Saturday, December 26

It's not over yet

I guess they call this "boxing-day", not quite sure how it originated and I am not going out of my way to research it either...
But my imagination runs wild. Boxing-day must have been invented by some 1800's middle/upper class Victorian families who gave their gratitude to the maids and servants right after Christmas-day with all the bullshit they received triple and quadruple and stuffed it for the servants into left over boxes. Made their conscience clean and their puritan hearts pure again.
Nowadays it's a different story. You box up your misfits, and the book you never wanted and bring it back to Walmart, Barnes&Nobles or any other store with receipt in hand to get a rebate, your money back or at least a voucher of sorts. Why don't we give presents instead to our beloved ones that mean something to them, are precious and unique, something useful. How many espresso-coffee makers can you store in your basement with good conscience?
The so called Holy Days, there are twelve of them, just started. Give your loved ones a surprise present that startles but not overwhelms in the next coming days (forget the third expresso-machine you already gave before) and put a drop of light into someones life without  spending lots of money. I am 100% convinced that it will work miracles and that it will be appreciated.
So you still have a chance. After the "rave" of Dec 24/25th... there are still 11 holy nights.



Seraphine said...

i would love to get an espresso maker. and maybe have coffee in bed, served with a rose and the sunday newspaper.
i could box my old coffee maker, which still makes good coffee, and gift it to goodwill or to some other charity.
i'm sure there is someone somewhere who would like coffee in the morning, a buttercup held under their chin, a poem written on blue paper.
tie a scarf around something you love, a lamp, perhaps.
tune a guitar by ear; even if it is not in tune, you will be attuned to it.
drop the walmart voucher in a salvation army kettle.
they say what you give is returned to you five-fold.

Mercutio said...

May the spirit of the Christmas roach last will you all year.

gfid said...

i only have one espresso maker, the old kind, that makes only one cup and heats on the stove burner. i've had it for years, given by a dear friend, and i use it a lot. but if i had more, i'd find someone who wanted them.

i agree with your sentiments about the season

susan said...

I have no coffee maker but I'm blessed with a husband who knows how to make Melitta coffee with the old plastic funnel and filter paper. He brings me a cup every morning. I make him green tea when and bake cookies. Somehow the grace of mutual small kindnesses just keeps growing. You are right about the miracles.

I hope it will be a good new year for you and that steady winds arise when it's time for you to sail.

lindsaylobe said...

There are many remarkable gifts we can share that involve time but not necessarily money – like the instance you remarked upon about running back to the studio and grabbing your guitar to join your daughter and boyfriend!
Best wishes for 2010 – may it offer more hope than the previous decade!

Anonymous said...

I wish you a very Happy New Year - to you and yours - and a great 2010

Seraphine said...

hi zee! i know it's already 2010 where you are, so i'm a little late wishing you a happy new year. but best wishes anyway for happiness, love and light.

baroness radon said...

I love that you know which days are the 12 days of...
I think I will follow your blog.

Zee said...

Well, thank you Baroness - feel free to visit anytime!