Monday, September 29

be patient :)

... but I AM convinced there is change in the air everywhere.
The leaves of the trees are falling in the Northern Hemnisphere,
as are some other things, like dominos.
Let's find some rakes - it is clean up time, before anything new can grow.
Next Spring will be fertile.

Tuesday, September 23

happy birthday

Sorry for all the spelling mistakes - I have become sloppy.

Sunday, September 21

Thursday, September 18

positive fall

no break quite yet

I listened to the BBC in the wee hours of the morning. Besides of all the financial stuff happening around the globe, there was a "funny" report about text-messaging. It basically stated, that text-messaging is more devastating and lethal to people all around, than driving under the influence of alcohol or being pumped up with drugs behind the wheel. I guess they concluded some kind of statistics or study about this.
Just the other day two trains collided in the US, some deaths and fatalities included. They blamed the captain of the freight-train, as he was supposedly messaging and therefore overlooked the red light.

Second story. I got a spam e-mail today, advertising a year of free diapers. Aren't those made out of cotton? Perhaps I could use them for kindling once the weather turns cold. I am amazed what people come up with: Free diapers for a year? Hell, I wonder how they found out that my bladder was weak - beats me!

(... the baby looks kind off chubby to me)

Wednesday, September 17


Does your emergency or hand-brake work on your car?
Well, mine does - so does the break on this blog.
See you in a little while. I need some time to re-compose myself.

1,000,000,000 = is only one billion

So the Federal Reserve of NY bailed out an insurance company for $85,000,000,000 to prevent the collapse of global financial gibberish. Yet an other band-aid?
Yo, government you - give me a break - and give me an eighty-five Dollar check instead. Don't need them billions. I will spend it on a nice dinner and tip the waitress or waiter afterward a 40% gratuity ...if they do their job pleasantly, all right? Now that is what I would call supporting the economy.

Who want's to be next, going down the meat-grinder of economic greed and then be rescued by me and us?

Come on, be faithful, let us make a list. Put your company on this page right here. I swear, you will get some kind of support, and I believe your company deserves it, because it is already doomed to failure in the current market situation. And you know it.
So good luck then. Place your company on "Le List". (not to be confused with craigs-list).
We will see what we can do for you!

(and then some commentators say that I am cynical and negative - but I am just saying how it is. I have no time to put on make-up, yeah - that's what it is, no make-up today)

Tuesday, September 16

"My Friends"

John McCain's "friends" are lobbyists for oil companies.

If you want others to see this video, help it climb the YouTube ratings. 5-star it, favorite it, comment, and pass it on to real friends!
One further thought. There was a man in Minneapolis a few years back who bought a new truck. He immediately noticed that he was getting better gas mileage than the vehicle was supposed to get. When he took it to the dealership for regular maintenance, he mentioned how good the gas mileage was. The dealership checked, and found out that the truck was made to be sold in Europe, not the U.S. They contacted the manufacturer, who then contacted him. They offered him a variety of great choices of vehicles so they could claim back this vehicle. He refused, stating that he was happy and had no intention of giving up the truck. Soon thereafter, his truck was stolen from his place of business where he worked. Was that a coincidence?
Why is it, if they have the technology to improve gas mileage for European vehicles, they don't do it for American sold cars? A conspiracy? (Hush, that's a bad word, worse than "fuck you").

I have added acetone (one ounce per 10 gallons) to my truck at the last fuel-up. I can't of course at this point scientifically say if it improved gas millage. Got to wait for that for a little while. But I did notice, that the engine starts up happier and is much more quiet - and there seems to be more torque. In other words, I don't need to shift from fourth gear to third on places where I traditionally would have to do so.

Happy "oil" day! (Use lavender oil instead, it has a very soothing and calming effect, and has super great mileage on the ones you love!) ...don't be shy, use your hands. We are all brothers and sisters - did you know that?!

