Saturday, October 29

what's in a name

Force International Security Assistancesoldiers - that is what they call the mercenaries now (on BBC), those people who are hired to kill others if needed. A couple of them got killed today in Kabul. Tough luck. 
Never had a great liking of them - I will shed no tears.
A real soldier kills and dies for his country, those mercenaries die for money and greed. 
Blackwater (it has been renamed to something else right now) deserves absolutely no sympathy or empathy. All they create is humans who wish to kill for hire. Why the US army even considers these folks is beyond my comprehension.
For good money these people can be hired, to do their dirty deeds wherever...
What if Donald Trump comes along and says: First we will take Manhattan, then we'll take Berlin. 

Saturday, October 22

Does it really matter? the United Nations, the way in which Muammar Gaddafi met his end does matter. The UN Human Rights Commissioner, Navi Pillay, has said she wants a full investigation. (source BBC)
The UN plains had been there as well, bombing places, people got hurt and killed. What is there to investigate? There is no such thing as an ethical assassination. If successful, the outcome is always death. End of "investigation"...
Does it really matter if he got killed by a rifle or a pistol, by a nervous rebel or soldier? I believe Gaddafi preferred it this way anyhow - instead of being dragged in front of some court of justice. 
History goes on without him now, no more Beduin tents in Central Park of New York City. I kind of miss that gesture. But since he was an asshole and not a servant to his people, he now faces his maker and the 17 virgins that come with the package of death. Maybe the "maker" will scrap the deal with the virgins, who knows. Somehow I do not think he deserves them - but this is from the mouth of a non Muslim, so it probably does not count. After all, I am an infidel.
Let me glance at the "investigation part" for one more moment. It is kind of absurd. I talked to a man in Libya two days ago and he admitted that all he had was fear in his heart until Gaddafi was out of the picture. (talked to him on Skype) --- So now his fears can cease. No more investigations please!

Thursday, October 20


It was a dirty day in little Switzerland,
unreal for a country that hates dust.
The trains were still on time, they always are
but the tick tock of my inner clock failed to synchronize

I wonder if trains have consciousness, do they know what they deliver from A to B or Z?
do they know that boring Basmati rice is traveling in my bag and only spices,
preferably from south-western Thailand will save the day?
The trick of moving on is not speed but pace

The life I live in is unstoppable
and I see images flying by through windows
where greasy spots blur the imagery, left by an innocent child
who was searching for a clear view and the truth

But I can close my eyes, ignore everything around me
and listen to the pounding of my heart, are you still there?
The train rattles along and whispers sweet nothingness as answer
an other disappointment,  a ride without purpose

Then came the moth who shunned the light and sat on my knee
I looked at that thing and had to think about you, I don't know why
I was imagining how it would be, if we could share a stretch
maybe not from A to Z, perhaps from B to L - does it matter? Yes it does - at least for me.

Tuesday, October 18

Human Trade

One human Jewish Foot-soldier is worth or equals 1,000 Palestinian captives.
That in itself tells a story.
No comments.
One Swiss cow is definitely worth 1,000 Jersey cows raised in the US.
Human trade or beastly trade, what the heck is the difference.
How many Palestinians would it take to free one Polarbear from a doomed iceberg - five, or perhaps after all ten?
It might take only one Jew to stop global warming and also stop the decay of the North Pole.
We call this fair trade.
And we all pay the price!

Sunday, October 16

Is it possible to hide?

 Ich fang diesen Post mal auf Deutsch an, warum auch nicht - das ist ja auch eine Sprache, eigentlich eine subtile Sprache, vielseitig und farbig, philosophisch geeignet, und dann auch noch alles mögliche andere.
Ok, für all die Anglosaxen: 

I might as well start this post today writing my first sentence in German, why not, it is a language after all with fair choices and possibilities. Actually, German combines French intellectualism with British soul and Prussian precision, unfortunately without Far Eastern flair. But you just can not have it all. Instead push for diversify and just learn locally whatever needs to be addressed at the moment, wherever you can be of help or assistance.
All right, back to the German tongue.

