Tuesday, July 28

634 posts later

Dear occasional reader of this Blog!

I admit it, I did run out of steam and out of stories/pictures for the last few weeks, though there would have been plenty a tales, at least on a personal level, work related and so on. But everyone has those sagas, over and over again. Life often throws us in a dead end one-way street confined, that's the repetitive story really - and unless you are willing to take the chance to step into a side alley once in a while, decrease the inevitable lust of escaping on the highway and instead trust this desperate maneuver to exit, the one you had never planed for in advance, then that dead end turn-around in your street might become a possibility. This is never a comfortable solution, but the only one. Isn't that what it is, in a nutshell of all peoples stories, work, eat, sleep - work, eat, sleep ... and then you wake up one fine morning and ask yourself: Why?

That little clip, done with a shitty still camera, still shows how spontaneous you can improvise, and step into a side alley with ease. It happened just today.
My friend, who is presently visiting, just proved this fact. Take a movement of the moment and dance to it, even if you have to improvise to yodeling to Hokus Pokus from the group Focus, An early 70's band from Holland.


The Rambling Taoist said...

The way I see it, life is one huge improvisation. It's just that parts of it seem eerily familiar. : )

Seraphine said...

that looks like great areobic exercise. it reminds me of interpretive dancing too.

by the way, the spam from small kitty 小貓咪 (chinese post #1 above) is nonsense. it doesn't mean anything.
be careful of accepting spam posts. sometimes spammers try to exploit blog vulnerabilities (such as hijacking feeds) via blog posts. don't ask me how they do it, but they do.
forewarned is four-armed.

jozien said...

Hi Zee, it's me, an occasional reader of your blog :).
I know, what is that about life?
I find though this blogging does open us up, to talk about the road we take, which might be in a way really the same, by sharing we realize that. Which could be good.
At the same time, your moment is infinitly different than mine, and so is everyone elses, and even from your own moment a moment ago.
I love to keep hearing your stories, both for sameness and for specialness.
I'll be back here, i hope you too :)