Wednesday, February 17


So here is the story. Two days ago I went to New York City to meet up with a friend. Parked the truck at the "Cloisters" and kept calling on the cell phone until the microwaves turned my ear purple. I had no luck. Then I drove to 139th Street in Harlem and crashed into their lives, a beautiful woman from the US and beautiful man from the west coast of Africa. Don't worry, they are my friends and have "crashed" in my shire before.
Subway, go downtown, find Brandaris with phone or without. After checking out every possible hotel on 40th Street (because I knew that much of his location) I turned back  empty handed, no Brandaris to be found. I went back to Harlem, had an awesome time with my friends and a superb fresh, delicious fish dinner. Sleep.
Next morning I drove back (two hour drive) kissed Manhattan good bye, and was depressed. Where was this Brandaris? Later in the morning I get a call: "Hoi, do isch dr Christian!" I was delighted.
We had spend 12 years together in a Waldorf School in Basel and haven't seen each other since. That's 30 years plus...
Next day he came up to "The Shire" and we talked about the past a lot - and sometimes of the future. It was the most refreshing human encounter I had for a long time. He drives trains in Switzerland you see, a completely different view of world-circumstances. And they are always on time. You could have guessed that!
Now, the reason why I didn't find him in New York, is that his real name is NOT Brandaris, that is only his artist name, taken from a light-house named
in the north of Germany. And I had believed he had changed his to this.. No wonder the hotel concierges gave me blank looks. 
Well, there is much more to this story - of course. But I will not tire you with juicy details. 
All is good, and as Christian did say, the "Waldorf Mafia" is stronger than the Sicilian cartel. On top of it, we don't even have to go on a killing spree to maintain our power.
Thank you Christian for being such a fine person to see me and consolidate with me after more than three decades.  

Correction: "Brandaris" is a existing light-house in the Netherlands, and Christian's dream was always to be a light-house-keeper


Lee said...

Non sequitr to be sure, but just want to let you know that you're in my thoughts often; you're still very loved and quite missed.....
Hey, perhaps you'd like to come have that iced tea on the front porch when the danger of hypothermia has passed....?

Mercutio said...

That's a really cool story, Zee.
The fact that you were asking for a lighthouse in No. Germany makes it for me.
I'm glad you got to see your friend.
It's all good.

Zee said...

Vielen herzlichen Dank für dein Mail! jetzt habe ich mich einmal in so ein
Blog hineingeklickt, naja, das war wohl eine Odyssee in NY, doch
schliesslich war es sicher schöner, dich in deiner Umgebung zu treffen,
schon allein wieder einmal einen Weitblick zu haben, statt vorwiegend sich
in diesen Häuserschluchten zu bewegen. Bis zu einem gewissen Punkt war dies
sicher fasziniernd, doch auch jetzt zuhause geniesse ich wieder wirklich den
Horizont... auch wenn es die berner Alpen sind und vorallem nicht das
permanente Rumoren, Motoren und Sirenengeheul! Trotzdem war der NY-Trip eine
sehr gute Erfahrung, ich brauche noch eine Weile, bis ich/wir alles
"verarbeitet" habe/n. Natürlich war das Reisen mit Lorenz eine wichtige
Komponente... Ich werde mich demnächst in die Materie Blog hineingeben und
dort eine Reaktion abgeben. Gut, dass sich bei dir punkto Job etwas bewegt.
Übrigens kommt der Name Brandaris nicht von einem deutschen Leuchtturm,
sondern von jenem auf der westfriesischen Insel Terschelling (Niederlanden),
siehe >google mit Suchbegriff "brandaris", oder über den Link: , oder:

Zee said...


gfid said...

one of the many things i love about getting older, is enduring friendships, and re-discovering long lost friends. i'll raise my glass to you and Brandaris. cheers!

gfid said...

one of the many things i love about getting older, is enduring friendships, and re-discovering long lost friends. i'll raise my glass to you and Brandaris. cheers!

gfid said...

blogger is twitchy tonight

Seraphine said...

i guess if you can't keep a lighthouse, then driving trains is a fine alternative.
what could you possibly talk about after 30 years?!!!
"hey remember the time we..."
that's a funny story about contacting all the hotels on 40th. poor zee. i'm glad you were finally able to hook up.
it sounds like you didn't have any trouble picking up your friendship after all that time at all.

Elaine- said...

thank you so much for that, it kind of undepressed me a bit... i think i need a flash site or something to make my images look better lol... you are probably right that i will want the images years down the line. i still think i suck as a photographer tho haha

♥nova-san said...

There are a TON of hotels on 40th!! I can't believe you were that patient.

I suppose it was just meant for you guys to reconnect up at The Shire. NYC, as you know, can get too busy and hectic. After 30 years, there is much to catch up on, and The Shire was probably the better place in the end.

Glad it all worked out, and hope to see you sometime back in the City.

Gary said...

Good story.

Good photos.

Good friends.

Good food and drink.

Life can be sweet my friend...