Etwas verstehe ich aber noch nicht. Es hat damit zu tun mit der gegenwärtigen, sogenannten Finanzkrise in Europa, und auch mit all diesen Weltbanken überhaupt welche jetzt plötzlich "gerettet" werden müssen damit der normale Bürger sein Gemeinwohl nicht verliert. Das ist doch absurd. meine Seele, meine Genügsamkeit, mein tägliches Gemüse welches ich verspeise - ist doch nicht abhängig von dem Wohlsein der Banken?

Do you not find it interesting, that even in the capital of Mac-Donald-Land, namely New York - Manhattan (it sure is not Washington, sorry) the common people protest on the streets and voice their opinion about uncontrollable globalization of resources, those who only serve business interests , not the fair trade kind, but the kind of the demon of financial institutions, who suck all the living blood available, like a vampires out of the scared  and trembling human being, the common man, while they are (the vampires that is) are ravaging and thirsty, lust, greed and deceit is their craving for ever more. The little bit of sustenance people have like you and me, we - who are forced constantly to share without consent to the ones who have hoarded for generations, drop our droplets of personal blood - this is unacceptable and disgusting. Hence I sympathize and can understand all this protest around, not only in NYC, all the rest of the world as well.

Ich verstehe etwas nicht ganz. Wie kann es sein, dass Regierungen in Europa sagen wir müssen unbedingt sparen, Stellen kürzen, Programme streichen, Menschen wegschieben und trotzdem die Konjunktur, den wirtschaftlichen Wachstum ankurbeln, mehr Profit machen, jedes Quartal mindestens 4%.
Das ist doch einfach absolut unmöglich, geradezu absurd...  Wie kann man sich besinnen, die finanziellen Ausgaben  im Staat zu drosseln und gleichzeitig wachsende Erwartungen im Wirtschaftswesen zu haben, dass das kapitalistische Gedankengut oder System immer wieder weiter wachsen tut als ob es keine natürlichen Grenzen des Wachstums und Profits geben würde. Ich bin ja offiziell kein Buddhist, doch ich habe Sympathien - "take care of the resources you already have - and you will enjoy the multiplication of plenty".  Not such a bad idea ...

basically what I mentioned above is: There is no unlimited expansion of anything living. I suppose humans have to accept this and find their place and domain within a world which should not participate in cancerous growths of any kind or some sort of Darwinistic scheme of the survival of the fittest.  Come on, we can do better.

Friday, September 23

Can a Swiss Emmentaler cheese be a country?

You have seen this map before. It is a disaster. A permanent refuge camp within a country. So as I understand, mister President M. Abbas from Palestine will today try to convince the United Nation assembly, that his state is actually a state. These must be desperate times, since he very well knows that the US will veto such a move to accept Palestine as the 194 State (or so) in the world community.
Why Emmentaler cheese? Well, it has holes all over the place, just like Palestine, holes and walls and guarded fences created by Israeli settlements. A nightmare, though the Swiss cheese still tastes good.
I have absolutely no clue what the solution or answer is, how the Arab population within Israel can become their own. It is though a fact, that in the near future people of Arab origin will be the majority in the state of Israel. Then what? What will Israel do then? 
Since I am alive and half-way awake, I hear the sermon of peace talks. This has been going on for 35 years now. Nothing came of it. Israel, together with her big bully the USA, insists and insists, Palestine is a wreck shooting cheap rockets, keeping fear and misery alive on both sides.
I do not believe it can be done. There will be neither peace, a Palestine State, or any kind of solution between the Arab world and Israel in my lifetime. 
This is not a prediction, this is as confirmed as if you were watching with patience a snail eat holes into the awesome lettuce in your garden. Inevitable. Somehow as inevitable as the Swiss Emmentaler Cheese holes.

Saturday, September 17


Normally I am not inclined to do any kind of reviews. Today I break the habit. 
There is this work from J.S. Bach called "Brandenburgische Konzerte", a masterwork that drags on and on, pleasant, but what was he thinking... do we want to sit here all night?
So my wife comes along and visits me in Europe and hands me these CD's. I kind of had the attitude, heard this before  - done that. So i did not pay immediate attention. Tonight I did - and I was struck. 
The music was not only recorded in a professional and superb way, it rocked! I think Bach would have been proud of it.
The way they (Akademie für alte Musik) made it interesting, is to shift the the beat, the contrapunkt, just so slightly. It made the whole thing interesting, alive and jazzy. What also helped was that some of the more important wind instruments are being played on wooden gear. Gives an other timber.
If you ever fell asleep during the Brandenburg Concerto, listen to this recording, it will wake you up, make you alert. I guaranty.

