Monday, September 21


I am not going to stress the point
as the flow of unopened parcels remain concealed 
and what the present has in mind thus still perpetuates.
The love I carry for you is indefinite,
you're being immaculate and complex.

Then the hound-dogs bark
and the coyote's whimper -
and still you will stand there
with a halo  around  your head
defeating atrocities from  without and within.

And by the movement of a thumb
you can clear the plate, clean as shining diamonds. 
Those are the good days, the days of bliss
as they radiate in brilliance,
immaculate - overseeing all situations once again.



jozien said...

Those are good days.
I love to be in love,
mutual or not,
impossible or improbable
I am radiating
no matter what

Anonymous said...

Love makes you feel alive ... real or imaginary.

Seraphine said...

on reflection, those days
of shimmering seemed like
forever. but the sun
takes its halo with it
until a new morning revisits.