Sunday, March 14

The egg has hatched

Was busy writing lyrics for the previous (departed girl) event.
They are done and the melody is 99% finished. Now comes the tedious part of recording this song.

PS. On that little wonderful Apple music recording machine, you see a flickering image of Seraphine's blog. She needs a bit of moral support these days, lost her job or something (am in the same boat).  But I wouldn't mind if you say hello to her and give her some words of encouragement. Thanks!

We are waiting for spring here in the north eastern corridor, I believe it is just around the corner. The absolutely non logical manufactured time change has happened to day: Spring forward an hour. For what? It doesn't really matter what number you give the time of day, it is arbitrary anyway. You wake up with the sun, then you go away, to do whatever needs to be done.
It really burns down to the manipulation of masses, that much I have learned.
You don't "save" energy by changing the clock, where it naturally goes "tick-tock".
This is my annual rant about manipulation
a  gentle touch to describe the situation
all I know, that the sun is true
and I hope that you are following it too


jozien said...

beautiful, that you are writing and singing!
And I am with you there relating the sun.

Seraphine said...

it looks like you have been reworking and editing that song for a while. it is sad and hopeful at the same time (angels and reawakening are as natural as dying and crying).
yes, i hope you do record it.
you made some podcasts for apple a couple years ago, i listened to them on my ipod when i was in costa rica. if you can't upload the song to youtube, perhaps podcasting it would work?
p.s. you didn't title your song.
unless the fortune cookie is the title.

Mercutio said...

I was strumming through those chords-- G F#m A / E A B-- and it sounded a bit harsh.
I wanted to soften it up a bit, so I threw in a 13th. It didn't work so well for the G, but it does good for the A. But the change to E was too harsh. An E add6 softens it up nicely.
But the change to A is too strong. Anything I can think of to do with it makes the B sound wrong. A B maj7 changes that. An A7 works well between the E add6 and B maj7.
Anyway, my little exercise produced:
G maj7, F# m, A 13 / E add6, A 7, B maj7.


Mercutio said...

Sorry Zee, but I wasn't too happy with the A7, so I worked it out. An A 7sus4 works better, and it makes perfect sense from a voice leading perspective.
Revised exercise:
G maj7, F# m, A 13 / E add6, A 7sus4, B maj7.

Zee said...

Mercutio - sorry, got to run and do some plastering/sheetrock/mud/walls but I do have made several changes and did record a "sketch" and got the lead guitar down on the final multitrack but no voices yet and other stuff.
Maybe this afternoon....
P.S. I also made changes in the lyrics again so now even the grammar is better

Zee said...

Thanks for the encouragement - Sera
The title is for now super simple: Earth and Sky

Zee said...

Jozien - it is springlike here, that helps with the flow. Any sign of change in your fields?

Seraphine said...

what's wrong with your avatar picture? at least you aren't blue!

Gary said...

Yep, waking up with the sunlight and going to be by the stars. But the clocks confuse my brain sometime!

Best to you my brilliant friend.

Seraphine said...

sometimes i set my brain back an hour to account for time change.