Thursday, September 15


I find it kind of amusing, that a 31 year old lad gambled away two billion Dollars while employed as an investment banker for the Swiss bank UBS.
Think about it, that is a lot of money.
I was also thinking to have a cup of coffee this morning, but I did not have the change.
His losses could have been my wins for a cup of coffee for the rest of my life.

Friday, September 9

Thursday, August 25

I hate to be too personal, but sometimes you have no choice

I cut my heart into several peaces
throughout my life
and one sliver
belongs to you.
It is impossible to know where you are
because only a whole heart can know
any whereabouts.

I am tempted to get a needle and a string,
mend it all.
Unfortunately that is absolutely out of question.
Some peaces can never be sown together again.
You left me here stranded in disarray,
it is not your fault,
neither is my pain.

When I think of love, it is never perfect
just an image of good will and sacrifice.
One day it is gold, and an other day silver.
And mostly it is just a deep longing
of some sorts,
until the inevitable  happens.
Did it happen to you?

Monday, August 22

Stairway to heaven

Tripoli - Syria - interesting, some kind of Democracy sweeping the region? I am not sure that "democracy" is a viable concept though. Presently it only serves the ones who earn the big bucks. The followers of the golden trail, the immeasurable fortune of cunning illegal money, in our pockets.
I am still afraid about Lebanon, the tiny country bordering Syria. I am still afraid about Israel, the true aggressor of the Middle East. These bombings of the Gaza Strip were uncalled for. This is not democracy, this is terror. Where is the so called "free world"? Free?
Perhaps it is in your backyard, the instance of relevance, the beauty of the moment.
Think small, that is democracy.

Thursday, August 18


I don't know if it is Swiss ignorance or imported trash
meat from some obscure Eastern European country.
Somebody forgot to castrate those piglets when they were three weeks old. My meatballs, with all due respect, tasted foul, despite all the delicious seasoning.

It is a shame. Why cant they cut out the balls before the BOAR taste takes over. Makes you want to be a vegetarian.
My Lord, it is not a big deal, I did it when I was eighteen. You take a sharp razor knife, cut them open, squeeze the balls out, put some sterilizing compound on the wounds - and 12 hours later they are running and snorting around the mother as nothing has ever happened. Those were the days...
Now you can't do that anymore. It is against the law, perhaps the law of stupid humans who have little knowledge about nature and animals. Now you would have to tranquilize the pig, make it not suffer, then remove the balls. I believe the trauma is worse on the latter.

It is time to become a vegetarian. The playing-field is so uneven. The earth is tired. For every pound of meat, we waste acres and acres of land just to produce a small amount of calories.
OK, so I am not going to be a fanatic. I will still eat what I can hunt myself, the deer, the turkeys and so on...
But for the pigs who do not get their balls cut out in time, I will refrain. They just taste like shit.

Tuesday, August 16

I do admit

I do admit that I am crazy, my aim is known, but not my method how to sustain such presence, that is a secret =
Moments expire, tick tock, the shadow image remains, the truth is hidden behind skimpy curtains, as we do need to find excuses to hide, eradicate that red tint in our faces, it works, so far,,,,,,so far 

Saturday, July 23

Columbine in Norway

As I type this, I am listening to the Norwegian radio station. I understand about 3/4 of it. It is something, not all, but something. Norway is a "small" country, 5 million people mostly settled in coastal areas.  The vastness of the rest of the country is hardly populated, reindeer make their tracks.
It makes me sad, that youth has been slain, just because an extremist right wing knucklehead  has not been given the right medications at the right time.  I suppose this kind of stuff will happen more often in the future, people are just loosing their minds.

First time in Oslo alone, I was then 17teen, ordered an Irish Coffee,  outlandish expensive. But you had a sense of that the world was intact, strolled down the avenues, the streets. People nodded, greeted and then passed you by. It was wholesome then.
Now you have crazy maniacs crossing the streets, everywhere. You can not anticipate their next move,  a fierce look will not shun them anymore.
Kill or get killed seems to be the latest fashion. I am very sure I will not subscribe to this.
Is this becoming a world of chickens, an animal farm where everyone is picking without brain and consciousness, with a chicken heart? Are common human values gone?

