Tuesday, January 12

Sharing and Embedding Music Using Orfium

After many frustrations with the disorganization and carelessness of SoundCloud, billing issues with ReverbNation, and the lack of a useful consumer interface on Bandcamp, we decided to create Orfium. It's an open free hosting platform and marketplace for musicians, and a music discovery and listening platform for fans. Content providers are in complete control of how their music gets heard with no long-term contracts, and all services simply offered non-exclusvely whenever possible, period.
We are excited to announce that you can now embed music on your website and blog from Orfium, and one-click share music to social media. If you currently have music on SoundCloud you can simply have it all imported to Orfium automatically to make the switch simple.
See below to learn more about what we do and start uploading today:

Built by musicians for musicians, the Music (R)Evolution is here!
Below is an embedded example of one of our favorite tracks. You can also embed playlists and albums too :)

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The J Conspiracy said...


We've started a little testing of Orfium at our website:


Maybe it's interesting for you and/or you wanna contribute to this project.

Greetings from Germany.