Tuesday, February 9

an other kind of beach

So there you go. "visited" Martha's Vineyard for a few days. Couldn't stay there much longer, just did my job. Crown-molding  in this case. Beautiful island. The Kennedy's also live and die there. 
It was not like Puerto Rico, not at all.  It was bitter cold. Even the seawater at the shore was frozen.
Nevertheless it was the ocean - and that always frees my mind, no matter what the temperature is.
And then I took a break on the second day, waltzed down to the beach, found a dead seal with his head chopped off. I tried to redo this seals history in my mind. Was he or she a-washed ashore, just 'cause the animal was old of age? I don't know. Perhaps a freak fisherman killed the thing because the animal was getting into his lobster traps. Nobody will ever know.  
So yes, this working gig turned out all right, though the circumstances were tough, like chopped off heads. You never know when you loose your fingers.

   Do you sometimes in life feel like a dead seal chopped off his head with no return?
Just curious.....



Mercutio said...

What an odd thing to see.
Goliath is laid waste.

I'm glad that you have enjoyed your journey.
Peace is dear wherever we may find it.

lindsaylobe said...

Just to add a little optimism to the sad tale of the dead seal here is the latest news report from the Sea Shepherd on the whale hunt.

But I must say also that great conservationist the late Steve Irwin’s spirit is indeed alive and well!!

The battle that erupted between the Sea Shepherd ships of Bob Barker and Steve Irwin against the might of the Japanese whaling fleet has ended as all ships have backed off as the convoys continues onto the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary after an intense confrontation lasting 5 hours.

When the Japanese fleet reentered the Whale Sanctuary, Sea Shepherd’s ship the Steve Irwin warned them not to enter the Whale Sanctuary. The Nisshin Maru responded with water cannon but the Steve Irwin returned water cannon fire, with an ensuing tense struggle with near misses but no collisions or injuries, as Steve Irwin engaged the harpoon vessels with rotten butter bomb attacks.

“Tomorrow marks a full week that not a whale has been killed,” said Captain Paul Watson. “Our goal now is to make it two weeks and then three weeks. We will not tolerate the death of a single whale. If they attempt to kill and transfer a whale to the Nisshin Maru there will be inevitable collisions, because we will neither move out of harm’s way nor cease blocking the slipway. That I can promise.”

Best wishes