Friday, June 24

Nirvana or not?

I hate being a free-lancer, it was not always so. Today my present gig, close to Basel,  is finished and done. Now what - back to the cows where my appartement is? And then what? I am tired of improvising life in a society that leaves hardly any room for improvisotianatial artists at large... Now I dream about a steady job at "Joe`s Garage", changing oil, repairing a clutch. But I am not a mechanic, so forget that. OK, not all is bleak - I do have some good leads within my field of work. But it is kind of tiersome to start all over again. Blessed be the burgeois folk who have one job for a lifetime (and then a pention to retire). I do not live in that world (by choice) but I still envy "the other side".  

Monday, June 20


I am sure I do not understand everything about clouds. These pictures were taken around 5 AM out of my window, each about ten minutes apart.
 Beauty and depression, form and floating change as a jetliner scrapes a straight line into the sky before your eyes, completely out of tune, still remarkable. 
I think our minds go a bit like that. Metamorphosing shapes in neverending transformations and we are facinated but also burdened by the strait lines, the one who goes from A to B.
Would it not be great if we could play a bit more -  and appreciate in our minds the formidable and healthy opposition between a cloudy and a sunny day, a curved flexible image - and a straight line?


Thursday, June 2

I am starting to get angry again, not a good thing

Syrian government troops have heavily bombarded Rastan, near Homs, in the centre of the country, killing at least 15 people - who fucking cares?
There are thousands of people who get killed by traffic accidents each day. People who get killed by doing their job, a brick who flies on their head whilst walking down the lane. Crippled, dead, or somewhat disintegrated.
I rebel against insanity, the stories you are being told, the madness in Eurasia, the stories about incest on the train from Vladivostok  to Peking. (Got to be on that train one day).

 You know, it used to be simple, but now it is not so.
I ride the train from here to there. All people have "plugs in their ears", they shut off, I do the same thing now, I am almost ashamed. I am ashamed that I can not reach out, so I dull myself with music and vibes. That is really not excusable!
But then there are moments of divine perfection. You look at a face near you and he or she smile´s reassuringly.
 Then you know that you have lived for a good day in the present!
A smile can change the world, believe me.

just a kiss away

Give me shelter
Never bothered to listen to the lyrics as a kid, just loved the screaming voices of the Rolling Stones.
This version makes it easier to comprehend content. In my view these people from "Playing for Change" do a darn good rendering.
All right, I do not have a super fast connection, so above link from their homepage might not work for you either. Found it on YouTube, here it is:

Wednesday, May 11

sunburst, musings on the go: I converted to Islam

sunburst, musings on the go: I converted to Islam

I converted to Islam

I converted to Islam, because when I die I will have 11 virgins serving my needs each day. One for each day of the week and four in reserve, just in case...
Well, who knows if they have weekdays in heaven.
Fabulous. I also keep my Christian belief so I can travel to either Paradise or Hell. Could be adventurous journeys.
There is also something to be said about remaining a Gnostic, believing that there might be something like a spirit world, but so far it has not proven to be so, therefore it remains a questionable issue.
But that is not enough. I have to become a Zen person also, because I like the tranquility of their ways. And just in case, I will enroll as a Hindu, who knows what that will do.
You get my drift, the more the merrier. When one belief option fails when you die, a different and more viable one will replace it, just like changing airplane carriers and riding on the one with the most appealing fare and services.
In other words, humanity with all our present progress, is still as stupid as they were in the Middle Ages when they burned witches of progress and celebrated the act as a cleansing towards the service to an unheard and unseen God. Now we have better technology, but a stake still remains a stake. Just now the disguise of it is perhaps a bit more diffused.

I do not exactly know what the purpose of this post is, it came to me after a midd-day-nap. But what I do know is, that if all religions would find a common denominator, a lot of troubles in this world could be eased.

The common denominator would be: There is spirit in the heavens, so is there on earth.

