Tuesday, October 31

Pentagon gears up for new media war!

By Paul Reynolds
World affairs correspondent, BBC News website

The Pentagon's new effort to influence media coverage of the war in Iraq is an example of how governments react when a war is not going too well.
They begin to think it is not the war that is the problem, but the presentation of it.
The media, being the messengers, get the blame, not the message itself.

The plan, detailed in a memo seen by the Associated Press news agency, is for a rapid response unit that would "correct the record" in the 24/7 news cycle that exists today - including, crucially, on the internet. One aim, AP says, seems to be to deflect criticism of Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld himself.
It is on the internet that blogs and other sites rapidly spread information, sometimes as fact and sometimes as rumour, and build up pressure points of opinion. These are then reflected in the mainstream media.
There would also be a list of favourite speakers or "surrogates" who would be offered to broadcast media, especially to the US talk shows, where fast appearances and faster opinions matter.

Full article at the BBC website: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/6103056.stm

I just had to post this my friends, because it bothers me a lot ...

Despite all this, nevertheless VOTE Democrats if you can vote!

americana and my european heritage

Space, yes space is the only true asset the United States has left. After returning from Switzerland, where everything is over-organized due to space limitations, it makes me breathe "freer" to walk the grounds on the west side of the Atlantic ocean. Since I am "tuned into" space issues (sculpture and such) this might not come as a surprise. Old wooden bridges, patios created by my son, Indian sacred waterfalls ... all contributes to the fact that this country, the USA, is still a virgin ground despite globalization and space-stations. There is potential ... untapped.

The paths I walk in the US are still mysterious and plentiful. Europe on the other hand is set in it's ways, determined, old fashioned,regulated and stiff like starched white shirts hanging in a closet. Moths abound...
No, I do not wish to criticize only, I am actually drawn to the systematic order on European fields - perhaps a phase in my life, a phase to "bring order into things."
Coming back to the US after my brief visit to Europe created no less than a cultural shock though, and I had to adjust to what I found to be the most developed "Third World Country" - agony towards the ignorance of "our" political entities" set in immediately, the nonsense of "mid term november elections", the folly of the two party system that has melted into a masturbation unity for the sake of capital and industry. Behold, where is Democracy??? ... where is the true political stuff, who develops whom, who is actually working for the people like you and me? Ah ....
But whilst arriving, and being in a somewhat sober mood, observing the reality of the status quo, the assessment was that the US leaps behind in technological achievements that could potentially benefit citizens and society at large. The leap behind here amounts to at least the time span of two decades. Take for example my experience at the Zurich airport. I was "shuttled" to the underground train station within minutes by an unmanned automated connection ... for free. Then I boarded the two story train going to Basel (a one hour ride) in a train that starts to move - and you don't even notice it, until the "pictures start to change at your window" ... there is hardly any noise whatsoever!
On the other hand, I landed in JFK on my return, took a malfunctioning and stinking diesel bus to Grand Central, Manhattan - boarded Metro North to Wassaic and rode on a train that resembles 50's retro movie pains, uncomfortable and anally abusive, noisy and a peace of shit ... outdated technology, third world country jive in public transportation, while the gas gobbling SUV's from Ford and GM run into record deficits. A nation out of control with big prick issues to follow the Freudian dreams of cock existence. Bahhhh! Do you actually realize how retro the US is on the field of innovating new technologies? All that stuff is happening in India and Asia...
No,bottom line, I wish not material perfection, it's redundant and not the goal of our lifetime, but I still are acute to observe the tendencies in nations around the globe who are intent to make a difference.
What I hence wish for is, the cooperation of the "old" and the "new" - technology and wisdom combined, a dialog, a final statement that this earth actually needs attention and care and not more wars.
Is that soooooooo hard to understand, America?
Happy Halloween.
Yours, Zeeart.

Sunday, October 29

Halloween, or the season of the witch

The custom of Halloween was brought to America in the 1840's by Irish immigrants fleeing their country's potato famine. At that time, the favorite pranks in New England included tipping over outhouses and unhinging fence gates.

