Tuesday, June 12

take your shoes off

Wild and weary, the nudes still capture audiences, you bet...
No, there is no poem or other trivia today.
Politics can kiss my ass for the next 24 hours.
So there.


Gabriel archangel said...

Much better :

Just now
as I wanted to post today's
CNN/space news on your page :

Astronauts to fuck in thermal blanket

you picked up on the mood
and posted t h i s.

Much better.
Now there's a daytime job4you.
Fuck locally.Fuck Globally.
Fuck Allah fuck Lebanon fuck Iraq

congratulations to Self returning


Gabriel archangel said...

P.S.: Does she walk stark naked
like that on the island ?
So she gets a blister wow!

When the fishermen are out fishing
and the fishermens wives are dead?

have some more fish


reverb said...

...the "beautifulness" can kill me ..lately...

so this gal is very face similar to you, zee

tina said...

Beautiful photo.

Mone said...

beautiful pose in deed.

Martin Kreiliger said...

My schlong is still bigger
than your dong,Luki -

Zee said...

Ding Dong -
Martin's song...

_z. said...

a very sad picture zee... I like her a lot. she's lost, she's tied, she's confused and scared... totally naked .

Zee said...
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