Tuesday, August 4

the actual yodeling clip

...its worth a peek!
What amazes me is, that in the early seventies, sound was still generated by genius and skill, where-else often nowadays sampling and technology gadgets replace the human condition.
The machine took over and talents are sparse.
Yeah, there are fine troubadours today, the folky and sometimes punky radicals; they make fine sounds, and sometimes they are even entertaining. But most of mainstream pop, rock, hip-hop, grunge, techno and what have you not, seem to fade compared to the efforts of earlier bands. There is no breaking grounds in the commercial sound production these days.
... unless you find me some good examples I will stay convinced, that within the genre of popular music, there is mostly rehash of the old and no new ground braking explorations.
Where are the Beethoven's or the Hendrix'es of present time???


Seraphine said...

ohhh zee, how wrong you are!
amy winehouse is my hero. listen to stronger than me and love is blind, what is it about men, teach me tonight, and if you want something retro, someone to watch over me. finally listen to love is a losing game. the more you listen, the better she gets.
also listen to eels. especially mr. e's beautiful blues.
and lucinda williams. unsuffer me, and knowing.
all contemporary, easily appreciated music i think you would like, judging from listening to your podcasts and previous blog postings.

Zee said...

All right Sera - my brushstrokes are broad, usually.
I promise I will check out all your faves and leads, perhaps something will startle me in a positive way.

Seraphine said...

i like to paint in broad brush strokes too. that way nothing is missed, even a little bit of truth.

lindsaylobe said...

What’s happened- well I think a lot of the music today is too loud whereas in the seventies you were expected to listen carefully! For a lot of the stuff there is too much compression of different sounds which creates background static –true it makes it temporarily more exciting, but the human brain gets bored more quickly and you’re likely to want to skip on to another track.
Because you can’t hear many of the tops and bottom of the notes, it may often also sound flat as well. In some respects the lack of limitations made possible by advanced technology has caused these outcomes - previously on turntables there were limitations to the loudness as otherwise the needle would jump off its tracks. That is no longer the case with CD’S. Vinyl has come back into demand in a big way for the enthusiast – because the sound is superior. I guess you noticed that ?
Best wishes

gfid said...

i agree w sera. there's some fine stuff.... just stay away from the mainstream schlock. and make your own!

gfid said...

i spent an hour surfing youtube after seeing this.... finding more!