Tuesday, December 14

Good day everyone!
As life in general continues its mysterious and turbulent  ways, my personal situation has settled somewhat. 
I am situated in an area where the worlds most prestigious watches are being manufactured - and I kidd you not, the landscape is exactly as on this picture. The watchmaker studios are nestled in rather small towns,  and even villages. La Chaux de Fonds is probably the most unique of these places. Designed like Manhattan, the structure resembles a checker board, the only place of its kind in Switzerland. Le Locle, a small neighboring township build in the typical Jurassic style with crooked streets and also old (15, 16, 17...th century) houses is the birthplace of the Chronograph and also the manufacturing town of Tissot watches. It is amazing to stand there and look at that not very large Tissot building surrounded by medieval structures. 
Where I live, I smoke my last cigarette of the day outside. It is dark and I listen to the harmonic composition of cowbells from the neighboring farm. The barn is a half-open structure and the sound can escape. Sound in darkness. Peace.


Cym said...

Sounds like a pleasant change. I've never been to Switzerland before, but I like that it retains its rural character, with its charming villages rich in history, while at the same time being an extremely modern technologically advanced society.

By the way, I notice your blog feed is working again. I don't know if you had anything to do with that, or if it just fixed itself (maybe your proximity to Swiss precision watch making had something to do with it), but in any case it appears to be back to normal. Which is good, that's a feature I regularly use.

jozien said...

Wow Zee, that sounds wonderful. I had to read quite a few post to realize that you are actually in Switzerland. Wonderful! How did that happen?

Gary said...

Lovely man! We may be in Suisse next October and if so, let's hook up for some wine, coffee, conversation and music!

susan said...

You seem more at peace than you have done in a very long time. I'm very glad and send you the very best wishes for Christmas.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Zee,
My father had the same Tissot watch for all of his life!!

What a year of change for you – the season’s best greetings !!
Best wishes

gfid said...

peace to you as well, o bohemian wanderer / philosopher / artist / musician / child of the earth. deep and lasting peace in your new life.

Equilibrio Global said...

Hi Zee, beautiful!! I will be in Switzerland in June. In Kiental. Is that near where you are?

Happy 2011!!

Before Sunrise (under a new alias)