Sunday, June 10

fish talk

I honestly have no clue anymore what goes on in world politics, perhaps I never new.
All I know presently, is that Bush is on yet an other "separation mission". Even Merkel, the impeccable chancellor of East German decent was not able to unite the greedy G8 folks. Oh Kay ... so they consented to give a few billions to fight aids in Africa while thousands die in Darfour, worse than it was during the black-plague in the Middle Ages. Big deal, who cares. Let them die like black flies - it's only Africa you know, the one continent of constant retardation. At least that is how some people think. Aid for Aids ... the cure of it all?
Back to Bush.
Visiting Kosovo, the Vatican and Albania and so on, did further his mission of "separation". The man is truly insane. Instead of trying to unify, he propagates further divisions.
In the last few days Turkey (who so badly would love to be a member of the EU) bombed the northern Kurdish part of Iraq. Hardly any notice in the news of that. Bush, where were you with your statements of condemnation? Ohhps, perhaps we don't fight the same war, hahh, and instead postpone global warming to a G8 summit in 2009. Priorities are corpulently dragged to edges of no return ... or so it seems. What a shame.
Still months to endure the present Bush Kingdom, but it will end.
And then what?
Give me a break - Hilariously and Ah Banana are made from the same corrupt stock that brought us where we are in the first place.
The answer?
Fuck globally - work locally!

Ok, I am ready to grill my locally caught cod fish now.


Gabriel Archangel said...

your quote:
And then what? Democrats?
Give me a break -
Hitlariously and Ah Banana (!) are made from the same corrupt stock
that brought us where we are in the first place.
The answer?
your quote end !

the answer is:finally we agree
on a minimum but not to worry
the bleeding heart asses won't
win an election from here on
to judgement day this side
of the 21st century.
Trust me I know.

As for the rest of your protest
babble (sorry it makes for that
feeling while reading it) please!
stick to your daytime job
A N D the fish looks
great! Good shot BUT!

Think of the creatures,k !
Cover dead eyes ! Do it.

Not with people I care less for
a city of muslimniggers than I'd
care for this fish up there !
Animals deserve better.
People and especially
subhuman trash don't.

So fuck Africa fuck OBanana
fuck the ACLU muslimniggers
hug your tree and your flea!
I'm dead serious.
Now God gimme a suitcasenuke!

As for you ! Feed the fish !
Best with yer brains k ?!
And I want that little white bowl
up there filled with the cod now
and that might make me forget
yer fuzzy political stupidity
(for a bit)


Gabriel Archangel said...

your quote
Fuck globally - work locally!
your quote end.

Now that's better !
So I see the island has brought
back some of your ancient healthy
horniness like when you were
a walking ballspark - good!!

Have more of that fish !!

why not become a Sushi chef
open your first Sushitarium
up there ?

I even own a website
you may dearly buy from
your first proceeds :

..and that was another
great idea which I used
to seed Zee with all his life
- not that I ever
got a thankU 4em.)


Zee said...

I am listening to Beethoven's piano sonata in C-minor, opus #13 ... Gabe.

Ingrid said...

Amen Zee. As long as there will be only two parties, the systemic indifference and run after the money purse will continue. Bombing the Kurds eh? Well, if you have a prime location for Allied planes to come and go, you can do pretty much all that you want..
Gabriel... listen to some Beethoven!

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