Monday, September 15

Fall - crash - autumn - frost

Autumn is obviously arriving. Some leaves already turn to color. Time for reflection.
Some of the oldest, biggest and largest investment banks in the US basically collapsed. The average person will now send even more tax-dollars to Washington to bail out the sharks? Whatever happened to the "free-marked" economy promised during these Bush years? Was this present administration sneakingly a supporter of a renegade scheme for billionaires? Now you and I pay the price, and have to divert our food intake to a "nouvelle cuisine" style, or else eat some greasy cheep calorie boosting trash food while the billionaires and millionaires sip their martinis floating safely on their yacht, since we now know that the majority of storms in the Gulf and the Caribbean have slowed down. Thousands, many thousands of workers lost their jobs yesterday, white-collar, but so what. I still feel for them.
If I had to choose between capitalistic protectionism (the Bush doctrine) and moderate socialism that would see also to health-care, I would pick the later. But I am not presented with real choices here and now. Yes, I always got bombarded by this cliche of the Republican doctrine, that small government is what they would aim for, less taxes, less bureaucracy. Now we witness the largest bureaucratic public bailout on the back of taxpayers to serve and pay greedy investment firms and their bosses, in US history. So hence the statements of Republicans was always a continuous lie, as so many other lies they threw around during their reign, especially about the Middle East. Why can't they just say the truth: We are for big government and try to drown the country in a flood of debt and blood - and we really don't give a shit about working people.
The price to pay for this? The "little" man, as usual!

Sunday, September 14

an unusual wedding

This is interesting. There is a Jewish woman with liberal views and more conservative parents, and then a Pagan man (with a dusting of Christianity). After years of successfully living together, they decided to marry. What to do next?
Well, they sat down and wrote their own script, their own marriage ceremony. A combination of free spirited gestures and traditional customs. All in all it was a fruitful combination, persuasive and beautiful to show the way of how to build bridges beyond denomination and faith. The spiritual bond, once recognized, reaches far. Much further than any physical alignment ever can achieve.
For both of their future, I wish them all the blessings that are available.
Soon I will fly to Europe for an other wedding. That will be a different story, a tale that entwines with my own personal past.

Friday, September 12

Emily Loizeau : Je suis jalouse (I am jealous!)

Just randomly stumbled across this French musician. The melody is kind of cute, a broken up waltz, using 3/4 and 2/2 beats in alternating patterns. But what facinated me the most, is the whole fantasy-land in the accompanying movie. I think it's worth a watch. Jealousy is a powerful emotion!
Would you shoot your mister or mistress into orbital space when your companion is at risk of loosing it?

Un univers assez barré, pour ne pas dire décalé avec les paroles. A voir absolument !

In other news today, hurricane "Ike". But on that topic, you can follow the news by your very self.

9/11 back flash

It is strange, it soon will be a decade ago, but the memory is crystal clear, like yesterday.
I was working on a roof putting down cedar shingles, dangerous grunt work. But it was a crisp, sunny and beautiful September day seven years ago. So the mood was all right. Our crew was placed in a little town to renovate a lucrative house in Monterey, western Massachusetts. It was a good crew. Everybody knew each other well, everybody was respectful. Most of us had went through Waldorf Education, so there was an additional bond.
Arthur had his radio on NPR downstairs. We could hear nothing on the roof of course. So he came running up outside around 9:something AM and screamed: "A plain hit one of the towers of the world trade center."
We stared at him in total disbelief. Some of us wanted to hook up the TV of this rich mans house to follow the "action." In the end we didn't do so, and continued as brave workers, undisturbed by events. Though at lunch break, after the second plane hit, our mood was more than just somber. We knew that this event would change history.
It was a pristine September day, that year of 2001!
_____________________ Share your own memories from 7 years ago.

Thursday, September 11

CERN = concern

I wish you can pay attention to the three geese in the last picture. The photographs were taken on a stroll this evening.
The three geese are out for a search, a search to find companions, companions who can build a flock, V shaped in flight, heading south.
Sometimes I wish I could fly like a bird.

