Friday, February 25

bathroom news

My own biography unfolds as the world is twisting, roaming and groaning, stretching towards freedom, taking unfathomable hits by nature and in general tries to survive through all this turmoil.
Twisted metal and piles of rubble dominate Christchurch in NZ, people get shot with life ammunition in Tripoli. Where is it all gonna go?
A folly fox, called Romeo by the people, got trapped on the 72nd floor in a new construction building in London. There he had lived with splendid views of the city for about two weeks before his discovery - odd news. 
My own personal news are so pitiful compared to what is reported all around the globe, my aftershave placed above the bathroom sink, and jet another job change, leaving the present location behind after three months of adjustments. Kind of strenuous.
Petty bathroom news, a single persons mundane journey towards betterment or something...


lindsaylobe said...

Hi Zee,
Further to your previous post - I still believe (believe!) in some form of super-sensible being or reality that has a handle on things ... maybe. That might sound funny to you after all what I have said before; but belief is a risky avenue...
Didn't you know?
What is yours?
Here is my response: It seems sad to me to accept the inevitability of war and the war of words over how we can sustain peace. The other side of the coin – goodness- as you no doubt would agree- comes in many different ways. But I am more optimistic than many of the more pessimistic philosophers in relation to the human spirit as to which side of the coin can emerge more often than not.
I’m not convinced we gravitate naturally to clearly defined states of those who want to follow or those who want to lead and so on. I think this is more a situation of opportunity, of resources, of temporary advantage, of comparative climatic differences and of migration to give the appearance in phenomena of marked differences. The sharing of gifts and the feeling of safety huddled around a camp fire are still universal feelings of security we experience today carried over from our ancient roots. I don’t think we have changed so much- but rather what we have so much more information at our disposal and the world has become a confusing global village.
Of course there will always be leaders and those with varying degrees of responsibility but that can arise effortlessly and naturally. But in reality we remain wedded to the land and the environment about which we depend and to whom if we were sufficiently humble could declare as our master. Now we depend upon that concept taking root- not as and ideology but more as in the partnership between man and nature so they we are able to globally share in our understanding. The genealogy, the sharing of seeds, protection of species is required in line with changing conditions. Otherwise the next war could be about food, water/ resources / as in who is to blame. But doesn’t worry GOD will look after it all is a shocking indictment to our foolishness. !
Our emotions and intuition can help us understand the truth about how we feel and signal our essential beings reaction to war/ goodness or the justification for force…. but it is the after coloring inclusive of differing corruptible forces at work which unites us into war. I am unconvinced war is no more an instinctive state and more than I would say that love is – they are consequences of many more things that intertwine around our first instinctive reactions, to vary enormously in different countries/ locales according to the conditions.
Religion will be always be used for political power to bend it in different directions for those desirous of gaining secular power or simply to have power over others.
This all requires us to be free thinkers, able to adapt to our changing climatic conditions and appreciate the worlds changing stage to seek out the many paths to goodness.
There is an instinctive spirituality which can be realized but remains tantalizing non quantifiable or mysterious or mystical in the religious sense. In that regard there is room for positive religion and the realization of a much more positive religious philosophy to realize the many different ways of goodness. That guiding spirit was always there and will continue to be at the root of the many different ways to realize goodness.
Best wishes

Mercutio said...

I understand that we impose meaning on things through observation, but still I believe that, were all observation stripped away, some form of meaning would yet remain.
That is to say, YES!, definitely-- a falling tree does indeed make sound in the forest when no one is around.

jozien said...

Hi Zee, how are you doing!? You know,i blog, because i like to know other's excistence. i don't watch tv! i believe in the importance of our individual lives. ha, i have all these believes... But they're mine everybody can have their own :)
but i believe with our own joys and sorrows, that's how we make the world a better place.
So how are you doing:)?