Tuesday, September 13

My daughter took journeys seriously

Dear Helena,
it is so great that you have found a perfect match with your host-family in Freiburg. I miss you but I also envy you. But it is a good envy ... wishing you well for the months ahed!
The circus, the canoe trip ... all that as a preparation to encounter and meet your piers? Awesome!
Hope you had some fun as well.
Things start to become "normal" here as well. Walli is in school, Vidar trying to fulfill his deeds at Chris's stonemasonry, being distracted by Chris Wetmore who came back and has no clue what he wants to do except occupying abandoned houses. Funny guy, but what a looser !!! Political and social change is not done by virtue of being a slacker.
Anyhow, you take care, I know you are strong, but I still funnel strength to you every day.
Yours -papskin-
(P.S. by request I changed the picture - because previous one was not acceptable. Hope this will do...?!?)

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