Wednesday, April 14

Spring Quake

All right, an other earthquake in China today with devastating consequences. There has been a lot of earthquakes lately. An unusual amount actually; I wonder why. 
It seems like the earth is revolting, sending tremors  to wake you up, something urgent perhaps.
Is the earth a being?
Do we take adequate care of this "being"? I suppose we do not, unless you believe the tremors are a result of Einstein's theory of relativity.
Now in the mean time, spring is here in the Shire. All good the Hobbit would say, smoking his pipe solemnly at four a clock at tea time.
You would think that humans are rational creatures, but that is sketchy. They mostly only care for their immediate satisfaction, that carrot which dangles in front of the donkey's nose.
Earthquakes? It is a wake up call to forfeit the carrot, yeah - that's it!


♥N said...

All these recent natural catastrophies: earthquakes, floods, typhoons.... Mother Nature is definitely angry with us. We have not been taking good care of her Earth.

Seraphine said...

sometimes we sleep, sometimes we toss and turn. i think it is the way the earth is.
it's tossing and turning now. the volcano erupting in iceland. the earthquakes. the earth just can't get comfortable.
south america is still moving away from africa. california will crash into alaska in a few billion years.
like it or not, that's a journey that is already pre-ordained.
the earth is dreaming of the day the sun stops glowing.
just the sloshing of the oceans (70% of the earth's surface!) is enough to move mountains.
every tree that grows has a tap root. every root is an energy on the skin of the earth.
people are clumsy when they walk.
the whole world vibrates. it's true. look it up.
we live on a vibrator.
sleep will eventually come.