Saturday, July 24

Earth and Sky - final

The easiest way to download this song as an mp3 file, if you want to keep it, is to click on the top right logo (imt) of this player which gets you to the host site; type "zayart" into the search window (top right) - and voila, there is the song, ready for download to your hard-drive as an mp3.

Ok, so this is the final version for now. This is what the father of the girl will get. It is still a bit rough, but so be it. At least there is more structure now, some guitar noodling on my part while my brother plays the rhythm, and then I added violin. All recorded instruments were a "one take situation", all improvised on the spot. The violin was shuttled over via internet and added to the multitrack.

So the other day I went to a concert, Camille Saint-Saens Violin Concerto No.3; and then the barely fifteen year old violin player was absolutely spectacular, sound wise, and also in her ease to communicate with the orchestra; fabulous!
Oh, I should mention her name, just in case you are in the vicinity of her giving a performance. Her name is Sirena Huang.You will be in for a treat if you catch her preforming.
But I can tell you this much, despite her fame, she is totally sane and natural and hates and loves exactly what every normal teenager would hate and love. I mean I might simplify here, but that is the sense I got from her webpage and from the miniscule interaction I had after her concert. Whatever, she is great, don't miss out on her if she happens to play in your town.

PS. There is a low resolution (video) version of my song on uTube, audio Ok, video bad.


Mercutio said...

I have a nephew from Australia that I've been teaching the guitar. I gave him an SG to get started on.
He's learned the Em scale, an E dorian, and Em pentatonic. He knows 'Crazy Train' (Ozzy) and 'Wreck' (Gentle Giant).
Most blues guitarists learn to play in either Am or Em at first, and whatever they learn first always feels the most natural. I'm trying to keep a balance here, so that he will learn both.
I've taught several children from this age group before, and he seems to be the quickest learner of all. He's doing absolutely fantastic.
My other nephew wants to learn the violin. I'm sure he's unaware of how terribly that thing can hurt your ear.
Hope your ear gets to feeling better.
Try not to make any screeching sounds with that bow.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Zee
Beautiful melodic rendition!
Best wishes

Zee said...

love your comment - I'll try to be more gentle with the bow!

Zee said...

Thank you for your comment

Per said...

Lovely ;o) Keep em coming!

annie and katrin said...

Hi Zee, my computer is too slow today to play your music.
and i don't have so much words.
i do love your photo of the sky.

Seraphine said...

i can't believe how much alike you and your brother look. especially when you both look in the same direction- you share the same profile.
i love this: the "final version for now." as if nothing is final. in mathematics, there is a term for something that comes before the grand finale: its called a subtotal.
your subfinal version of earth and sky is beautiful, zee. i'm sure the family will treasure it.

Zee said...

The family liked it Seraphine.
Anything "creative" is never finished, it is just a bend in the river, a temporary reality of the flow.

gfid said...

a generous and intimate gift, o melodious one. beautifully done.... but receptive to the passage of time.

i have a former violin student now studying in Connetticuit (how the heck do you spell that!?), and performing all over the world. sometimes the brilliance of these kids is a bit stupefying.... in a very soul satisfying way.

Zee said...

my brother just called me up and said he would like to re-take the violin part, out of tune and too ... whatever. Broke my confidence. After all, every track was only recorded once. But maybe he's right. Sometimes you have to do things twice.

gfid said...

we're not after perfection, soul brother, but excellence, though never perfect, is important. that's why 2 (even brilliant) heads really are better than one.