Thursday, June 29

screw it

New York State has put out recommendations for all people to build a copy of Noah's barge because it is raining so much that even parts of interstate highways are out of service; all is flooded.
Well screw them, I'll live on an island then or sail away.
Israelis bomb Gaza and kill multitudes of people to find and rescue one lost soldier.
Well, screw them - they will never find him alive. Murder does not make people come back.
A friend of mine is dying of cancer and soon will not be able to talk anymore and then slowly dwindle.
Well screw that damn cancer, it brakes my heart to see him go.
I went down with my disabled car to see someone I care for, that was excellent per say, but screw the car, a stupid peace of scrap metal.
Screw it.
But sometimes the right tool-set at hand to be able to tighten them screws at need is all that matters.
Do you have your tools handy to make any kind of repair, physically, emotionally and spiritually?
For somebody else, or just for yourself....???
It's good if you do, no matter which one of the two.

Sunday, June 25

Intermidiate mess

OK - next post of this stuff will not be called Intermediate anymore - maybe "DONE" ...
Well it's Sunday and I am staring at the mess in my studio after having spent two hours work on my car - bleeding a coolant circle, adjusting headlamps, and other stupid little issues. I HATE working on cars (was different when I was young), so don't ask me ever to work on yours, please!
If I could afford it, I would lease a car - but that's only in my dreams.
Besides the mess, I am pleased how the "river-stone-top" of that beast turned out. Now it's just little detail work here and there which I can do in the evenings after a paying job.
If not so - I will land on the streets of NYC asking for change.
Have a great next week!

And for those who can't read this post, they can listen to it ha, ha, ... just an audio experiment!

this is an audio post - click to play

And here is a statement you can only listen to and contemplate about internally, of an other kind of mess:
The CEOs and boards (speak hores) of the multi-million dollar enterprises that own the subsidiary news companies know

that if you cross the Bush Administration, you won't go home with a doggy
bag. Instead, you'll end up a stray dog rummaging
through dumpsters for food.
Meanwhile, Bush fiddles and Cheney snarls while Iraq burns -- and the media writes endless stories about some bumbling fools in Miami.
Message to the Media: the real bumbling fools who threaten America are in the White House, and Iraq is on fire.
Will someone in the mainstream press report the truth?
I doubt it. Even reporters love their job security.
Not an intermediate but permanent mess?
Just a question ...

(derived from buzzflash)

Saturday, June 24

World Cup And Balls

Whatever gets you going and excited I guess - balls have a lure to be round.
I am not too much into sports, but I appreciate the enthusiasm of others.
Switzerland is doing well I hear, kicking ass and balls - makes me feel very patriotic.
So yeah, this is a midnight post with little relevance to anything particular.
Tomorrow, or next time, I will kick other balls again - at least attempt to.
There is much to be said about the decay of the US empire for example ... you know, the spying on citizens found an other twist today. Not only does the government spy on telephone records, but now they admitted to check into all financial transactions of people. Where will it end? In 2084??
Will this prevent lunatics from being lunatics?
I don't think so!

Thursday, June 22

well ment signs from the continet I left behind

A sign posted in Germany’s Black Forest:

It is strictly forbidden on our black forest camping site that people of different sex, for instance, men and women, live together in one tent unless they are married with each other for that purpose.

In a Z├╝rich hotel:

Because of the impropriety of entertaining guests of the opposite sex in the bedroom, it is suggested that the lobby be used for this purpose.

In a Rome laundry:

Ladies, leave your clothes here and spend the afternoon having a good time.

In a Czechoslovakian tourist agency:

Take one of our horse-driven city tours - we guarantee no miscarriages.

Wednesday, June 21

My flowers and someone elses poem ... "HUG"

this keeps me distracted to voice my opinion what I really think about the North Korean missile test, and why I think they should go ahead and do it - and why I think Iran should enrich uranium.
This will be a topic for an other post!


The older I get, the more I like hugging, When I was little the
people hugging me were much larger. In their grasp I was a rag doll.
In adolescence, my body was too tense to relax for a hug.
Later, after the loss of virginity-which was anything but a
loss-the extreme proximity of the other person, the smell of
hair, the warmth of the skin, the sound of breathing in the
dark-these were mysterious and delectable. This hug had
two primary components: the anticipation of sex and the
pleasure of intimacy, which itself is a combination of trust and
affection. It was this latter combination that came to characterize
the hugging I have experienced only in recent years,
a hugging that knows no distinctions of gender or age.
When this kind of hug is mutual, for a moment the world is perfect the way it is,
and the tears we shed for it are perfect too. I guess it is an embrace.
by Ron Padgett

Tuesday, June 20

Give me a break

I have no intention to post any of my own stuff today, my brain is empty and my hands are busy - nah, don't get the wrong ideas closet perverts, I'm actually "creating" as they say - oh no, that's bad as well if you have your Freudian day ...
Let's start again. I'm fucking occupied touching copper, wood and glue - how erotic is that, hmmm?

