Friday, April 10

Att: Dear Friend ..

Dear Friend,

I am sending you this email believing that you must have been getting mails from strangers for one reason or another , but still this is the only way presently at my disposal to communicate with you until we can have a telephone conversation which I believe will address your copncerns or worries if any . Until then, I will advice you to settle down and read this mail comprehensively and you will know that this is a sincere life changing proposal .I am Peter Ben,Senior Banking Officer and account officer to the late UWE Gemballa who was murdered in South Africa, untill his death he was the CEO of the Porsche tuning company that bears his Name.

My urgent need for a foreign partner to help me execute the below transaction has made me to contact you.

I know this mail might meet you in utmost surprise. However, having prayed to the good Lord I have no doubt in my mind that you are capable / reliable to champion this business opportunity.

Before his death he left the sum of 22Million Usd with the ABSA Bank of South Africa were I currently work as a senior banking Officer, and all attempt to communicate with his Family was to no avail, and he never included any next of Kin on this Account. Until now no one has steped forward to lay claims on the funds .

Therefore i require your partnership to stand as his next of KIN, please do not let this pass you bye .No risk is being taken ,this happens in the banking industry everyday, am completely incharge and have everything all worked out.

If you agree, please get back to me to enable me furnish you with more details as to the way forward on how this life changing opportunity can be achieved, I will also want you to provide me with the below information to enable us enter into the official stage of this transaction and to enable me prepare all legal paper works in your name with a view of moving the funds out of South Africa in your name .


I await your response.


Yours Faithfully,

Mr Peter Ben

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