Friday, June 26

in between fractions

I guess he burnt his heart out, so Michael Jackson made it to be 50 in human years. Pretty good record. And some of his early stuff was brilliant, no matter if you liked his genre or style. You got to give him one thing, he was a sensitive, skillful artist who strived for perfection, both in dance and music. His pedophile charges of recent only reflects on his psychological and physical loneliness, his alteration of skin color and his other bodily changes, a sign of permanent insecurity and maybe also the fact that he had a rare skin disease that would have left him blotchy after the pigments go on a rampage - hence his effort to turn "white". Oh well, I wish I had the ability to whisk out 60 or 70 records and get away with it at 50 in my lifetime. So, bless his soul - he did good timing to die when he did!
John Lennon died with a bullet and Jackson bought all his rights and also the one of the Beatles catalog. Perhaps dancing with the devil only brought Michael a heart attack.
The only one who survived so far is Mick Jagger, he greeted Satan: "Pleased to meet you, don't I know your name???"


Anonymous said...

Well I can't say I was a huge fan ... but 50 is a sad age to go. Most sad for his fam. I always thought those come back concerts would never take place. Maybe he's boogie-ing on in Heaven now.

Zee said...

Aggie - I wasn't a fan either, but I appreciated his virtuosity .... and I did dig about 3 to 4 songs quite a bit.

jozien said...

all well said.
I am glad you're back Zee
so am i, didn't even miss you
to tell the truth :)

Gary said...

I think it's sad that he had an early demise. I suspect his life was much more complex than portrayed. I think his early childhood had a lot to do with that... and fame at a level very very few have ever experienced (think Elvis and Marilyn).

gfid said...

i guess we can't judge someone unless we've walked in their shoes.... and i can't even afford Mikey's shoes, so i try to give him the benefit of the doubt. he was a craftsman; a fine musician. i didn't always like what he did, but i respected his skill.

Seraphine said...

ha! excellent post, zee, and you speak your mind in your posts (and comments), albeit sometimes aggressively, but with a refreshing dose of fire, intensity and honesty.
i like your dog too.
so michael jackson was never my fav singer. i have his thriller album on cassette tape. and a few of his songs in itunes. i like his music. and his performances, which included groundbreaking choreography, and which i've only seen on television, were boucoup entertaining.
He did A+ work. Hall of Fame stuff.
but his sining never connected with my heart the way, say amy winehouse does, or billie holiday or lucinda williams does. i like miles davis, nina simone, patsy cline, maybe even stevie nicks better.
which doesn't in any way lessen the greatness of michael jackson. it's personal, it's me. i'm the dog in the basket, swaddled in blankets, mourning somewhere in my dreams.

Seraphine said...

*singing never connected