Tuesday, September 13

fairy's classroom perspective

Waldorf education is a peculiar method and also the largest private and independent school movement in the world, surpassing Montessori and others.
This classroom is located in a school in Colorado, a school that painstakingly believed in constructing their buildings in an environmentally sane manner. Main structural elements were build with local resources of clay and straw. Due to the dry Colorado climate, there seems to be little problems with fungi and such...
In Waldorf schools, the arts are being placed on the "front burner", enabling the students and kids to develop skills not found in public schooling. Hands on creativity replenishes and forms the intricate formation of our brain, resulting in "intelligence" capacities beyond standard expectations.
And ah, the "fairy" is doing this right now. Good for her!
The picture here show remnants of a perspective drawing session...

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