... and forget the 11 virgins, that is a stupid myth, created long after the Koran was written

Wednesday, May 4

earth n sky

I believe I put out the link on Facebook. But here it is again on the blog, the final version of Earth and Sky, my brother on the cello this time, we scrapped my scratchy violin.
For those who still do not know the story, I was truly taken aback when half an hour before the funeral services I got to know that I had to play a girls favorite song "Cowgirls don´t cry" from Brooks & Dunn. The girl was 18, and died in her sleep. Three weeks later, after the autopsy, it actually turned out that she has had a heart failure. Her ashes are now buried below a beautiful exotic flowering tree. I believe it is some kind of plum tree.

Sorry for the not very well organized slides. Had no patience to do anything fancy. But YouTube requires visuals for upload. The audio is fine though, that is for me the most important part.

OK, no political nagging today.

Monday, May 2

Ha, the devil is dead, hmmn?

This might be the biggest or largest conspiracy of all times. 
I watched BBC and CNN live coverage this morning, with all their smart background info, comments from retired generals, footage of celebrating people in New York, interviews of people who were barely ten years old when 9 11 happened, jubilating.
There is no footage of his body, his body now dropped into the ocean (according to islamic tradition so they say - don´t know where that comes from, certainly I did not read that in the Koran).
It is kind of odd. 
Here is my conspiracy theory (and you all know that in general I hate those things). 
Bin Laden was dead for quite some years. But somehow, perhaps to put closure to a chapter "they" had to do this action.  Raid a villa close to Islamabad, adjoined to a military compound. 
If it had been the true Bin Laden, it would have been of utmost importance to capture him alive, if not only just to show the whole world that it is actually so!
Now they dropped "him" into the waters, according to Islamic law. That is bullshit. 

Wednesday, April 20

just update

 Went to Neuchatel yesterday, needed to be near water. The lake is actually pretty nice and the town is charming.  I just sat there basting in the sun, vitamin D my friends. On my travels as a nomad I observed more and more that the French speaking Swiss region is much more cheerful and polite than other places. Children still greet you on the streets, grown ups too. Total strangers, with a smile on their face. Refreshing. These days I run more and more into people who have a story to tell, sometimes quite astonishing and also valuable. I am not sure what this shift is all about, but I suspect that times are in change, the old must leave to make place for a new openness between human beings. 
In that vein I would like to announce that two of my songs will be played on the radio tomorrow (Thursday), 8PM central European time, in Freistadt Austria. Here is the link:
Just an other attempt for openness.

I am not quite certain what this world is aiming for, the future is a bit misty in this shadow of present unruliness and natural disasters.
It seems to me that we all need to compound focus, faith, compassion and optimism. In loss of that, the boat will sink. A tragedy indeed!

Saturday, April 16

The fountain of youth

Went to visit Basel the other day, had a blast, smiled a lot, watched the people. It is a diverse city, a fine cultural mix of peoples of all countries and different paths of life. From the beggar to the banker, to the old lady on the park bench, there is always something happening. Sit down at that bench, exchange a few words with that lady. Little efforts, but those moments  will eventually change the world, your efforts to be human to an other human being. Simple as that.
The fountain of youth and rejuvenation is in our own hands, I can not prove it,  but I believe it is so. And the fire of passion only burns as long as you kindle it with desire.
Thirty years ago I was a waiter across this fountain of Tinguely. Of course it was a love affair. It is always like that. She was a blond super orthodox, awesomely pretty religious knucklehead. I fall for blonds, can not help it.
So I revisited today my "fountain of youth", smiled, took a picture and then left...

Life is that way.

About Tinguely: Tinguely's art satirized the mindless overproduction of material goods in advanced industrial society.
Tinguely grew up in Basel, but moved to France as a young adult to pursue a career in art. He belonged to the Parisian avantgarde in the mid-twentieth century and was one of the artists who signed the New Realist's manifesto (Nouveau réalisme) in 1960.

Oh, the person on this picture is totally random, I believe he is cheering up his little son, that is how I remember it.

Tuesday, April 12

Fukushima, and then what?

I am not sure if I can express myself adequately anymore. There are too many simultaneous shifts to follow and to record. We sure live in a time of great challenges.
The civil war in Libya and the Ivory Coast. Why do get exited? They are always at war, even in so called times of "peace". Same thing in the Middle East. People think they have a purple/jasmin/lavender revolution. Perhaps it is a good thing. I will not judge.  But on the bottom of it, it is always the same fucking story: Who rules whom!
Japan is a bit different. Japan is a very fine groomed society from what I can perceive from my Eastern friends. They do not fight amongst each other, perhaps some street-thugs do so now and then, but that´s about it. The society at large, they have a sense of unity and respect for each other.  I like that.

