Thursday, August 18


I don't know if it is Swiss ignorance or imported trash
meat from some obscure Eastern European country.
Somebody forgot to castrate those piglets when they were three weeks old. My meatballs, with all due respect, tasted foul, despite all the delicious seasoning.

It is a shame. Why cant they cut out the balls before the BOAR taste takes over. Makes you want to be a vegetarian.
My Lord, it is not a big deal, I did it when I was eighteen. You take a sharp razor knife, cut them open, squeeze the balls out, put some sterilizing compound on the wounds - and 12 hours later they are running and snorting around the mother as nothing has ever happened. Those were the days...
Now you can't do that anymore. It is against the law, perhaps the law of stupid humans who have little knowledge about nature and animals. Now you would have to tranquilize the pig, make it not suffer, then remove the balls. I believe the trauma is worse on the latter.

It is time to become a vegetarian. The playing-field is so uneven. The earth is tired. For every pound of meat, we waste acres and acres of land just to produce a small amount of calories.
OK, so I am not going to be a fanatic. I will still eat what I can hunt myself, the deer, the turkeys and so on...
But for the pigs who do not get their balls cut out in time, I will refrain. They just taste like shit.

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