Saturday, May 2

what does it take?

So yeah, I watched a movie last night called "City of Ember". The sun was setting and the light reflected a ghost image on my laptop screen. There I was, together with the actress, common reflections, so I had to take a picture, hence what you see of my monitor on the left is from 12 or so hours ago.

Do you remember the Limerick contest?
I am so sorry that I did not follow up on this one and did not do the "drawings" to choose three winners.
So, in my despair I changed the rules!
Whoever sends me their postal address via e-mail (my e-mail should be on the blogger profile) will receive a hand written postcard with a bit of an illustration, nothing fancy
. (personalized)

You'll have a great weekend then!!!!!


The Rambling Taoist said...

A guy who we know goes by Zee
Held a contest -- virtually
But no names were drawn
to an incredible yawn
To rhyme was the whole point for we!

nova-san said...

I don't think you're a lazy bastard at all. I'm actually glad when people aren't blogging a lot - because it means they're out there living life! But do come and stop by every now and then and let us know how you're doing!

Zee said...

CYMA lady from deserts below
she is ready to leave that place slow
but her sexy demeanor,
has anyone seen her?
continues the virtual glow.

PS - and I don't shoot animals unless they are in deep misery. For example, I killed a calf once who dropped of a cliff and broke all four legs, and a cat who cried continuously in pain.

Zee said...

Nova-SanBlogging is good for the mole
once you are on a larger piled roll.
The problem is such
that the pray that you catch
is merely soothing the soul.

Anonymous said...

Your welcome! Blogging is meant to be no obligation as/when you feel like it.

susan said...

I worry about people who feel the need to post all the time.

Zee said...

Thanks Age and Crow - I will take your advice to heart.

gfid said...

"a passion to remain unruly" i like that. words to live by. more important than sitting in front of the computer?! what are you, well balanced or something?! (way to go!)

gfid said...

an unruly artist named Zee
would not garden virtually
he picked his asparagus
because it was there, i guess
and set his computer mouse free

Cym said...

Hey Zee, just thought I'd stop by to wish you a happy birthday. I don't know exactly what date it is actually on, but I seem to remember it being around this time in May. Hope you are having a good one, and do treat yourself to a nice "un-watered down" beer. I'll have one too.

And so what if you are a lazy blogger. It is best to blog or comment only if you truly want to, not out of a sense of pressured obligation.

Also, you never mentioned what you thought of "City of Ember". Was it good? Would you recommend it?

Bella Nått said...

Bloggning är inget tvång
men sjung gärna en sång