The custom of trick-or-treating is thought to have originated not with the Irish Celts, but with a ninth-century European custom called souling. On November 2, All Souls Day, early Christians would walk from village to village begging for "soul cakes," made out of square pieces of bread with currants. The more soul cakes the beggars would receive, the more prayers they would promise to say on behalf of the dead relatives of the donors. At the time, it was believed that the dead remained in limbo for a time after death, and that prayer, even by strangers, could expedite a soul's passage to heaven.

The best version of "Season of the Witch" is found on Mike Bloomfield's "Super Session" (released 1968 or so..). Steven Stills plays on there as well and an other dude who's name escaped my mind ... Cooper or something ...

Friday, October 27

my friends: "oink-oink, nöff, groin-groin, grunz"

Here you see lokal farm animals being fed leftover organic veggies, bread and rolls from the Coop-Farmstore.
Why are pigs my friends? Because political swine's ... they are not!
Politicians on the other hand are dirty and stinky - true swines.
Pigs are a clean bunch if allowed to dwell like that and smell, well just like pigs.
Politicians raise red flags and scream nonsense - true traitors to us piglets.
Pigs only show their pink butt instead, real charming indeed.
Politicians make a lot of noise, and achieve nothing.
And pigs will only grunt, and make no fuss.
I'd rather be a common pig than a political-swine. Sure, there are always exceptions to a rule, there are a few true pigs living as politicians who refuse to become swines ... but those, I can count on three fingers.
List your favorite leaders if you wish, those who have declined to throw swinish mud; Mandela perhaps?

Wednesday, October 25

I'm back

Before we know the climate turns cold,
it's about to snow, still leaves abound
on trees - my soul has no mold,
and I'll stick around
for a while
assembling scattered peaces,
crumbs arranged in petite style
for you my dear, and not my nieces.

(photo "chickenshak" or "loveshack" for Vidar in progress, tomorrow cement floor pouring ...)

The visit to Switzerland was intense, no - not only my mother agenda. A painter friend is dying of cancer there (lymph), and I said goodbye.
Saw him many times during my stay, a bag of skin and bones not able to talk anymore. Used to be an energetic fireball ... and not a fainting translucent being.- He is burning up by the fire cancer creates, doped by morphine drugs - sleeping hours on end.
We talked about karma and the life after death, the journey to the spiritual world ... and what it means. For the lack of his vocal cords, it ended up mostly to be a monologue ... of mine ...
But his smiles and his tears confirmed participation.
Life on earth is so fragile - if you really think about it.

Friday, October 13

bye - bye ... I'll have to fly

Take good care my friends, it's a crazy world out there, beware! And I in the meantime will cross the ocean to tend to my crazy and needy mom, who all the time is so much too serious.
I need to work on smiles and laughter, cheer her up, and stay content myself.
See you when I come back,
cheers - Zee

Thursday, October 12

space junk

you don't have to be embedded in a sheet of ice-crystals to feel the present chill - Refrigerators are so ignorant, especially after they have seen better days. Politicians are the same and they lame me to a high degree. If it were up to the them I might as well turn into a can of olives, frozen into the back-shelf corner while the ice builds up and then wait for the "big thaw" - that supposedly lurks around the corner. The left is schussing around with no aim, the right feels rightful, and the center doesn't exist: IN NO COUNTRY! The US for example has a right wing party and a right wing party with distinction. What's up with that? It's all just one big bloody party. There is no such thing as Democrats and Republicans, they are just using a labeling technique to keep the public entertained, keep the nation in a fog and create artificial divisions.
You might as well drop this whole nationalistic notion of belonging to a state or a party, forget the politicians who want to make you believe that being a "citizen" is important - . Find instead local opportunities to make your voice heard, as a caring human ... forget citizenship, act locally and "screw globally". What I mean, let's deport all politicians to the moon, it's nice and chilly there, so let them freeze for a change ... and we will start anew. We can't trust those people anymore. Let's get rid of all of them and let us switch roles and take charge for once. We have been living in a cold climate for too long now and deserve a change, a change that doesn't subscribe to global warming but instead embraces life with warmth and compassion.

