Tuesday, June 29

will you pull me out of here?

Whilst in Puerto Rico early this year, the divide between poor and affluent people became more than ever obvious to me. This "SUV" the guy sits on does not radiate hope for a ride into a bright future. And then a few blocks away you will find posh Mega Casinos where gambling sets the tone of the day. All these hundred of thousands of Dollars each day down the drain, no, not down the drain, instead enriching those who are already rich. Is there a method to this madness?

I listened to a radio report today that workers in China get about $1 a day to assemble some of Apple's iPhones components for all the humans who have forgotten the skill to talk face to face, ten hours a day, seven days a week. No real raise in sight. They are now protesting. Something unheard of a decade ago. It looks like the workers will get modest improvements ... but still!
I have the belief that the world, because everyone of us 90% slaves are affected by it, need to locally refigure their situation and give the middle finger to bureaucracy, hedonistic government games, Altzheimer riddled politicians - but most of all an inner shift of consciousness to that "the Kingdom has failed", it is a continuos string of betrayal, ordained by the rich to the poor. We may call us a Democracy in the US, the constitution and all. But in reality we are just suckers to the ones who control cash flow. We are not "free"!!!
Murdoch,  that media man who controls the majority of our press, just declared the other day, that the US didn't buy Alaska from Russia to save the Moose or the Reindeer, but that drilling for oil would  be continuous. What does he know? He is a Aussie citizen who got his home passport taken away when he bought the American citizenship. He has no respect for the working people here, and he definitely has no sense of history. 
That is a good example, the one who holds cash - rules.

Sunday, June 20


I lost my head, but I still have wings to fly.
Most people believe that the head is the most important entity. Well, it is important, but not THAT important.
We humans always think (emphasis on think) that all riddles and maladies of this world find a solution through the use of what we call intelligence, based in the physical neurological system of our daily decaying bodies.
Reality shows us that this is not so. The conflict of Israel and Palestine is not "think". Afghanistan and Iraq is not "think". The oil spill is very little "think".
No, all this is a warped reality of human commotions and emotions gone awry.
Greed, stubbornness, religious misconceptions and survival instincts all rule human society - unless of course, we chop off our head. The displacement of the heart has become obvious in our times. It is time we use our wings. Angels did it, why can't we? The only way to grow and make your wings flourish, is by centering your primal energy into the middle region - the heart.
Then you will be able to rise above, and solutions might be found.   

Carved picture frame in walnut wood by me, the image is from Greece 

Wednesday, June 2

Silence is silver, conversation is gold - and then there is black gold

IfItWasMyHome.com - Visualizing the BP Oil Disaster 
(this is a link, click on it)

This is starting to piss me off.
BP, with all their promises and attempts is not able to stop the flow of oil into the Gulf?
There is a moratorium for the next six months for offshore drilling in the US.
So I believe that BP just let it slide, don't care if they can cap the well or not, as long as they can perform the "ultimate solution" - namely having two "relief rigs" drilling right by; of course not ready until sometimes in August.

In the mean time oil will spill out.
By not managing to cap the well, BP will circumcise the moratorium for off-shore drilling - a free ride again and pump the black gold into their coffers of that particular oil field. Very clever. It's all about money, not people.
In the mean time they dispense thousands of tons of chemicals on top of the sea and on the bottom just where it gushes out. God knows what that will do to the environment. Did I say environment, did I say natural habitat? Did I say long term?
Humans are such pitiful creatures, they don't even grow fur to protect themselves. They need clothes made of cotton and wool, all from nature and in the same breath they destroy their resources they depend on. Pathetic. Unless you wish to call a Nylon dress "clothing" - which of course again is derived from crude oil.
So get your windmills up, your solar-panels, whatever you can do - and kiss goodbye cooperations who wish to dominate our daly life.

Tuesday, June 1

Life as it can be

When I travelled up to Vermont, close to the Canadian border to visit my son, I observed and realized how living and 

working can be done differently.
In a small house by a creek, there was no electricity, instead propane lights at night. Very sufficient actually. Forget WiFi and all that stuff, cell phones barely work there - if at all. 
There is a certain tranquility about that.
It had been raining for several days, the pathways to the cottage drenched and soggy - and we were "just there". Then came the question: "You must be bored, shall we go somewhere, do an outing, maybe to town?" I said no, I am fine with this, I actually have no desire to socialize with others right now...
So I asked him: "Are you ever bored here?" - he answered, no. I keep too busy to ever experience that state of mind.
He does fine stonemasonry, building patios and indoor custom-cut floors with amazing patterns, building outdoor bread ovens, while also taking care of a herd of cattle at the adjunct organic farm.

Why do I bring this all up? Yes, it is because I sincerely believe in that the "healing" of the planet can not be left to the hands of cooperations (like BP) or even the government.
The little steps we do locally are much more powerful. Not noticed at first, but then shown to be very effective.
I wish you all to make your "local steps"!