 What I do not like, is the earthquake and all the following consequences. It is a bit too much to bare, even if you are thousands of miles away.  I mean, you all know the latest details, why waste my breath...

What I would suggest, we will find new ways to communicate locally. And that must also be true for countries that are presently not in unrest. It means us all.

My credo is: Politicians are fine just to keep some of our infrastructures running, as servants for the people. Beyond that, let them perish. Same old story.
Democracy does not work, you figured that one out by now.  Democracy is a fine marketing tool to persuade the masses to obey and bow to a sliver of the elite. They then do what they want. Hey, it is the "Greek Way", that is the cradle of so called Democracy. (have some olives, I like them. Can not give you the branch with the dove. That would be exuberant. )
Democracy my ass, we all will have to decentralize, pick up a pitch and a fork,  do it ourselves whatever there is to do as humans for humans, and let the ruling parties wither in their ways...
Enough for today, and no sexy pictures either...

Thursday, March 31

Am I an old-fashioned punk who only likes sardines as bait?

Have you read the BBC web-pages lately - the language there is awful.
Here is an example:

"Our problem we need help - communication, radios, we need weapons," 

What the hell is this: "our problem we need help"

I mean sorry, English is not my mother-tongue, neither did I study that language. My written English is often crude, my spoken English ornamented with colorful expressions. If you meet me on the street, I would not appear to be an Shakespearian scholar. In the contrary, I like simple talk. But the BBC is going too far, too many a times. It just pains me. Language is the breath and expression of our souls, and once we start to castrate bits and pieces, the punctuation's, the flow of the melody - we are doomed to digress to stone age times.

So, the proper sentence is: Our problem is that we need help - simple as that, just a few more  punches on the key-board, two more words. Big deal - ah? Yeah, big deal actually.  
I see the same nonsense happening on Swiss and German news outlets, degrading my present status quo of a human being to the level of a Neanderthal cave citizen. 

Language does matter - have no doubt about it. What has this to do with Sardines? Well, I opened a can today, I suppose they where from Portugal, tasted a chunk, but it wasn´t that grand, tasted like bait to me.
Sometimes bait is the only way to go, but not always.

Tuesday, March 29


I believe I have a personal crisis.
It is hard to avoid the news, or the not so news from Libya.
In the mean time Fukushima is on the sideline, for us all. And it should actually concern us prominently, it should be THE topic of the day, every day.
But no, this is not so. Diversions all around.

I have a problem with this. Because I really don´t care who will drive the camel fleet to the next oasis in Libya - Gadaffi friends, rebels, or muslim brotherhoods, or some other kind of tribe or ethnicity. Frankly, I don´t give a rats ass how they figure it out. Democracy you see, is as lofty as an unwritten blank page. So you can´t defend an unwritten blank page with fighter jets and then call it liberation. How arrogant have we become to believe that we can figure it all out for them, and that the so called West will save civilians and prevent internal slaughter within nation states, this time Libya? 

If you have three pence to the penny, you know that the above actions are totally absurd. History is made by deeds of inspiration, not force which is sole nuisance and retardation, sometimes necessary perhaps, but not in this very case.

Instead we should focus on the 100´000 and more people who died in Japan, actually no, we should not do that. Rather - we should concentrate and support all those who are still alive, who need shelter, who need comfort. 

And - the Fukushima thing is not over yet - a wake up call to us all.

(PS that painting has "evolved" and has become very dark and black lately. I am gonna change it in due time)

Wednesday, March 23


I miss the old good pirate times on Green Island. I also know that this is a rerun from an earlier post ... so what, I just feel nostalgic.
I suppose there are three kinds of sea-born pirates these days, the ones in the Caribbean (though I have never met one in person), Somalia (never would like to meet one) and the ones on the coast of Maine, a very upbeat and friendly bunch indeed!
All other pirates, those goofy heads from banks, insurance people, politicians and what have you not who always stay on the mainland, those are not even worth being called pirates, they are just thieves; there is a difference...

Sunday, March 20

after what?