not usually

Not usually I post pictures of my own family and also posed like this. Those pictures are quite boring, it is almost as bad as putting up pics of your pets. So why make this exception? Simple, my brother in law is leaving tomorrow and there are some blogger friends out there who actually know each of us in person- so it's for them. Marco is leaving tomorrow and it was a full-filled time, so there ..
Talking about leaving, I will leave next Saturday to tend to my mom in Switzerland. No blog updates during those following ten days.
I'll bring back a bunch of photos and stories though .... don't worry, not from my mom, the family picture book is closed for now.

Wednesday, October 11

lost bird

... somehow a bird got into my studio.
Then the black cat came and tried to "assist" in freeing the bird right at the moment when I almost had the bird in my hands to carry it out.
The cat got a sharp kick with my foot and fled, the bird fluttered and hid thereafter in a woodpile.
I opened the doors wide and left - twenty minutes later the bird was gone and free.
Can someone tell me what this bird was, a woodpecker perhaps?
Can we open the doors freely,
can wee accept the stranger
walking in without hesitation?
And give shelter or rescue
if so needed?

Tuesday, October 10

Red October Day

Thanksgiving Day in Canada, thanks to what - red an yellow maple leaves in the fall? Columbus Day in the US, thanks to the remembrance of shedding red Indian blood? Red "chicken shack" in progress in my yard. Red North Korea blasting a nuclear test. Red clad life companion drying hair with a black cat watching.
All red today. Tuesday (Mars-day) is supposed to be red, not Monday. What's going on in this world, is life a bit confused?
Whatever, but the North Korean Phenomena does spark some interest. So yes, it is regrettable that nukes nowadays are being considered or even tested, by any country for that matter. This can't and shouldn't happen anymore. But it is also astonishing to watch the so called "world community" bark at North Korea - and the ones who bark loudest have the greatest arsenal of nuclear weapons, with the exception of Japan (no nukes there) who solely shouts out loud because of it's close vicinity to North Korea.
I am not going to post my immediate perspective on this "red herring" ... that's up to you!
Have a blue Tuesday I guess, though that aint the right color either for that day ...

Sunday, October 8

more stonedust

I started to coach an ambitious student who is interested to do a sculpture project in the spirit of Rodin. Today the chiseling started. This is going to be part of her senior project, a tradition the Waldorf or Rudolf Steiner schools maintain. Some do their project in the arts, others in the sciences. Whatever direction you choose, it needs a lot of self-motivation.
The philosophy behind this curriculum is, that these young people take responsibility of a research project that also includes a practical side - and will go more into depth than just a three week exercise and a cut and pasted paper.
This is the third time I mentor a student for their senior project. Rodin ... hmmm, ambitious, but perhaps possible.

Friday, October 6

fine afternoon carving

First session with seniors today, carving alabaster and marble. The weather was gorgeous, just the right kind... for banging on stones.

Thursday, October 5

the opening

Before darkness there was light,
it was our source of being
Now that we have grown, pulsating alive and bright
why not catch the gem and honor what we are seeing?

Open the door an let the air flow
through your congestion's
and you will find below
all unanswered questions.
Deep, but within reach.

the project

A former chicken shack and tool-shed in transition to become a hide away for my son and his girlfriend.
Let's see if we can button this one down before the first snowflakes. Pictures (of regress or progress upcoming...)

Monday, October 2

the door

The door is open
illumination inside
as the days turn gray
and people can't let go
of their entrenchment and dark side
that lingers continously, watching the flicker
of the glare and the pixels on television screens
reflecting some warped truth, or so it seems.

It's time to close that door,
to the gate which leads to deceptions
let's start a revolution, and overthrow
misconceptions and delusions, let me see your soul glow!

Let's open that door again
and passionately kiss
the one who enters
and you are the one
I never wished to miss,
yes you, who has never been here before.