't slap me if I get the numbers wrong). On a good day (those days haven't started yet), a Lobsterman can haul in worth $2,000, that's fair money, no? It will pay for the diesel and a few other things. The smart fellows save the excess income for the next winter months when work again is bound to be scarce. The less fortunate waste their money immediately, on ex-wife's, new microwave ovens, flat TV screen monitors and other clutter.
Blessed be the fog that surrounds them all. Fortunes to the one who makes it drift apart.

Thursday, May 17


they might be rigid to the eye and touch
but stones don't care about borders and such
only humans invented division.

to clarify my position
only you and I can change stagnation
and move beyond borders and nations
the stones tell tales of old
we need to keep moving
and be bold.

Monday, May 14

All right then, one party picture for you

We had a good time. Fresh pastry, Champaign, friends, music, conversation, saltwater-sea-breeze. What more can you ask for ...
Some crazy girls had a biting contest, the trophy went to the Mic--Mac woman of Native Indian decent. He, my friend Caleb, got bitten hard.Her teeth grabbing the flesh of his arm, leaving blue marks 'til one week later.
Other than that, nothing over-excitingly happened.

Sunday, May 13

British On Crack Equals History Blockage

Opened up BBC news as a routine thing today. And there you have it. The Brits don't get it. Not during the Ottoman empire; and ever since there after, the Anglos failed miserably.(Actually for the record we should go back to Ghandi and India - never mind).
So anyhow, I opened their webpage today and found this:

"Mullah Dadullah's death is a huge setback for the Taleban.
It will not be easy for the leadership to find a replacement.
According to Taleban sources, Mullah Dadullah led from the front without caring for his personal safety.
His death may make it harder for Taleban fighters to keep up morale at a time when the odds are heavily stacked against them..."

How come you can remain that dull and stupid.
There are no odds to win against the Taleban. It's their home territory for goodness sake. No setback for these guys. Time is the key - and they keep moving on their land as they wish. One leader killed means nothing. Just like carpenter ants, the muslim extremists will replenish themselves. No worries. No British crack heads will prevent that, nor any US intervention. In the mean time Afghanistan has made itself again noticeable to be the major contributor of heroin and poppy seeds on the world market. Most of that shit is shipped to the US. Go figure.

Thursday, May 10

Es ist soweit

Just very briefly. I got my boat. She is pretty and her name is "Florina". Time for you to come out to the island and have a good time for a few days.

Tuesday, May 8

wait ...

Sunday, May 6

18 - 21 - 50

(picture) final results from my protege, shown yesterday at the senior project presentations

With 18 you can get a license to kill (join the army) - but you can't purchase a beer to soothe your nerves.
With 21 you finally can have a beer, but you are growing tired of killing.
With 50 you lost the taste for beer and you're too old to join the army (though they recruited 45's for the manslaughter in Iraq as of late. An unconventional move, saturated with an aura of desperation).
Those are some given parameters of US stepping stones in civic life. But this is not what we are celebrating today. My daughter, son, and myself don't gel to this concept.
My daughter is about to launch into studies of healing humans, becoming a nurse. My son , after a three year apprenticeship with a fine stone mason, ventures towards sustainable agriculture, healing the earth. Me, I try to leave the cynic behind and enjoy life the way it seems to evolve in the present (before all the ice-caps have melted). My goal is to make a difference locally and disregard global schemes of capitalistic and political games aimed towards enslaving the general populous.
So we are celebrating 21 and 50 today. The May birthdays. In September will be the 18 year benchmark celebration.
The year 2007 is a pivotal point within the narrow borders of the life within my family. My birthday hopes and wishes to the broader world, is that change can also happen on a grand scale, namely to take care of this precious jewel we call Earth.
Let the party begin - pictures will follow later.

Wednesday, May 2


It is actually possible to have a "tradition" in Vinalhaven. Each Tuesday we (the people of interest) gather at the Harbor Gawker and enjoy deep fried foods and or salads of sorts. Afterwards (this time only) we took a stroll down to the nature preserve on the peninsula that sticks out beside the harbor, full moon in view and all.
Of course the most exuberant people remained to be the Aussi guy and his Native Indian lover, adorable people indeed.
I like their dogs too.

Tuesday, May 1

walked the paths

I walked the paths of life -
left lovers and mourned
thereafter, but I
have boots,
soles worn
and kept
So it is.