Saturday, July 23

Columbine in Norway

As I type this, I am listening to the Norwegian radio station. I understand about 3/4 of it. It is something, not all, but something. Norway is a "small" country, 5 million people mostly settled in coastal areas.  The vastness of the rest of the country is hardly populated, reindeer make their tracks.
It makes me sad, that youth has been slain, just because an extremist right wing knucklehead  has not been given the right medications at the right time.  I suppose this kind of stuff will happen more often in the future, people are just loosing their minds.

First time in Oslo alone, I was then 17teen, ordered an Irish Coffee,  outlandish expensive. But you had a sense of that the world was intact, strolled down the avenues, the streets. People nodded, greeted and then passed you by. It was wholesome then.
Now you have crazy maniacs crossing the streets, everywhere. You can not anticipate their next move,  a fierce look will not shun them anymore.
Kill or get killed seems to be the latest fashion. I am very sure I will not subscribe to this.
Is this becoming a world of chickens, an animal farm where everyone is picking without brain and consciousness, with a chicken heart? Are common human values gone?

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gfid said...

"Are common human values gone?"...... not gone, gentle wanderer, but under attack. i heard the report of this on CBC radio as i drove to work, and i cried. i had to sit in my truck to compose myself a few minutes before i could go into the office. according to recent reports, the horror the killer perpetrated was part of his 'marketing plan' to prove his twisted ideas about how the country should be run.

i'm crying again