Saturday, March 21

Limerick contest

An investor at Wall Street, New York
ate his pork with a knife and a fork
when stocks went a tumbling
he started some fumbling
and killed himself just like a dork

(just a silly example of mine. you'll do better)

Basically five lines. Lines three and four are shorter, constructed of two anapests each and again rhyming with each other. Thus, the overall rhyme structure of a, a, b, b, a, with the beat pattern

a:da-da-daah da-da-daah da-da-daah
b:da-da-daah da-da-daah

The three winners (randomly picked) will receive a hand-painted simple postcard on quality watercolor paper.

cart in disarray in Vinalhaven Maine


Anonymous said...

I once met a fellow called Zee
a Sunburst Blog has he
his Musings on the Go
has a certain kinda flow
may he send his Postcard to me!

Zee said...

you are funny Aggie!

I happen to know a girl Agge
who would be a very fine match
but the ocean is wide
and she's else occupied
so therefore she is not a catch.

lindsaylobe said...

Obama voted in, in a flurry
teams together in a grand old surrey
when the Dow took a dive
speech still ended in a high five
print more money there's no time left to worry

jozien said...

Gee Zee, i haven't written a poem by any rules since high school.
I gave it a try anyway;

A Raven comes daily just checking
Today out of his league on the wing
It's a Gold an Eagle high
The mighty of the sky
What power has that crow over the King?
See my blog for more.:)

Celloman said...

This contest I believe is quite funny
And although it will make me no money
I thank my dear bro
Entertaining me so
You make this, a grey day much more sunny

Bella Bruden said...

With rhyme in our sight
I can turn on the light
in march day twenty eight
not so late
we turn of the electric range
to act against Climate Changes


Seraphine said...

in that small cafe outdoors
frequented by financiers and whores
there arose such a bubble
paying the waiter was trouble
in the mad rush out the door

The Rambling Taoist said...

Too many are stuck on the how
of finding their way toward the Tao
If they would look in their heart
not tear it apart
they'd find their perfection right now.

Zee said...

You gals and guys live only by improvising and twisting arms, legs and rules!

By golly, English is not my mother tongue, but I understand rhythm and "playing by the rules" and I am a Taurus. Therefore I have to be stubborn and correct your attempts of Limerick's to make them sound right.

I once met a fellow called Zee
his Sunburst blog entertained me
his musings on the go
a certain kind of flow
his postcard is pinned on a tree.

Ok, I let yours go unchanged... scrutinized by eagle eyes.

... you got to rhyme that stuff for goodness sake.

A raven comes daily just checking
on days in rounds of just pecking
it's gold eagle high
in old mighty sky
his movements were worth the taking.

leave the me out in the second line, and it will be perfect...

I'll skip to comment, because you are SO Scandinavian.

Jees Sera, you are lukewarm. What's the matter with you?

In that small cafe out of outdoors
frequented by moguls an whores
they arouse such a bubble
paying tips was no trouble
but in mad rush they spilled out the doors.

OK, I've done my bitching - next post....

Seraphine said...

haha. you are such an instructor. and you're right, the finished product is much better.
two light stresses followed by a heavy stress.
its rather like doing a waltz. without the 4.
half a league, half a league, half a league onward.
oops. sorry thats dactylic.
or paradactylic. i forgot which.

gfid said...

hey, you didn't warn anyone that you were going to EDIT these!!! put away the red pen, fergoshsakes

Zee said...

Just happened to be in that mood, Granny Fiddler. Didn't rewrite yours, did I?

gfid said...

maybe you were just warming up to 'teacher mode'...... or, erm, mood?

gfid said...

i haven't the wit or the time
to bundle my thoughts into rhyme
with grants left to write
i'll be up all night
i'm grumpy; i'd rather drink wine