So, to not let you completely down - I will direct you to an interesting post which you might enjoy. It's about HURTING and it is well written ... by Cynnie, a fabulous sexy woman standing her man. Go. go ... check it out - can't wait to see your comments there.
OK, have a nice day then.

P.S. I'm still waiting for the recipe Cynnie ...

The bloody weather is the devil

It's not enough that they can't call a spade a spade and warn us of high ozone levels, I mean - tell us the truth of the extent of pollution! Instead they call it "Air stagnation advisory"! What that really means in other words is: Pollution is severe.
And yes, in other weather related news, some 1,500 people were killed and hundreds of thousands forced from their homes when Hurricane Katrina lashed the southern US last year. It's sort of the mini September 11th, or let's say half of those casualties and double the displacements.
Anyhow, six youths got killed the other day in a supposedly drug related crime. Yeah, crime is up, the rats are flooding the flood planes! But that's not my point.
My point is that the mayor of New orleans has called in the army again today, the reserve.
What does this mean?
It means that the US is gradually drifting towards marshal law.
Maybe I am getting the ammo for my shot gun after all.
(or I am getting a sail boat instead and navigate towards Canada)

Monday, June 19

Now, that's a fancy way to say: pollution!

Air Stagnation Advisory

-- This National Weather Service product is issued when major buildups of air pollution, smoke, dust, or industrial gases are expected near the ground for a period of time. This usually results from a stagnant high pressure system with weak winds being unable to bring in fresh air. (That's the official definition...)
What kind of bullshit is this? "Air stagnation advisory"! Give me a freaking break, can you say the word: POLLUTION!!! Please!!!!!!!
Ok calm down Zee, they mean well. They do not wish to see additional heart attacks that are already due to high ozone ground levels. Calm down Zee - otherwise you'll see one coming yourself! The wish to protect us by calling it "stagnation" is probably a strategic move of high importance. What a freaking joke. They treat us as if we are illiterate, dumb white trailer trash, all super-size-me addict morons, pebbles in a Kafka'n journey, brittle rust in the teeth-work of the grand machinery that is working for the joyful 2% of the world population, nah, not population - pulp really!

"This weather service product... " I particularly savor that expression, coining absolute ignorant nonsense.
The freaking weather isn't a god damn product - pollution on the other hand is!
Why don't they give it strait to us?

Sunday, June 18


OK, so it's an other day, an ordinary Sunday ... they call it "fathers day" though- fine with me.
But why is it only today?
Do I get all the gratitude or scorn that has build up during one year on this very special day and then be done with it? Why... why not everyday?
I can see the necessity, the urge of our society to focus on a single day and forget about the other 364 days - make it swift, make it easy! Let's get fat, greedy and obnoxious the rest of the year - as long as we keep that special day holy.
Same with "mothers day" or any other "day" day. Do you think the deed is done by giving flowers once a year?
Wouldn't it be cool for once (or thrice) to clean out the kitchen cabinets, scrub the toilet or any other chore at hand? (... for mothers year that is)?

Wouldn't it be nice to be pampered and reminded on a regular basis that dad rocks?
Wouldn't it be awesome to hear the resonance, spirit and voice of Martin Luther King all year round - every year?
Let's celebrate EVERY DAY!
Well anyway, I got a very special present today - a small pitcher with cold extracted virgin honey; from my daughter of course - who else would think of "fathers day" ...
Uhhhps, almost forgot - my daughter has a tag sale today. Why don't you come by and buy some stuff?!

Friday, June 16

Send Bush to an Siberian work camp!

Quotes from yesterdays "press conference":
"The war on Iraq is part of the war against Islomic - aehh, Islamic terror. Iraq is not the only part but the central part on the war on terror."
"Success in Iraq depends on the will of the Iraqis, but we (the US) have will too."

I didn't make this up, I listened to his blabber on the radio. I'm sure the full thing can be found on the net. I will not bother to search for it because it would make me throw up all over my laptop and that wouldn't be good.
I am 50% American, and those 50% are very ashamed!
If I were an halfway attractive woman I would have given Bush a blow job long time ago so the bastard could be impeached.

In the mean time (today) Congress passed a 95 billion emergency spending bill that will help to cover the war in Iraq. Sick, sick, sick!!! $95,000,000,000 - Could you imagine this money being invested in renewable energy instead?
Send the monkey to it's cage ... I had enough!

Thursday, June 15

I am supposed to be a Dalmation Puppy

Kind, bright, and very energetic.
Firemen love to pat my little head.

