Monday, January 31

contemplation row

you have to be honest, it is not always easy to take care of a male person who has constant epileptic seizures and a "hysterical drama queen" who also shows a tendency towards violence ... and this ongoing simultaneously.
That is my life now, to attend - to be gracious and to be observant.
The reward is clear, you tackle the lows and the peaks - and if and when you succeed, bliss awaits you around the next corner. Tranquility  has merit.
Nature, towns and circumstances around here are very interesting, I will be doomed to send more pictures and text shortly. But have patience, my new beginnings are still fragile.  


remo4 said...
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remo4 said...

hi luke
sotsch nyt aigentlig immer zerscht dr vormund frooge, bevor de fotene vo deene lyt veröffentligsch...

Zee said...

Hi Remo4
sweet, you are alive.
That is, in-itself a good thing. I almost gave up on you. Sorry I missed your malicious twist and turns.
The situation now is a bit more complicated as reported in the newspaper "Blick" - but that shouldn't prevent you to post further cynicism.
The story is actually sad. There is this amount of pain in my heart that I will never be able to describe to you fully; because you never listen. So be it.
But maybe you do.
The tendency of our times are that lunatics rule, normal folks are grounded, and the sane wither.
It is just that simple.
The result is, that lunatics have the power, normal folks are powerless and the sane become a dying breed.
Choose your category.
Eventually, down the road, you will have to choose between white or black magic. Because we are magicians - that is what we all are.
And there is no grey zone, that's a myth.
There is only black and white, perhaps yes and no...

gfid said...

'to attend - to be gracious and to be observant'. no small order. how your life has changed! but to describe one's life in such humble and all encompassing terms.... once again, you inspire these things in others.