I shaved today, I guess some male people do that. Not sure if its for the appeasement towards the other gender or has some altogether other kind of cleansing function, I mean I am really not sure.
And then you have Aftershave, basically alcohol with a smell. You are supposed to put this on after your done. I really don´t know what this is good for. Does it save my skin or does it attract butterflies. Heck, this is over my head!
So today I tried out something new. I put the aftershave on first, and then after that I shaved with the razor. What a miracle - it worked.  After this experiment I still smelled like a pimp. No matter how you do it, you can not ever do it right. My conclusion, aftershave is a well thought out marketing gimmick with a lot of odor, nothing more.

Saturday, March 19

I kind of liked Gaddafi, but now he is out of luck

For over thirty years he ruled Libya, sometimes with charm, taking interviews from foreign reporters in a Beduin tent in the middle of the desert,  he was like "the King of Arabia" even though he lives in Africa. He should have become an actor in a Hollywood flick, I believe he would have done well, at least in earlier years.
Now it is all over. The Arabic world is in turmoil, and also the sisters and brothers in North Africa are shouting and crying out for democracy to begin. Can´t stop that train!
I try to learn that lesson, that gesture how we can and learn from history. Gaddafi (how do you spell his name in Arabic???) on the other hand did not care, he doesn't give a rats ass. (about the people)

His glamourous life is over, and he never managed to be a star. Kind of sad, but oh well, I will get over it.

Thursday, March 17

I lost my cool

Look at this, there is a helicopter dumping seawater at the Fukushima nuclear plant. Wow, how amazing. Could it be, that I MISS THE POINT here? Where is the fleet of aeroplanes, the ones which dump water during wild-fires and such. I mean, there is such a thing, isn`t there ... or was I just stupid and dreaming the last twenty years?
A helicopter to seize a nuclear melt down. That is quite something! What else do you got? Tractors? Come on, this is Japan we are speaking about, not Gadaffi, ah well, that of course is an other issue, want even go there right now, but the so called West must figure that one out, promptly. Where are we - ah yes, sideways by the saltwater balloon dropped from the helicopter who then saved the world. Did it?
As you can see, I am back to my own cynical well-being again. I am not overly proud now of all my conduct lately, but I also I find this stuff what is going on right now inferior, this dabbling dizzy way my compatriots and  their life's and their livings are slewed in a coma whilst being awake, this  is becoming a pathetic drama with no real director in sight, and the backdrop, oh the backdrop inexcusable, or should I say politely: Is it not?
When my most adored teacher and friend left this world about four years ago, he said - Lukas, I am tiered, I can not deal with the zombies who incarnate on this globe anymore, therefore I will leave now. 
Of course this sketch is not finished, but I will also leave you now, new life adventures in ten minutes, that is if I make it in time...
I did not go, I suppose the train left ten minutes ago without me.
Instead I watched Karate Kid number 2 tonight. It seemed to be appropriate,  all imagery was about balance, measure and beauty. Something we need.  And when it came to the scenes between the beautiful and composed Japanese young woman and the Karate Kid...  I just felt tears in my eyes, could not help it.

Now, that is just a movie I am reflecting about. But what are we going to do in real time?

Saturday, March 12


I will not post any grotesque image to underline my point. You can find them elsewhere (everywhere).

 In quiet pose I sit here, contemplating. It is not the forthcoming death toll that will be shocking. The abrupt shift of nature which affects hundreds of thousands is the massacre. Nature has no pity, conscience or or convenient answers to humans. We are both pawns and creators of life, and if there is a God, he probably wished it to be so.

The earth does not contemplate, shall I have an earthquake or rather a flood today... the earth as a living being subsequently follows laws other than the rational of human beings, laws that are not yet well understood.

I wonder how much more tremulous days we have to experience before the tidal waves will calm.
But for now,  to the many brave and courageous people in Japan - my heart stretches out over the oceans in support.

