Wednesday, May 4

earth n sky

I believe I put out the link on Facebook. But here it is again on the blog, the final version of Earth and Sky, my brother on the cello this time, we scrapped my scratchy violin.
For those who still do not know the story, I was truly taken aback when half an hour before the funeral services I got to know that I had to play a girls favorite song "Cowgirls don´t cry" from Brooks & Dunn. The girl was 18, and died in her sleep. Three weeks later, after the autopsy, it actually turned out that she has had a heart failure. Her ashes are now buried below a beautiful exotic flowering tree. I believe it is some kind of plum tree.

Sorry for the not very well organized slides. Had no patience to do anything fancy. But YouTube requires visuals for upload. The audio is fine though, that is for me the most important part.

OK, no political nagging today.


jozien said...

i do remember.
it is beautiful Zee!
i'll read on a bit to see how are you doing, skipping the May 2 post :)

Zee said...

Well, how are YOU doing Jozien? Is there finally some sort of spring in your neck of the woods? I tell you, it is gorgeous here, almost pre-summer, a bit premature. But hey, climate change is not all about half an annual degree temperature change, that is not the big deal, it is about irregularities in weather patterns, the shift of things.
I payed attention to the floods in Australia, the earthquake in New Zealand, of course the happenings in Japan, and the latest devastation in the southern US.
It seems to me that the earth revolts, that "mother nature" is saying: This is enough.
In the end, we are just little stupid humans who call upon the wrath of stronger forces which none of of us do control. Same goes for atomic energy.
Not that I would not like to cheer you up, Jozien, but I must say, the world is pretty much a mess.

♥N said...

The world is definitely a mess, especially when young innocent girls can die at 18 from heart failure, and murderous criminals live long, fruitful lives.

There is no justice sometimes.

Zee said...

Thanks for visiting Nova. I am personally also hanging on a shoe string. Must find change.