Friday, November 2

it's so funny, money money money, in a rich mans world

When the US presidential election is over estimates say it will end up costing $2.5bn.
That works out to about $20 per vote.The money comes from a variety of sources: from the candidates' own fund raising, to money collected by groups called Super PACs.Super PACs cannot work directly with the Barack Obama and Mitt Romney campaigns, but they spend millions on TV ads hoping to influence the electorate.
All of this adds up to the most expensive presidential campaign in US history. (source BBC)
Wow - that much money could have restored most of the infrastructure of lower Manhattan or done some other good elsewhere. What a waste just for the cause of a dualistic conk-battle.


Lindsay Byrnes said...

You don’t need me to tell you the piper have to be paid. Afterwards the money tree continues with lobbyists ensuring vested interests are continually well served.
Imagine a system where the public purse provided modest but finite limits on what each candidate could spend – but you need to get 5% of the vote otherwise your funding is repayable !! You would then give democracy a real chance. I gather the average person is sick and tired of the relentless bombardment in advertising on TV, mobile phones and IPods!! - What an awful system!!
Best wishes

Zee said...

That is so true Lindsay,
the US neighboring Canada doesn't do such a big fuss, and somehow thy exist quite well.

♥N said...

Everything about the US is too excessive. The whole politics thing tires me. I'm glad it's all over. For now.

Zee said...

thanks Nova! you are a blossom despite your martial arts. I thank you for that.

gfid said...

tho Canada doesn't have the same dog and pony show during its elections, it has an unhealthy fascination with the histrionics next door. i'm very tired of US election campaigns long before they're over, and i'm a gazillion miles away in the frozen north.