A nuisance quiz to keep your mind distracted from Bush's blabber of todays "press conference" or other relevant issues that were marked in your daily to do things list.
I fell for it 'cause I lost my punch list cleaning up my shop.
Oh well.

Wednesday, June 14

Searching for driftwood and stones

So these are all the thoughts to tell about today, or my political views, my sexual gut feelings, my spiritual aspirations, my intellectual procrastination, my muted observations.
Wash my feet in the river in search for the flow to begin.
I love how Zen is doing this -

I can't do it,
be centered immediate
the way "they" do!
But I like the concept.

Tuesday, June 13

Intermidiate II

Just an other glimpse of my recycle bin project.
Tomorrow I will gather small river stones and driftwood ... the fun part is about to start!

Now that my ladder's gone
I must lie down where all the ladders start
In the foul rag-and-bone shop of the heart.

W. B. Yeats

Sunday, June 11

I just have to say this quickly...

Rear Adm Harris said he did not believe the men at Guantanamo had killed themselves out of despair.

"They are smart. They are creative, they are committed," he said, quoted by Reuters.
"They have no regard for life, either ours or their own. I believe this was not an act of desperation, but an act of asymmetrical warfare waged against us."

And to add to this trend, a top US official (Colleen Graffy) has described the suicides of the three detainees at the US base as a "good PR move to draw attention".


This is pretty sick of that Harris guy, and unforgivable from Graffy!
Do you know what this is all about? I'll tell you.
There are what, like 450 people in Guantanamo without charge, without lawyer, without means to address their issues to ANYBODY because they live in no-mans land. For how long now? Four years? Correct me if I'm wrong. So here they are at Guantanamo Bay which the US leases from Fidel Castro for one Dollar a year 'cause the cigar smoking guy is too proud to ask anything of the United States. They live there without having access to any jurisdiction, cause there isn't any.
All the intelligence needed (if you want to go that far) after the invasion of Afghanistan and the consequent capture of these peoples, must have been extracted by now. But they are stuck there, forever it seems.
So what do you do as a detainee after all this time? You flip out and hang yourself.
And now this moron, Admiral Harris comes along and says: Those people have shown an act of warfare against us by killing themselves!!!!
What a fucking asshole.

You my readers do know my struggle with Mohammed and Islam, a journey that is not concluded; and you know also my thinking about any kind of religious extremism that ends up in violence.
But this Harris person tops it all for me today.
If I were an extremist of any sorts, I would scream out and say: Let's kill the bastard.
No wonder that people "with a cause" easily get recruited on a daily basis.
This madness has to stop.
CLOSE GUANTANAMO BAY NOW! We do not need that stinking breeding ground for more terrorists to be inspired. And on the side line, it's totally illegal.But who cares about international conventions, human rights, or moral grounds these days. Certainly not the present "empire" who was once upon a time so keen to get rid of the opressor, back in the days when they wrote the US constitution ... but those days are long gone.
The tea party is over.
It's time to voice your discontent!

Saturday, June 10

Rain & Rain

I am stuck inwardly and outwardly. It has been raining so much, that all I can see when I step out the door are puddles - very depressing. On top of this my car doesn't shift into drive - perhaps a solenoid or maybe something else. If anyone out there knows how to override being stuck in "park" please let me know ASAP! In the mean time the hood collects flower pedals, sort off pretty, but doesn't presently do the trick for me. On top of this the "inspector" for the recycling bin enclosure came by yesterday and told me to reduce the top trim of my construct by an inch. That results in ripping all the Mahogany apart again, redo the frame and cut all the damn angle cuts anew. Well, I am almost done with that part, so there ...
In the mean time I still remain pissed, smoldering away.
Too much rain, no car, and broke.
Can't get better than that.

Friday, June 9

Terrorists & Trucks

Zarqawi got buried by two 500 pound bombs delivered by a F-16 plane, that's a thousand pounds before it combusted. A lot of action to eliminate just one person, don't you think? Execution Israeli style. They, the Israelis, just bombed to pieces a representative of the new Palestine parliament yesterday in a similar fashion.
Well I know, the Palestinian slash Israeli issue is an other ball-game all together. I have no great sympathy for either side there. In a way they deserve each other until the bitter end. The end that will be total decay.
But Zarqawi is an other thing all together. He was a figure head of the so called "resistance" in Iraq. So for better or worse it becomes an American issue. And now they killed him. Well, I don't loose any tears - after all he was a mercenary from Jordan who kindled and fueled extremist Islamic ideas - not a very practical thing to do in our present world order.
But I think it was a mistake to execute him. The US still hasn't learned!
For each person they kill with 1000 pounds of explosives 1000 new "Zarqawi's" will emerge. It is just the way things go. The only way to combat a Hydra is to look into it's eyes, which would mean that the US would have to look at itself first before fighting "terrorism." Conduct is all what counts.
Instead of pulverizing bodies with violent means, let the enemy fade rusting away, just like the truck on this picture from down the road where I live.

