Sunday, September 30

fall falls

Reluctantly I spy into former days at last
summer-loves have gone and past,
so she said back then.
It was an affair of years,
years of exuberance and joy, immaculate.

This summer I visited her together with my wife.
Bonds don't break when your heart is at stake.
For once in my life
I not only take
but let it be,
as is.

Monday, September 24


Some people came by I had now clue about, but what the heck, the more the merrier, at least sometimes.
So when are you going to visit the island? You know, this will not last forever! I am already considering to move back to where I belong, to Hobbit-Town.
95% of the islanders either smoke pot or are alcoholics, or both. Not such a fine track record. I'd rather not subscribe to any of these choices. But "The Rock" is a great place nevertheless (that's an other name for Vinalhaven).
So why don't you come up here for a visit as long as the weather is still as gorgeous as it is now.

Wednesday, September 19


I shared an Ultra Light Beer tonight with a veteran of the Korean war. His friend was there, a veteran from the second world war.
"We should fight house to house, blow the buildings up as we go, then offer compensation. This is how we could win the war in Iraq."
I disagreed, pointing out that Iraq is not a country, but rather an agglomeration of different tribes, stuck within a border once artificially constructed by the Brits. And then we went on to talk about Israel, an other mostly British flavored product, but I will spare you that part of the conversation for an other time...
So, birds fly over borders and checkpoints without passport or/and visas.
Maybe humans can learn something from them birds.

Tuesday, September 18

this one is for Ingrid ... and whoever else cares

I hear a knock at my door, it is 6:30 AM, an unusual time of day to expect visitors. It turns out it is "Doctor Todd" the only mechanic on the island. Every morning he is walking his dogs, passing my house.
"Lukas, I believe there is water in your boat" he said. "How much, can I still bail her out?" I replied. "I don't know, I didn't had a close look. I'll give you a hand once I brought my dogs home."
I rushed to the float to see what was happening. There she was, full of water, the waves dashing in pushed by an unruly sea. I was about to say - forget this boat, let her sink when Todd appeared with his little Wrangler Jeep.
For 45 minutes I was standing in the water up to my balls, a bucket in hand racing against the odds of either getting a heart attack or else loosing the race against the vicious waves.
I won. Smashed up legs and freezing, but no heart attack. All this because I forgot to pull the plug on the self-bailing hull.
Earlier that week the throttle cable on my moped broke (hard to find replacement) - the work situation is uncertain, the mornings are misty and damp.
All images of my present mood.
So you see Ingrid, my motivation to post is somewhat subdued. I am stumbling through the midlife crisis of my island life!