Sunday, August 19


Six-hundred people posed naked on Switzerland's shrinking Aletsch glacier yesterday for US photographer Spencer Tunick as part of a Greenpeace campaign to raise awareness of global warming.
Tunick, perched on a ladder and using a megaphone, directed the volunteers from all over Europe and photographed them on a rocky outcrop overlooking the glacier, which is the largest in the Alps.

Glaciers are sensitive to climate change and have been receding since the start of the industrial age but the pace of shrinkage has greatly accelerated in recent years.
The organizers said that the aim was to “establish a symbolic relationship between the vulnerability of the melting glacier and the human body”.


lindsaylobe said...

Those that have eyes may they see!! The facts speak for themselves, the continued retreat of glaciers is apparent all over the world, even though some are retreating because of natural sate of equilibrium. When in NZ you could clearly see the decline of the Franz Josef Glacier, one of 140 within the parkland. We went on a magnificent walk to view this mighty glacier; it was interesting to note just how far the glacier has retreated, attributed to global warming despite minor advances from time to time with increased snow fall.

The trend suggests that all of the world’s glaciers are out of balance and that some will disappear. The scientific question for the world view is predicting which glaciers are just out of equilibrium and those are going to melt away entirely!! Maybe that picture will become a collector’s item, if it survives, in a few hundred years! 1

Best wishes

Ingrid said...

Zee, are you back from your holiday? I'm at the Boise airport right now following a one week trip to San Francisco and a visit to friends and family here in Idaho. Brrr..that's quite the picture. Having heard some very conservative people talk here, I don't know how much of an effect awareness campaigns will have. That said, people are much closer to nature here (there's nothing much else).. anyhoo, we're off to a Las Vegas stopover, then get off at Phoenix to take another flight to Austin..can't wait to get home and catch up with everyone. Loved those house pics. Even if I don't like certain art or artistic expressions , I can certainly appreciate it for it's own sake. I'd prefer the house with the long funky roof. It's kind of 'hobbity' like..

_z. said...

I love Tunick's work, but this is his best concept yet.

Gary said...

Nice work! I wonder if there are 600 sets of perfectly melted footprints left behind?

Our glacier (Kokanee) has receded in the years I've lived here - easily visible.

reverb said...

...I dont see fat people, or hairy people, or black people, etc

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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