Tuesday, March 8

the theorem of survival

survival - it is spoken like that, is it not? YOU  open your mouth, and before you know it, something quite strange enters into it. It could be junk food in Biel (Swizerland) while waiting for a friend to arrive, or it could be anywhere, it could be a fish with poisonous toxins, it could be also at MacDonalds once again where you wait for the BIGMac to get smothered in plentiful of ketchup to soothe the general aroma. (perhaps there it is, where pickles are served - if and when you  are the golden child).
I am not trying to bitch about things, since I could not care less about them McDonalds and all their prosperous walkabouts. They will drown in saturated grease, a bit at at a time.
Fastfood hence makes my ordinary life not jive.
The theorem of survival, well - I will get back to that.

sunburst, musings on the go: pics


Friday, February 25

bathroom news

My own biography unfolds as the world is twisting, roaming and groaning, stretching towards freedom, taking unfathomable hits by nature and in general tries to survive through all this turmoil.
Twisted metal and piles of rubble dominate Christchurch in NZ, people get shot with life ammunition in Tripoli. Where is it all gonna go?
A folly fox, called Romeo by the people, got trapped on the 72nd floor in a new construction building in London. There he had lived with splendid views of the city for about two weeks before his discovery - odd news. 
My own personal news are so pitiful compared to what is reported all around the globe, my aftershave placed above the bathroom sink, and jet another job change, leaving the present location behind after three months of adjustments. Kind of strenuous.
Petty bathroom news, a single persons mundane journey towards betterment or something...

Monday, February 21


Sorry, no frivolous news today. No kinky pictures either. All is covered in a misty fog. My work-situation is changing once again. That shouldn't concern you at all, the details unimportant.
I still live for music and harmony though, that equilibrium you know. That sounds simple, but it is still a quest of never ending twist and turns.
As Australia rocks through the bits and peaces of natural devastations, the Middle East is going through other kind of changes. I can't fathom what it all means and where it all will end.
Perhaps I am totally naive that I request a halt of imperialistic ambitions, a stop of people controlling and punishing others because they are weaker or because they belong to a religion of this and that...
Perhaps I was never to say this: Give humans a chance and let the zombies and apes stay second this time around.
The problem is, as the mist evaporates, the fog is still arising.
Humans are the most pathetic forms of living tissue, completely unable to take care of themselves. It is hence they believe in God and in other phenomenal issues. That avenue might coheres a window of some kind of relief. A blessing to some, perhaps detrimental to others.
I am not an atheist, nor a gnostic. Those labels are irrelevant anyway because they are pure inventions of human intellect. They mean nothing.
I still believe (believe!) in some form of super-sensible being or reality that has a handle on things ... maybe. That might sound funny to you after all what I have said before; but belief is a risky avenue...
Didn't you know?
What is yours?

Monday, January 31

contemplation row

you have to be honest, it is not always easy to take care of a male person who has constant epileptic seizures and a "hysterical drama queen" who also shows a tendency towards violence ... and this ongoing simultaneously.
That is my life now, to attend - to be gracious and to be observant.
The reward is clear, you tackle the lows and the peaks - and if and when you succeed, bliss awaits you around the next corner. Tranquility  has merit.
Nature, towns and circumstances around here are very interesting, I will be doomed to send more pictures and text shortly. But have patience, my new beginnings are still fragile.  

Monday, January 17

Fragmental beginnings

 The view from my window is quite pleasant, the rooms empty except for the few belongings I took along in a suitcase. It is kind of refreshing to not have to have so much stuff anymore.
Work is fine but exhausting - everything is new, that's why!
Have my own internet access since yesterday and will participate here and there more again in the days to come.
Today only these images - soon more.
Must go ... right now!

Back again, work done for the day. 
This is my mental diary style, images, impressions, not many words.
Not many words for you...
And I presently save my breath and comments not to specify political, ecological and economic issues. You know it all, if you truly wish to know it all - and therefore you can create your own very picture without any problem. This is the curse of being connected with no possibility of making any difference, through the internet that is. An abstract kaleidoscope of impressions dancing in front of your eyes and mind. What can I do to better such a situation, not only my own, but perhaps the one of my neighbor, or my surrounding community? That is a question that pops up for me a lot these days. It actually does. And since I am now in the profession to take care of people with special needs, this question has become even more urgent: What can I do for the "Common Man/Woman"? (additionally) A question to ponder. I hitch hike a lot these days, and people stop. What I see in their behavior and reactions is: I don't mind to connect, tell me your story!  Isn't that a natural urge that often gets pushed under the carpet, the possibility to exchange your own observations of how life is for you and how you deal with it, even if it is with a stranger?