On other news. They fired up the neutron accelerator at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland today. I am not sure what to think about this experiment. The scientists are hoping to create a "mini-big-bang" and collect data nanoseconds after two opposite cruising particles collide. They travel almost at light speed in a 26km underground tunnel, guided by a massive array of electromagnetic magnets.
There seems to be unknown risks involved with this action. No scientist as of today was committed to predict the outcome of this (several years) experiment.
It is a bit scary to see "youngsters/humans" play with Prometheus fire.
Blow up the earth for a good laugh?

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and right doing, there is a field.
I'll meet you there.


Monday, September 8


I have to take a deep breath, ranting about those politics makes no sense in the long run and it gets tiresome after a while. Nothing will change anyway through speaking up on blogs... Why not then take that hat off and play some music instead?
There are songs "brewing" in my head for quite a while. Better get them out while I still can. I would encourage everybody else to do the same, even if it is singing in the shower! (That reminds me, have to get to my client and fix up HIS bathroom PRONTO!)
OK, I will run. But I just wanted to say, music is the bridge to a better world, aim for it, listen to a local concert, support the ones who are striving to perform. Without music, the world would be a silent space, cluttered by chatter.

Saturday, September 6

my heart is crazy for you

HEARTYou might wish to click on this link, it is the best version of "Crazy on you" from the Pop-Rock group HEART on uTube.

It is interesting to note, that the song "Barracuda", the recording, was played at the end of the Republican convention - a good song indeed. Funny though, next day the ladies call up to tell the press and the Repub-committee that they disassociate from that party and that it would have only been fair to ask them first, before playing one of their hit songs for such an event. (Nevermind the compensations that should have been clarified beforehand). It is just ironic, that I stumbled across this news on FOX TV at the local red-neck bar.

"Barracuda" was played at the 2008 Republican National Convention after speeches by the party's presidential nominee John McCain and his vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin (most likely a reference to Palin's nickname "Barracuda"). The song was played without Heart's consent. On September 5, 2008, the Wilson sisters made a statement to the press: "Sarah Palin's views and values in NO WAY represent us as American women. We ask that our song 'Barracuda' no longer be used to promote her image. The song 'Barracuda' was written in the late 70s as a scathing rant against the soulless, corporate nature of the music business, particularly for women. (The 'barracuda' represented the business.) While Heart did not and would not authorize the use of their song at the RNC, there's irony in Republican strategists' choice to make use of it here." They later announced that the Republican campaign had been sent a cease-and-desist order from Sony BMG and Universal Music. (quoted from that Wikipedia thing)

Anyhow, when you click on the link, you will see a fine life example of how that group performed in their hay-days.

My personal heart needs some adjustment also, maybe some of the ladies who post here regularly, have the scent of a woman who knows.
There is a "saying-question" in the German tongue, when someone is grumpy: "Ist dir etwas über die Leber gelaufen?" (is there something that walked across your liver?) Well, that is precisely it!
My liver is bombarded by issues.
I'll be a full blown optimist some day again, don't worry. On that day we all will celebrate!

Thursday, September 4

the impossibility of Republicans

Palin = Paine. Don't want to go there really. But she is a fucking bitch in my book. Don't you teach your children to have condoms around when necessary? Well, I hadn't to do the verbal lingo with my daughter and neither with my son - they knew what was going on, the butterflies and the bees and all.
So, Palin is just a typical American cheerleader to me, and alas, her legs are not sexy anymore and her costume inappropriate for such a job. Vice president??? I hope she knows how to give CPR to an aging veteran. What does she know about Obama, she never met him personally!
Oh yes, I was not going to rant about her, I am wasting my space. Sorry, I forgot. The old newspaper on the picture is sort of interesting. Three cents a copy, can you imagine? The issue was printed in 1901, yes nineteen hundred and one. But the sunflower-head on it, with all the mature seeds, is from 2008 from my garden, a hundred and seven years later..
What is the "morale" of this story? Truthfully nothing. I just hope and pray that human seeds will survive beyond the incubation into 17 year old daughters.
Perhaps there is a sunflower in all of us!