Tuesday, August 28

4 down!

Gonzales is the latest senior official to leave the White House as the president approaches the end of his second term in office.
Karl Rove, Bush's most trusted and senior adviser, announced earlier this month that he was stepping down.
Paul Wolfowitz, president of the World Bank, agreed in May to step down amid a row over the hiring of his girlfriend.
Donald Rumsfeld, one of the lead architects of the Iraq war, quit as defence secretary after a Republican battering at the polls in November's mid-term election.

I am not a great fan of the Democrats in the US either, but by golly, I can not hide my present content to see those individuals go.


Gary said...

... and the big guy himself next year! It's springtime in America!

ALthough you need to hold the replacements' toes to the fire and make them afraid of the people.

Hey Zee - have a lovely fall!

Ingrid said...

Zee, what's up? I see that you've been absent for a while. I assume you're back from le Suisse?
Just checking in to see how you are, I miss your posting..

Zee said...

OK Ingrid I will start posting again.

Ingrid said...

you can be your cranky or sexy self (in terms of posting pics), or your artistic self. Your regulars are in need!!