Tuesday, November 10

it's all over now

All leaves have fallen, trees are barren. And again the "Indian Summer" tickles some flowers out of a dormant state - in this region.
It is kind of spooky, that Scorpio energy of November, neither here nor there, but ready to kill in an instant, randomly, self imposed.
The recent shooting and killings on a US military base are a "fine" example.
The mood and quality of Scorpio has virtue though. It defines with a surgeons precision where you stand and what you aim for. It kills the beast within yourself.
The resurrection (or counter image) of the Scorpio is the Eagle, same precision, same keen observational skills.
Let the Eagle take over!


1 comment:

Seraphine said...

i love the photo, zee. it's seriously awesome. it's like the tree disrobed.

the beast inside
lingers inappropriately.
she nudges sometimes, whispering
"wake up."