Wednesday, June 7

life is a swift breeze

I don't know why I like this picture, it comes popping up on my screen-saver amongst other alternating images of recent photo excursions. Every time it pops up I ask myself - shall I delete this? I didn't take it myself. It was my daughter who spied a black bear from the kitchen window trotting through our yard. She ran into the studio to find the digital picture making machine and literally tried to chase the bear with camera in hand. Racing, she must have had accidentally released the button... but when she came around the corner, the beast was already gone.
Sigh - in a way I'm glad I wasn't home, my worries would have been imense.
It is a foolish thing to chase bears!
But in retrospective I liked her enthusiasm!!!
She is at the age where you do these kind of outrageous things when life is a swift breeze and you open your wings and expect to sail forever to wherever you wish to go. And they will!
My own wings have lost feathers and will only do within a 100 mile radius these days.
Anything further would be very risky - an Ikarus flying towards the sun.

Monday, June 5

no comment

(click to enlarge ... as always)


So I do make some progress, even though my drive is sometimes procrastinating. The sculptured recycling bin enclosure is coming along and hopefully done by the end of this month.
The enclosure for the bin will include the following: Construction lumber, plywood, cedar boards, scraps of sheet copper, driftwood, mahogany for the carving on top, stones from the Green River, local slate, tons of screws and bolts... and more.

How are your own projects coming along?

Friday, June 2

Film sees war through soldiers' eyes

(I am a bit depressed today, so nothing sexy. Tomorrow perhaps.)

By Richard Allen Greene
BBC News, Washington

Award-winning documentary The War Tapes sees Iraq through soldiers' eyes - by having them do the filming.
As the US military convoy rolls out of Ft Anaconda, Iraq, it passes a sign reading: "Lock and load".
The order is an instruction to the soldiers to have their weapons ready to fire - but as one infantry company went into action in 2004, a handful of its troops had a second piece of equipment locked and loaded as well: video cameras.
The men had volunteered to film their year in Iraq for a remarkable documentary.
Its opening moments warn the viewer immediately that this is no Hollywood look at combat, as the soldiers of the New Hampshire National Guard come under attack and the camera jerks wildly.
Sombre Middle Eastern music overlays the panting of the troops, the sharp crack of gunfire and the tinkling of shell casings hitting the ground.
And then a flat, almost expressionless voice says: "I want to kill."
"I may already have killed one or some of these bastards," it continues matter-of-factly.
Premiering in a week when America struggles with the notion that its marines may have massacred civilians in Iraq, the film neither romanticises nor demonises its three main characters: Specialist Michael Moriarty, Sgt Steven Pink and Sgt Zack Bazzi.
The soldiers in the film have families and fears, senses of humour and a capacity for anger.
At least one, Spc Moriarty, describes himself as deeply patriotic - but the men are not wide-eyed innocents about their mission in Iraq.

They proclaim cynically that the war is about making money for Kellog Brown & Root (KBR), the military contractor which is a subsidiary of a company once run by Vice-President Dick Cheney.

Or they say it is about oil - adding that, since the United States needs oil, that is as it should be.
Despite the soldiers' grousing about the reasons for the war, the film itself neither supports nor condemns it.
That is as director Deborah Scranton wanted it to be - and as the men involved insisted.
She had been offered the chance to embed with the New Hampshire National Guard, but came back with another proposal instead.

(I'd like to see this film. If anyone is faster than me to see it, please feel inclined to leave your comments and a review)

Thursday, June 1

this is illegal

I have a few poppies blooming and I hope National Security, the FBI or any other freaking agencies will see it, send a chopper, take additional photographs for evidence, bust and search my home, then destroy my three plants.
Did you know that the current uprising in Afghanistan against the US occupation is just a drop in the bucket in the time frame of the next two decades? But what you might really have forgotten, is that Afghanistan is again the front supplier of opiates on the world marked, in particular to the US.
So we are being doped on one hand and then try to export democracy on the other.
How can a bunch of dope-heads bring democracy to anything if they are so fucking high that they don't even know what they are talking about?!
There is a word called "Schadenfreude" in the German tounge. It sort of translates into "Laughing my ass off about someone else's unnecessary collateral damage".
Well, I have Schadenfreude right now about the moaning and groaning of the fatal propulsions of the US attempt to be an empire in a world that needs no empires anymore.
In the mean time, poppies are illegal in the US.
But we love to import the sap.
(of course I cheated a bit for arguments sake; my poppies are totally legal. It is Papaver sonniferum you are not supposed to grow in the US. Mine are not of that kind, or so I believe ...)