Friday, October 26

Nothing but the same old story

Not sure if I ever posted this before, with x100dreds of post you loose track even though the distinct remain in memory, almost as visible as written on blank paper.
I picked this tape up on a grand ferry from Ireland to France, just out of the blue, impulsive I guess, because I was tired to listen to the Clash "London calling" debut album. All this might have been in the beginning 1980‘s or so... The album was called "Last station" or "train station", driving pop music from a former kosher celtic traditional musician.
I arrived in Calais with that ferry, and lo and behold, two hitchhiker-girls were being picked up. My destination was Geneva, then cross Switzerland and land at my homestead in the region of Basel. They had other plans, Mediterranean somewhere. I was young and stupid and was lured south towards the coastline while the music of Brady was resounding on my well kept audiosystem in this mouse grey BMW (do not even have four wheels these days). 
As it turned out, I drove miles on end to place a young lesbian couple to be near the seashore, and when I glanced at their sensual foreplay at the beach where they were tumbling around and about naked, they signaled a clear sign of: "Back off".  So I split, slept on the beach somewhere's until a police woke me up at dawn. Had a coffee at midtown where a persistent gypsy tried to tell me about all my by bad fortunes - and on top of it wanted to get payed. I shooed her off and went my way homeward. All along withe the music of Paul Bradly.


♥N said...

I admit I'm not familiar with his music, but the sound is great, and the nostalgia surrounding the sound is wonderful.

Ahhh... youth, the 80s... it's so nice to take a trip down memory lane once in awhile.

Glad you're doing well on your side of the world, my friend. :)

gfid said...

he's new to me too... is that a bazuki the other fellow is playing?! a good friend of mine plays a beautiful bazuki he built.

maybe it's this old house i've bought, but i too am feeling nostalgic of late. be well, and keep warm.

Zee said...

Thanks Nova, always good to hear from you. I will have to update your bloglink on my site. Haven`t been around allot but have the hunch I am coming back.
I hope NYC is treating you well, miss the place, or at least the option to drive there...

Hello there Fiddler. Enchante!
Is it possible for you to send a jig or reel or something else on the fiddle which you played into my dropbox or via email?

susan said...

I'd never heard of him either but now I've listened I can understand your feeling for his music. The longer we live the more those oddly strange memories return to haunt us.